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  1. The players have been praising him all pre-season and I heard he was very impressive yesterday. He is my rd 1 bolter
  2. I never said I knew more than any of the above but I had seen him play and gave my opinion before people like yourself took it personally for some reason.
  3. It’s ok to admit you were wrong, it will make you a better person to admit your mistakes.
  4. Was not saying Williams was clueless
  5. No doubt a superstar that’s why 80 picks were taken before he was even considered.
  6. The list is based on where he see them at years end. If Daniher stays on the park I’d say he would comfortably sit in the top 30. In saying it’s a big if.
  7. Love Maxy! Just shows what a terrific person, no fuss and just gets the job done
  8. Is no chance of getting a game, soft as butter.
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