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  1. Human nature if an umpire hates a player for gobbing off all the time come a 50/50 decision we know which way it will go. I do not for one minute think umps are biased.. they are under big pressure from their superiors as well. Friend son does the VFL and hoping to break into AFL enormous pressure and meetings and questions asked by their bosses... constantly. (As it should be in an elite Comp)
  2. Yep I saw it and I did not like it
  3. Only my opinion Last year finished 9th (improved a bit Ok) Positive improved this year ... beauty well done to club players coaches However luck went our way a bit with a few early wins (and lucky to win against the bummers) Geelong Richmond underdone as shorten pre season and we had 5 weeks on them to do preseason Positive on top of ladder for week.... well done players coaches However will struggle to make top 4 (negative) I always thought we are not in top 3 or 4 teams......YET Positive will make finals for only 2nd time in many years so good effort. well done players coaches MUST build on this year unlike 2018. I dared to dream premiership but not this year still need a couple good players and any any chance of a centre clearance and a tall forward to aim for. Tom is good but plays up ground. So all in all positive year but got ahead of ourselves . (collingwood game.. bloody hell !!) If make top 4 will donate $50 to club and I hope I will be paying anyone else want to join (commit to $50 if make top 4)
  4. Knowing Oliver he will lift in 2nd half
  5. agree not top 4 at this stage may be next year still need more class players. Why Brown is not playing has got me stuffed
  6. If we win from here we are the real deal but worried
  7. job was done Good night till next week
  8. shizen so far Bummers look quicker Brown should have played forward line looks weak TV in mortal danger (as usual)
  9. Yes I trust them to try their best. Not convinced about top four given last of the draw West Coast at West coast NO Geelong at Geelong NO Port at Adelaide NO so need to win what 4 - 5 more to make top 4 9 games left minus the 3 we never win leaves 6 games (must win 4 out of 6 or one against the odds) close call loose to the bummers and looks a bit bleak.
  10. He has talent and is a good VFL player who may make it in the AFL but need to go back for a spell. Anyone who plays at this level is a good footballer in top elite per cent of the population
  11. Of course it was coming as soon as Buckley news broke. As I never win on the punt put $5 on Pies to get back $25 reason I thought I was buying us a win wished I lost the $5 but will take the $25. Disappointing but due for a barry crocker At least over the bye we will not be looking at ourselves in the mirror. Yes Weed has had enough chances play Brown next 3 weeks.(plenty down on form today of course) Weed has to show form in VFL again. Max needs a rest so bye good time. We move to the bummers next. Really worried that loss could cost us top 4. Are we are top 4 side yet? dunno or did we just break out of the blocks and peak early..... time will tell. Please must make top 4 after a start like that surely
  12. I plead guilty thought at half time its over thought due for a down game that it was only 2nd loss for year and then 2 nd half very well played and bowled by the boys and they are my boys.
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