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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Pick 2 is better than 6 and 11 is laughable. Most clubs will take 2 top 10 picks over 1
  2. I seem to be missing something. Brown won mic metro B&F and picked as a starter in VIC best 22 yet is only considered a rookie?
  3. WC don’t want to take a risk on Reid and they believe curtin is the next best player. They’ll get him at 6 and then get dees next 2 first rounders. If I were WC this scenario would have to be considered
  4. Don’t think north will give up 3 and 15 for pick 1… regardless 6,11 and F1st is a better hand
  5. 6,11 and F1st is right at the limit for Reid
  6. If dees finish top 4 next year they will essentially be giving pick 14 to drop down by 3 spots. No thanks
  7. No phantom draft has curtin top 5… north aren’t picking him for pick 2 or 3
  8. No non WA club is wasting a top 5 pick on curtin especially when he isn’t much better than the others around him. he will slide to 6.
  9. Caulfield is 8km from the CBD. You aren’t likley to get anything closer. Is Essendon fields or hawthorns dingley vibrant? If Caulfield bid succeeds then it will be a phenomenal outcome
  10. Thankfully none of the people on this forum are involved in the trade negotiations. in which world do you think 3 and 23 is a good exchange for 6 and 11.? Absurd
  11. You have rocks in your head if you think dees will trade 6+11 for 3
  12. Semantics… but typical from some on this forum. The same people that think a 3 year contract is worth something these days. Horne Francis says hi
  13. Pick 2 and F1st isn’t better than Melbourne’s 6,11 and F1st
  14. No interstate club is going to pick curtin in the top 5. Too much of a risk. Curtin will be available pick 6
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