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  1. Essendon defenders do not give a flying [censored] about this game. Either that or they are all complete spuds. Fritsch and ANB doing as they please
  2. Jetta is contracted for another year. You will need to "find a way to get him off the list too."
  3. The trade eventually included Rivers. But we gave up our second round pick as part of the North trade. We could have used that pick on Rivers So it really is Pickett vs Serong. Rivers should not be included when evaluating the individual trade.
  4. After Goodwins first year we changed the game plan to move the ball quicker by foot rather than with run. Seeing Jayden running with the ball went against the plan as much as we (the supporters) loved it. To make it worse he would often run himself into trouble or kick long with little accuracy. He fell out of favour and has looked like half the player he was. He could be delisted this year which is unbelievable considering how good he looked in 2017.
  5. Bizarre that we were playing a crippled TMac for so long ahead of him. Truly some odd team selections this year
  6. Did ok? He blatantly held him and was incredibly lucky that the umpires are complete spuds
  7. Wow. Rivers as a late pick was a steal. Can't believe he hasn't played more this year
  8. At about round 8 I would say we couldn't afford to drop him. Every time I see him recently I feel like throwing something at the tv. Can't believe how much I was looking forward to watching how his season was going to play out.
  9. The only thing I can think is that the umps think we play for frees and aren't paying them Edit: whilst saying that... The umpires have been terrible both ways. Some really bizarre calls/non-calls. Melksham with 2 of the most obvious throws you will ever see not called come to mind
  10. Ok. After expecting a big year his whole season has been disappointing. At least he was hitting the scoreboard early in the year. His soft efforts stick out more and cannot be tolerated if he isn't hitting the scoreboard. Laying tackles has got to be a non negotiable.
  11. Remember under Roos when there was a focus on not fumbling? And defence?
  12. Frustrating me so much the last 4 - 5 games
  13. Wow. You could see that happening for 30 seconds
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