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  1. Simply brilliant by the boys, but I must sat what a nasty, nasty piece work is that No 15 Rioli fellow. When we all check the replay over the weekend, see how many snipes and cheap shots he makes. Simply nasty.
  2. Clearly a culture problem in Carringbush.
  3. Keep in mind, we have to win 1 more or Carltank lose both to stay top 4. I’d be happy to worry about week 1of the finals once that little issue is resolved.
  4. Interested to see where Clown 21 (Cameron outside the boundary line) or Razor Ray or I think it was Clown 33 (jvr trip) end up this week. Even the Goal Clown (anonymous of course). Dropped? I’m suspecting not!
  5. Not sure if people noticed, but Clown No 10 was running around on Friday night and then backed up in a Sunday game yesterday. This in itself is problematic about the “talent pool” especially as our AFL masters insist on 4 per game. (Happy to accept if this was a “last minute replacement”, but the talent pool argument should be of great concern.)
  6. My other takeaways from the couch - appallingly slippery surface - everyone slipping over on both sides, and secondly the adjudicating clowns giving no credit to both sides for fantastic football actions like “tackling” or “push in the back”. But my word they were good for the one “not 15” they called. Clowns.
  7. Unless I am wrong Sparrow ran with D-U - thought he did a brilliant shut down job.
  8. Yes, We still have the replica and I remember fondly the night we were invited for the launch where Reverend Neale spoke to us all. I too have wondered what became of these tiles. It was launched in the Southern Stand when the north side of the G was being renovated. One can only assume that no one had really thought through the fact the we would, one day move our rooms back to the northern side of the ground.
  9. On the day Kozzi signs on, another stunning example of our ‘culture’. Authentic and brilliant from Max and Garry.
  10. I agree with most of the comments here. Nothing went right for most of the night and when Max went down, no-one seemed to take control - despite the lads trying as individuals, this lack of visible on ground leadership was the worry. For the last 12 minutes, we may look back in September and say those 12 minutes defined top 2, top 4 or top 8. The season is a marathon, not a sprint and despite the smashing up to the blackout, there was some redemption after it. The mindset and performance vs Sydney will give a good indication how scarred we are.
  11. Massive disappointment. Fumbled first touches, turnovers etc. Every bobble went Brisbanes way. It was not our night at any level. However, the real worry was the stunned response when Max went off - and the subsequent Brisbane goals up to quarter time. I think our lads tried hard as individuals, but no one seemed to take leadership control to steady the ship, keep composed and re-set. That is the real worry.
  12. We are M51 Rows Y and Z - just under the lip of the stand above. BB should be OK
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