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  1. Dawson went there because he is Adelaide born and no doubt got offered a better contract at the crows
  2. Someone barracking for a club has no impact on their decision to join it
  3. Such an icon of our club and would have loved him out there this week.
  4. I have been applying to get Perth for a while as we wanted to move here for a few months to get out of Melbourne as my wife is originally from Perth. We got declined multiple times and then we got accepted last Tuesday. So we are now here and I will be in quarantine for the GF 😩🙈. I’m still incredibly pumped for the game and adding lots of Dees colours to the house I am staying in.
  5. Reported from the club. Callum Twomey posted on Twitter
  6. Do yourself a favour and switch off. Players come on and off the track all time. I’m sure it’s nothing major.
  7. An absolute beast at his best and will be remembered as a legend of the club. Thanks for your service great man!
  8. Well he is no Barry Prendergast but he has done ok. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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