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  1. Fisher is locked in for North. They have offered him 5 years at stupid money . Fisher is soft as butter and hopefully we don’t go anywhere near him.
  2. T Macs field kicking is horrendous and why he was moved away from down back in the 1st place.
  3. Hollands butchered the ball a bit and Chol has no urgency in his game at all. I don’t want either at the Dees
  4. The small forward from Werribee looked unstoppable in the 1st half
  5. We have some very delusional people in our supporter group. They think Goody is coaching the Harlem globe trotters
  6. I agree on that point, we didn’t get anything else on top of it
  7. And I don’t think he should be unless he can win 3 flags
  8. Exactly the same money and I assume less years for Frawley. I am very much one eyed but if anyone thinks that the AFL didn’t over compensate us for Frawley than they are delusional
  9. Not sure his contract was anywhere near what McKays would be. Frawley went for success not dollars
  10. In fairness we got band 1 compo for Frawley and there was no way he was worth it
  11. McQualter and Selwood would be great additions
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