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  1. Listen to #38 - Selwyn Griffith AFL Head Strength & Conditioning for the Melbourne FC by Prepare Like a Pro on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/tKzNd For anyone interested this is the stoy of Selwyn Griffith the man taking over from Burgess.
  2. Great listening about Darren Burgess and his time at the club. Enjoy
  3. Can we not play in Alice later in the year to collect our 700k?
  4. The boy's are training now (captain's run), Trac moving freely and looking good I've been told.
  5. When he was drafted Goody & Jason Taylor said they could see him playing time as a genuine midfielder, I laughed at that comment. I'm not laughing anymore! Give him another 50 games and a couple of pre seasons and this kid will be a star of the competition.
  6. Spargo's not going anywhere, he's been fantastic this year.
  7. Every time I enter my barcode it tells me it's cancelled, bloody frustrating.
  8. On the Williamstown website it has the start time at 11.15am but that info was put up a few weeks ago. I'll wait for something more concrete.
  9. Thanks for the heads up KC, do we have a start time on Saturday?
  10. Nah it's at Casey, I live in Langwarrin so not that far from Casey. I'd much rather be watching the game than sitting here flicking through Netflix.
  11. FFS I definitely would've gone to this if i knew it was on.
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