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  1. Very little chance of getting a favour from a labor government in relation to facilities around Yarra park. Andrews has a habit of endorsing funding around labor or swing districts. There is no political benefit for him to back a MFC development
  2. Why do we need to stipulate gender diversity? Shouldnt the best person be chosen regardless of gender?
  3. There is a possibility that max is capped at 50% ruck time due to injuries… he will be 31 next season. Unfortunately he is a liability up forward. Once the ball hits the ground the opposition easily clears. Could he play in defence instead? Not sure he is nimble enough to hold down a key forward
  4. He was a couple of votes from winning and played the second half of the year with a broken thumb… cool your jets
  5. Pies have been fantastic all year… I envy their run and dare… dees played the second half of 22 with concrete boots
  6. If the swans play at the same level as second have vs dees then they’ll win… Both sides have built their game to suit the G.. maybe dees need to do the same
  7. It’s bizarre that they didn’t build Casey fields with the same dimensions as the G…
  8. Have they finished the works on the oval?
  9. @Watson11 brings up a good discussion: “Would love some discussion on why the G is such a bogey ground for us against good teams. Since Goody has been coach we have had 4 wins and 21 losses against sides that finished top 6 that year. Is it psychological, or is our game plan fundamentally flawed and too easy to pick apart by the best teams on the wider ground? PS Please don’t roll out the myth that we play Optus well and it’s the same width because it isn’t (it’s 130m wide versus the G’s 141m)” The way our defence is structured relies on intercept marking and zoning off players. The smaller the ground the easier it is to do. Unfortunately the MCG with its wider boundaries means there are more chances to isolate our defenders and play one-on-one. Larger grounds also need either very quick players or elite foot skills… we don’t have either
  10. Do you think a young inexperienced player from Casey would have fixed our issues??? no player in the world can fox the games style and ball movement
  11. Doesn’t do enough??? What are your expectations of a 20 year old ruckman?
  12. America has 300m people and 32 nfl teams… that’s 1 team per 10m people. Australia has 1 team for every 1.5m… please tell me how 19 teams is sustainable?
  13. Your expectations are unrealistic… you do realise trac is 5th favourite to win the Brownlow?
  14. I went to the Geelong game on the weekend and they also didn’t cheer as loud as pies fans… go to some non Melbourne games and you’ll see there isn’t much difference.::
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