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  1. I’m taking my youngest - it will be the closest thing you will get to a time capsule as to how footy used to be prior to the obsessive political correct corporate product served up today. Wasn’t joking about the cash option! Desperately hoping there is no “game day experience” and that the game itself is the experience. Should be great fun.
  2. And I’ll wend my way up the freeway from the leafy inner east. Hope they accept cash for tickets at the gate. Back to the 70s and 80’s. Go Casey.
  3. Heartbreak for JJ. Salem in, Jordon out. Shuffle the magnets to make it happen?
  4. Live coverage is usually in HD with good quality. Replays, Kayo Minis etc are not and I have the same problem. Frustrating. I think I read somewhere that this and the whole clunky interface of Kayo may be addressed next year, but not holding my breath.
  5. He rucked in Adelaide - and I thought he was pretty good that day.
  6. Unfortunately for Toby, identical to a key fumble in the firsts - against Collingwood from memory.
  7. Anytime, anywhere.. Win the next 3. Go Dees
  8. Fascinating insights into VFL life in the 1960’s and 1970’s - and the Demons part in all of it - the Zoning conversation was a ripper - and I had not realised we were so close to a “Draft” system in the late 60’s rather than the zones. Hawthorn getting the Mornington Peninsular after St Kilda had done all the hard work in moving to Moorabin was another fascinating sliding doors decision by the VFL. And of course re-living the joy of 2021 in the last 3 chapters was the icing! Hope the second edition is a very short piece (in years of course!) Go Dees for back to back - 3 more wins!
  9. I re-iterate the commentary narrative last night that somehow the Dees were the ones starting all the rough stuff - the Bears, and Zorko in particular, we’re victims. Brayshaw (commentator) led this all night. Brown’s comments about Petty were from another time. Disgusting.
  10. And another one with virtually no publicity - I believe Jack Martin was “medical subbed off” last week. I maybe wrong but I thought that meant a weeks rest? He shouldn’t have been playing either?
  11. The 50 metre penalty at Geelong last year was at the 47 second mark. The last boundary stoppage tonight was at the 47 second mark. Spooky. Fun fact from my 13 year old daughter. I have clearly passed the baton!! Posted last week after the filth disappointment that I had not given up in 2022 - 5 wins in a row would see us win back to back. Now it is 4 ……..Go Dees!
  12. After the huff and puff of this round, we are still third and it really is in our own hands. Win the next 5 and we go back to back. After 17 in a row earlier this year, the trick for Goody will be to block out the external noise and challenge the lads for another mini Demon charge. It may not end this way, however, I am hoping to revisit this post in 6 weeks time!!! Go Dees.
  13. Just a thought - Gus into the middle to replace Clarry. Rivers in to back fill half back. Some merit in the “mass changes” mooted in the thread. However, do not think selection carnage is the way to go - one or two would be good to make a statement - and yes JVR or Laurie or both might make the point.
  14. Maggot 20 was one of the key offenders in Adelaide last week, so of course he would given the match of the round on a Saturday night.
  15. On tour with the family at the ground. Yes the roar of affirmation a factor, but absolutely incompetent maggotry all night. All the 50/50’s all the “technicals” went to the Crows - none to us of course. Then Clarry’s head ripped off, Nibbler driven into the ground. Clown maggots miss those, “out of position” “looking around corners” etc. They are a joke and the AFL narrative will be built to around “respect”. You have to be joking. Maggots 31 and 20 were simply appalling. So proud of our lads tonight: Clarry, Tracc, The Skipper, JJ, Weid, Rick, the list goes on. We are a good team, we play to a system, we respond when challenged, and most importantly we are fit and can run out games. Over and out from Adelaide! Go Dees.
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