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  1. Thanks mate. Just moved back to the area and this will come in handy in the future. Surprisingly hard to find a good sports pub in the city area.
  2. Yes. Including a photo shopped picture of Jurrah on field with a machete with some terrible words to go along with it.
  3. Classic question, but I will go with it. Hardest opponent and why?
  4. If he has done his knee then I wouldn't offer anything. Fingers crossed for him.
  5. It would have to be a cheap trade to bring in any player who wasn't going to replace someone in our best 23. What would they ask for in trade? I'm guessing they would want Freos second rounder and we would offer our second round pick. I'm not sure I would do it and would rather load up on kids this year.
  6. Any information about being drafted would be interesting. Did any other clubs show interest? What happened in his draft year to see him slip down to the rookie draft (he was highly touted the year before from memory)?
  7. While he is out of contract, I do think we should play hard on this one and force a suitable trade. (More suitable than the Jackson trade.) 1. Our recruitment team identified he was a great talent. 2. We gave up a lot to get the draft pick which we used on Kozzie. 3. Our coaching and development staff have developed him exceptionally. 4. We have provided an excellent environment and given him everything we can to make him stay. There is no way we should accept a deal that isn't equal to his value. We will need to make noise to the AFL to mediate a better deal if necessary.
  8. I appreciate your view. I just don't have the same. Out of interest, what would you do? Ask him to sign? What would you do if you were in charge and he refused to sign till the end of the year.
  9. Exactly. He is contracted to play for the Demons this year. Let's enjoy watching him play. This whole ultimatum thing is ridiculous. What are we going to do if he refuses to sign? Send him to Casey and lose one of our most important players for a season where we have a shot?
  10. He is out of contract. We aren't getting Rozee or Butters unless they elect to move to Victoria. Rozee is from Adelaide so that's unlikely. If they are out of contract you have little option. Hence we accepted the deal for Jackson.
  11. So far we have seen Gawn and Grundy sharing ruck duties. Oliver, Viney, Pickett, Harmes, Sparrow and Petracca have all rotated at centre bounce. Petracca is impressive. Hunter is a great addition. Owning that wing spot that we have struggled to fill for years now.
  12. Holy [censored] [censored]! Petracca with a huge goal from the edge of the centre square. End of the 2nd quarter.
  13. Petracca in the centre now. Looks like we see more players rotating through there this year.
  14. Judd McVee looks and moves like Melksham. Doing alright in the backline. Chandler lining up for goal. Think he will be better this end. 30m out. Straight throw the middle!
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