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  1. Kick straight and we win both games. Has nothing to do with our game plan
  2. Are you saying an injured mid is the same as a sole ruckman? Joke right?
  3. Going in with one injured ruck against a team with 2 legit rucks is bizarre
  4. No one knows and yet they are lauding Goodwin for his selections. Bizarre
  5. Still waiting for someone to answer who is going to be the resting ruck?
  6. Happy to go back and applaud him. Hope I’m wrong
  7. When was the last time tmac played ruck??? No better time than semi final FMD
  8. How plays ruck whilst max is resting?
  9. Please tell me what happens if max gets injured mid game. Oliver in the ruck?
  10. Has Goodwin lost his mind. Tmac can’t jump more than 3cm off the ground. This is 2017 all over again
  11. Acres is listed at 189cm which is the same as Oliver. tomlinson and Grundy will be 2 more additions making us comparable to Carlton’s falls.
  12. You do realise that tmac has lost all ability to jump in the air? A little. Problematic when trying to get the ball in the centre bounce
  13. again… who do you suggest plays ruck for 20% of the match?
  14. It’s as if our supporter base has no understanding of football. Who plays ruck when Gawn is off????
  15. So after playing 1 afl game in almost 4 months you want tmac to take up rucking duties agains tdk? This is a joke?
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