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  1. And when the “Jonesy” chant went up from M51 after the game, Nibbler heard it and was laughing out loud, alerting his team mates to it and clapping the crowd! True inclusive leadership in my view. Fine work Nibbler!
  2. One week at a time.......winners are grinners.......nothing these clowns say can a) take back the 4 points, b) stop the quiet spring in the step each Monday morning after a win..... Go Dees - onwards to the next challenge!!!!!
  3. Keeping it personal for our Number 1. He gets 1 week for the practice match tackle in his debut year down at Casey. No one injured, significant debate about the MRP...... In May 2021, May hospitalised with a fractured eye socket to miss 4 weeks due to elbow contact, accidental or not. No 26 (with 7 citations in 5 years - thanks Titus), gets the benefit of the doubt! My god, Gill’s organisation is corrupt.....or have I missed something???
  4. I suspect as the season wears on the “stand” call will get less and less vigilant as the maggots get preoccupied with other issues. This inconsistency will infuriate supporters as maggots will continue to determine the course of games in a most random and inconsistent way.
  5. Gibbons kick - Cox jumping up and down on the mark!! Where was “stand”?
  6. Great dribbler by Gibbons, BUT - clearly out of bounds when he kicked. Commentators don’t bother with any insightful analysis. Too busy delivering pre-determined lines. What happed to the automatic goal review after every goal?
  7. I too was at that session back in 87. Another lasting memory was that slow warm down lap at the end of training, so close to the boundary fence you could touch the players. The air was simply electric. And when the boys entered the stadium on the Sunday afternoon, Robbie led the group to fence for their warm up lap, again to the frenzied cheering of the red and blue faithful who had waited 23 years. Genius strategy. We were never going to lose that day. That 6 week block leading into this game is etched on my memory and will last forever.
  8. No time for panic - yet! We were truly smashed today by a well drilled unit, right across the ground. The big plusses - May and Lever , with glimpses from Langdon, Nibbler, Fritsch and Jackson, Harmes looked much better mid field, but overall pantsed by the Bont et al. The concerns - kids did not show much - but doesn’t help chasing tail all day. Turnover skills again an issue. The big question marks - Vanders (what does he actually do?), Tommy Mac - his chase down in the last quarter was great, but where were the other clunking marks? A big 10 days in front of the whole
  9. Paul Rowlands, from memory was pretty handy, high white ankle guards and all!
  10. The Cheersquad story is gold! Traditional values. Gil and his clowns wouldn’t let it happen today.
  11. So we now move to Friday night for the next instalment of a slow and agonising death........
  12. “You can’t blame the umpires” says Jason over the ludicrous htb decisions that just just keep coming, every passage of play, every quarter, everygame. Umm, OK, so who do we blame? Because whoever it is, they are ruining our great game.
  13. I think Goody is the new Voss - maybe a reasonable assistant coach. Maybe. The list to die for has gone backwards and soon our better players will start to look elsewhere. Time for Goody to walk.
  14. One of the best you will ever, ever see....... Never get tired of this....
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