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  1. I haven't heard anything from the club but every year when games roll around the training schedule changes. I'm just trying to look out for ppl who want to drive out to Casey.
  2. For those making thr trek out to Casey I think training will be Tuesday and Thursday from now on.
  3. Not ideal considering Brayshaw is also behind the eight ball this pre season. Ah well I guess Harmes and possibly Sparrow or Jordan might get a run in the middle.
  4. I'm not sure of the training schedule but I went to training during the first lockdown last year and you can see everything through the cyclone fence. There were several people watching from outside the ground.
  5. Thanks for that, I think I'll still head down as i don't live to far from Casey and you can actually still see everything from behind the fence.
  6. Maybe if enough of us ask the question RE Burgess on the virtual members forum we might get an answer.
  7. My 40% off New Balance voucher.
  8. Who cares what pick we get, I'd just be rapped to remove his salary and free up some space to chase someone that can actually contribute to the team.
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