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  1. NFI. So let me guess it’s all Goodwins fault when we lose but when we are winning it’s all the other coaches who are responsible. Spare me mate
  2. In fairness you know nothing and just assuming
  3. It’s 12 games into a 4 year contract snd he was on the sidelines for 12 weeks.
  4. I reckon Melksham comes out and either he or Chandler will be the medi sub
  5. What a load of complete rubbish. Give the bloke some credit FFS.
  6. Any news if any were missing from the track today?
  7. 😆😆that was horrendous from Joey
  8. Amazing man and was incredibly emotional.
  9. Williams won’t be a senior coach and if Yze gets the job then it will be from next year and I personally would wish him all the best.
  10. I agree but he is still very young and has time on his side.
  11. We are in a position to give players who are sore a couple of weeks off and then set for a big second half of the season.
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