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  1. Yeah that [censored] me off. Tim Watson at half time saying that "May's head was in the wrong spot" [censored] me off too (he was trying to indicate that it was an accident but his choice of words was [censored] [censored] poor).
  2. Terrible for both teams in my opinion but I did feel like Geelong had some lucky frees that lead to goals which impacted the game more. That umpire with the booming deep voice was the worst. Very difficult game to umpire and the view they have is radically different to the one (or multiple) views we get.
  3. I doubt we would have been so happy to give up the pick if we had known it would be pick 3. Imagine the angst we would have had on here knowing we had a terrible season with no 1st round pick.... as much as I love the idea of Butters I think Jackson will be something special too.
  4. Room for both. Moore is much more comparable to Lever with his roaming intercept style of play. He has been in great form.
  5. Ah ok... is there media pumping us up? I havent seen it
  6. Are we? I haven't see any comments from within the club to suggest we have got anywhere ahead of ourselves. What are you basing this on? And the answer to Caros question is; Not Yet.
  7. Opps. Sorry. Was searching for the thread and found this one. My bad.
  8. Looks like we have filled it. https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-news-2021-tayla-harris-instagram-gillon-mclachlan-polo-brother-hamish-tom-morris-column-man-on-the-mark/news-story/632ec657183d1e8e22b652cdbb20ee89 Melbourne has claimed a big scalp. The club has been on the lookout for a new GM of media for a month, ever since Ryan Larkin was lured to Essendon. Man on the Mark has been reliably informed Hawthorn’s Clare Pettyfor has won the race for the coveted position ahead of a string of highly credentialed candidates. She will leave the Hawks after six years. The D
  9. He isn't eligible. He played too many games last year. It's meaningless anyway. Edit: snap!
  10. Yes. I remember it happening to Flash. He never handled it well.
  11. Close. Played saints in round 4. Brent Guerra (who moved to the hawks later) targeted him at the opening minutes and broke his wrist in a crude tackle. We were so good in those 3 games. Pretty sure Yze was going absolutely ballistic with some crazy shots on goal too.
  12. I'm not going to discuss anything further with someone who thinks you shouldn't sing the song after a win. All the best in you life.
  13. Yeah. I've followed for a long time. You know what ive seen? A lot of losses. I dont think the lid is off. I'm very realistic in thinking that we have had a soft start to the season and know that we are one of many teams battling it out for 6-12 on the ladder. But i will take it as we were a bit underdone heading into the season. We are three wins from three games. I'm happy that we have won. I've also been around on these board long enough to know that my words will fall on deaf ears with you. You have always been a bit of a pessimistic [censored] I mean... you dont even w
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