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  1. Could be the next Steven Stretch. Not sure of his running capacity but can take a hangar
  2. He doesn’t come across as the sort of person that would take the limelight at such an event
  3. I am not doubting his development but you don’t rule the roost after 1 good season. If he wants us to be great then it’s on him and the rest of the players to get us there.
  4. Maybe he should focus on being a more consistent footballer over a longer period before trying to just walk into a premiership contender. In fairness the bloke has played 1 good season out of 6
  5. The kid has been sensational for them this year. They are also sitting on top of the ladder which definitely helps
  6. Lots of players would unfollow their clubs over the off season.
  7. 🤦🏼‍♂️Talk about over valuing a player.
  8. An early 2nd rd pick for a player who is very limited and only played a handful games in 2 years? Late 2nd or early 3rd I’d say is fair value.
  9. Players association and the players themselves won’t have a bar of it. Im not a huge fan free agency but now it’s in you can’t restrict players on what clubs they can go to.
  10. All teams are going to have to cut staff, so getting a coach in contract should be easier this time around.
  11. He went backwards this year but the previous 2 year he improved a significant amount. All Players have down years throughout their career and he is no different
  12. I wouldn’t be reading to much into the way people came across. They would be flat from missing finals, had a couple days on the turps and are probably well and truly over the hub. Add to the fact it wasn’t your normal B&F.
  13. I posted this a couple of weeks ago as I got told the same thing about a couple of the players mentioned. It won’t happen as they are contracted but something that needs to be addressed. In fairness Trac was unsure about signing last year and ended up signing for 2 more years. So players can be turned around.
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