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  1. No chance of a top 5 pick imo but Im thinking they’ll be between 6-10 on the ladder but I’ll definitely be cheering against them.
  2. He is not due back for another and I’m sure just enjoying his time away. I have no doubt he will be training the house down
  3. That’s my point, if you get players in that are from VIC then you can’t expect not to lose players back to their home state
  4. Mark Hunter said his boy will be there today
  5. Not sure Hollands will still be around if Blues swap picks.
  6. I have no doubt they are trying to get Carlton’s pick. I think they might have to stump up 2.
  7. So 4 players out of how many? Hardly an issue. What comes around goes around. We got Langdon and Lever in from interstate
  8. He was playing basketball with Gawn and Harmes, so safe to say he is good to go. The removal of the metal is just part of the process.
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