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  1. Great video. Must have taken ages to put it together.
  2. Maybe if the delivery to our forwards was up to AFL standard, we wouldn’t even be talking about him. None of our forwards have played well in both games. Fix the bigger issue and see if the problem remains. Goody has some serious quick learning to do before the season is derailed.
  3. Take it as you will but May was having beers with Gawn (and other Melb players) after the Brownlow and said that he wants in at Melbourne next year. Feeling was that Hogan is gone but wasn’t sure how the trade would be done. This comes from a reliable source and we are trying to manage how we can maximise on the trade.
  4. Goodwins selections this year have been woeful in just about every game. Fancy picking Tim Smith (after dropping him after one game) and not picking Pedersen who is a good back up ruckman. Dropping Bugg after one game was a mistake as well. He would have added more grunt and pressure than four Jay Kennedy Harris’. I watched JKH last week and he was average at best. Again, Kent was stiff to be dropped after one poor game given Melksham has had four average games in a row. I just get the feeling Goodwin has his favourites and this really bothers me. Ins: Lewis, Bugg, Kent and Pedo Outs: JKH, Bullen, Spencer and Smith.
  5. Gold Coast have offered Howe $650,000 a season which we won't match. Means they have to trade with us to get the deal done.
  6. Problem with Garlett is that he is purely an "outside" player and we have way too many of them. Robinson is hard at the ball but like most of our players lacks ability to hit targets.
  7. Wouldn't have thought they are the type of players that will help us move forward
  8. 100% he has received an offer from Fremantle. Still wants to stay a demon but will see how we finish the season off. Don't ask my source as I can't reveal.
  9. No way we would get rid of both Spencer and Fitzpatrick. Chance of one but not both.
  10. Frawley for Dawes Michie - Matt Jones
  11. Reprimand, surely. Deliedio got off for his elbow to the face against Geelong
  12. Interesting comment about Watts. Didn't overly agree with that point
  13. My information is that he is happy at the club and likes living in Melbourne. Would be surprised if he wanted to leave the club given he hasn't played a game for us. Wouldn't be surprised if he extends by the end of this year as a sign of good faith!
  14. Between Tyson, Salem, Viney and JKH I finally feel like we are heading in the right direction. Throw Hogan in there as well and the future is starting to look brighter. Might as well tell Byrnes he is no longer required and work with guys like Toumpas, Tappy, Gawn and Riley.
  15. Frawley still 50/50. WIll be having a jab in toe tomorrow and see how he pulls up on Sat morning. Wants to play (and is hopeful) but sounding highly unlikley.
  16. This article frustrates me so much. I just can't understand how anyone can say that we have missed out by getting Tyson (let alone Salem) for pick 2. IMO Tyson alone is worth pick 2. He is a bigger bodied, silky and smart/ready to go footballer. Yes I agree Kelly maybe be a gun but I wouldn't swap if given the choice again. The real bonus will be if Salem becomes a player then we really stick it up the media. Anyways, venting now finished.
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