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  1. Tbf mate i reckon Goodwin had no choice but to play McAdam due injuries to JVR and Disco I dare say Disco may not get his spot back after Sunday
  2. No player at the FC offers what McAdam has to offer Plays much taller than he is which is going to cause headaches for the opposition defenders Frees up Kozzy and Fritsch imo
  3. Disco and JVR all confirmed out McAdam will get his chance If Fullerton is unavailable, then Schache comes in. BBB cannot ruck
  4. George has played up in Darwin the last few seasons with Southern Districts. Same Club Steven May played Juniors with. Plenty of footage on Youtube as they stream the games
  5. Geez how did i leave him out Bowey in for Woewodin Woewodin- 23rd Man Salem - Bench
  6. Petracca - 2nd Half Dominance Neal-Bullen - the usual display Gawn - showed some mongrel Viney - wear and tear Oliver - stat padding performance Sparrow - in our best Windsor - confidence is growing Billings - time for Casey May - AA contention again Chandler - struggled in conditions Rivers - Top 10 player Langdon - dropped off badly Bowey - rejuvenated and composed Lever - no aerial impact McDonald - tried and tried van Rooyen - concerning form issues Howes - didn't have matchup McVee - didn't have matchup Pickett - baby blues perhaps Fritsch - bruise free footy Petty - compo pick crows Woewodin - 9 disposals sub Turner - Mcadam is close
  7. B - McVee, May, Lever HB - Salem, McDonald, Howes C - Langdon, Rivers, Windsor HF - McAdam, van Rooyen, Pickett F - Fritsch, Petty, Petracca Ruck - Gawn, Viney, Oliver Int - Fullerton, Sparrow, Woewodin, Hunter 23rd - Chandler
  8. McAdam simply must play When Fritsch goes missing he can step up
  9. Played in Darwin last 2-3 seasons. I am actually surprised he did well in the VFL tbh as he wasn't a standout for Southern Districts who is the local club of Maysey
  10. FoxSports have mentioned the following on McAdam, very interesting as many believe he was concussed. New recruit Shane McAdam also played minimal game time on Sunday in the VFL, but for different reasons - he withdrew himself at after just a quarter of time on ground time with illness.
  11. Does McAdam come in? I think this is the perfect time for him to light up the G. In - McAdam, Hunter Out - Woewodin, Laurie HF - McAdam, van Rooyen, Neal-Bullen F - Fritsch, Petty, Pickett Int - Turner, Billings, Sparrow, Chandler 23rd - Laurie
  12. Woey turned it over every chance he got down back. He isn't a backman
  13. He is embarrassing himself and no doubt is getting sledged for it by the opposition The way he is going would get us a 3rd rounder compo pick
  14. McAdam is ready 10 day break will be fine Hunter also will come in surely?
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