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  1. SAD THING IS I knew it was over 10 MINUTES IN you could see we were flat. Said to mrs its over she said "do not be so silly"
  2. Yeah my mate son is an VFL umpire trying to make AFL they could not care who wins just try to make right calls in a difficult job.. They cop heaps of scrutiny off their bosses and reviews every week
  3. No Gus such a blow I hate Mynard Just hope Gus is in a happy place what he is doing we love him
  4. I am worried about this game Must win for top 4 then saints Jes I hate narrow loses like that could have really set us up for year alas that first quarter... give me strength !! (good come back but)
  5. No top four this year just too many things gone wrong (Gus etc) make 8 win one final prob acceptable. Max May how much longer especially the way Max is attacked every week Is Pickett ever going to come on ? Petty made of Glass ? I think a few years after this.. may be a rebuild which the system is in place to knock you done after a few years. How much longer had FRISCTH got to go ? clubs will throw the kitchen sink at him Best chance of course(apart from 2021 was last year and muffed it I always said I would be happy to win one which we did but could have been better
  6. prepared to write that one off due to to horrible slippery conditions that Sydney handled better Next week will tell Footy should not start till late march. Playing in tropical conditions is rubbish. Terrible game to watch
  7. Everyone I speak to (they know I am a demon tragic) are saying they expect us to drop out of top 4. Bookmaker have us at $9.50 for flag a major drop from last year, I would have though we were close last year (but muffed it with injuries bad luck etc) ... but window still well and truly open...... am I missing something here
  8. 19 years ago cannot believe it God bless you Troy
  9. Well played Goody very well played Need some balance in life Big year coming up (we hope)
  10. yes apart from us going out in straight sets enjoyed the year. maynard let a bad taste hope karma gets him If only with the dees (fritsch kick Viney kick Kossie cost us Carlton game with ill discipline Petty out etc) Bring on 2024
  11. Yeah amazing might Please one more at the G I really though we could do it this year but alot of bad luck played a big part. Reload with the trade and draft (strong hand this year) We will be top 4 again next year I am sure... (hope) Thanks to all players again this year you busted your guts all year alas not to be
  12. If only do many things it would be us playing tonite
  13. Yeah I think you are right we all love Viney but a bit slow out of centre clearances We hardly ever win a centre clearance
  14. Yes Yes absolutely Yes Grundy comes in last quarter we win Max was starting to struggle Shocking selection mistake but we move on watch out 2024 (I hope) I never question the effort. We are not soft just muffed it with execution and poor team selection.. and a big dose of plain bad luck
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