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  1. He is interviewed on 5he afl exchange podcasts and said the Demons marketing team had a few things to say. No cheese platers. No range rovers. No skis. Don't make the demon too red. He sounded a bit miffed by it.
  2. I enjoyed this. Disagreed with a few, but nothing major. Nice work.
  3. Wow, I didnt know I would have to join a queue half an hour before the event opened. glad im in this thread. Thanks for the info
  4. 9am perth time. I made the same mistake
  5. Heart Attack over. Thankyou so much for replying
  6. I have a code but cant get it to work on ticketmaster. anyone else having the same issue? Its showing my code but asking me to select a quantity which I cannot do
  7. Damn... it would have been a bad trade for both Brisbane and Freo.
  8. That isn't that much in my opinion. The Northern academy's put a heap of money into their academy's. Once the full changes occur next year there will be no point the club putting any time or development into these kids at all. It really is short sighted by the afl. Rather than change it to force clubs to invest as intended they have done the opposite. NGA kids will now be such low percentage picks that they simply won't be worth talking about
  9. I don't think the Sparrow rumours are anything but people on here throwing potential options up.
  10. Exactly. However the question I would really like answered is how much time and resources we have put into this already. I have a feeling that it isn't much. It's frustrating that we miss out on Mac due to the rule change, however the JUH situation should never have occurred. If they applied the new rule after we got Mac I most likely wouldn't care.
  11. Cal has a road to the draft podcast that I listened to awhile ago which had the Freo recruiter as a guest. He alluded that Mac had shot up into top 10 calculations.
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