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  1. yep ,hate collingwood hate Richmond ferals as well hate geelong hate essendon Honorable mention to [censored] freo supporters and hawks and north and bulldogs and swans and... are forget it hate them all when playing us !!!! once finals start (and MFC not in it) I usually adopt another team cause I put a few greenbacks on them (gambling) Its amazing how the hate goes away LOL if you stand to win a few dollars (think Richmond.. backed them for flags 2 times at good early odds.. gamble responsibly LOL) goo dees 2 more wins please !!!!!
  2. Keep telling me self it’s only footy it’s only footy. Not working though !
  3. Yeah still having nightmares re pies game. Bloody hell. Gut wrenching
  4. Jesus l thought beat blues finish top 4 really worried now although l think we will best blues and we have had brisbAne measure so far …. But on their home ground Awful feeling we are going to rue games should have won. Swans pies etc. but we did not only ourselves to blame. Still win from 6th these days with weeks break before finals
  5. King just said on afloat 360 if we lose to brisbAne we finish 6th. Can that be true even if we best Carltank ?
  6. and may v langton verbal May should shut up given his clangers lately not to mention he has cost us top four with behavior and mistakes and missing games
  7. Everything did go right last year true but after winning 10 straight I expected better certain top 4,,,, which is very uncertain now
  8. Correct very poor may win one more for year 14 wins 6 to 8th prob ........... wasted year .... to think half time against freo all was good with the world then over the cliff...... rather disappointing really
  9. Everyone angry emotional after loss cause we care.
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