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  1. Indeed. It's great news. It just seems that progress is slow. That might just be my naivety with understanding how long this process takes. I'm sure what we hear is just the tip of the iceberg. A quick search found this from 2015 https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/152260/melbourne-has-re-committed-to-aami-park We moved into aami in 2010 and have 5 year rolling contracts. Our aim was to move out by 2025. Quote "We will be talking to state government about their plans for the precincts."
  2. Wow this is slow progress. So we have been looking for options for the past few years and the progress we have made is to get the state government to 'look' too.
  3. Who usually takes this out these days? It used to be Tmac and ANB. I feel like last year was in groups but Bedford was a standout?
  4. The opening post is a tough question. Assuming all our guns play to the same level as they did last year it would have to be... Brayshaw Pickett Ben Brown Weideman Melksham The last one is a hope and a prayer. He was so damaging in 2018 but has been nowhere near it for the last 2 years. He didnt get dropped last year because (I assume) he was a leader up forward which we lacked big time, but his performance was terrible. 4 out of my 5 are forwards. It was a rubbish up there last year.
  5. It is the biggest hole in our list. We have recruited 3 players who could fill the position too but I doubt they would be ready for the big time. I wonder if we just continue to rotate with Vanders and Tomlinson like we did last year with Jones helping out from half forward flank (could see Jackson rotating through here too), or if Baker is ready to take the spot full time. I have my doubts.
  6. "Probably at a point of my carer where I really need to step up now" Yep. I wasn't one of the posters who thought he was going to come on in leaps and bounds after 2018, but he is 12 months behind where I think he should be. Hope the pressure isn't getting too much for him. Hopefully Ben Brown will take a heap of pressure off of him and he can settle into his natural game. Hoping for Sammy to play 20 games this year and have 25+ goals.
  7. Indeed. Its something that you would read from one of the posters on here which you wouldn't even bother responding to. I was shocked that it was in a fox footy column.
  8. Yes, Whispering_Jack went digging as he was also interested. Below is his post from a page back.
  9. Fingers crossed we are staying out of debt in the short term in anticipation of going into debt to get a brand new training facility.
  10. Tell us what? Edit: Never mind. Went back through a couple of pages and found out. Mostly agree with you.
  11. Starting to wonder if we took Bowey first knowing that there was major interest in Laurie and allowing more time to see if a good trade offer would come in from another club.
  12. No point giving him a go unless we think he will make it though. With covid financial impacts our resources are limited. No point taking up a coach, physio or other for a player we think is a really long shot and only given a chance due to being tied through our academy
  13. As mentioned in the Jason Taylor interview, Deakyn has been invited to train with us over the summer.
  14. Personally, I don't think these are major areas for concern and I am quite happy with the way our list looks structurally at the moment. Small Defender: Jetta is in his last year 2021. Will hopefully play around 6-12 games. Lockhart is Jetta's immediate replacement. His fans oversell his capabilities and his detractors undersell. He has been doing better than average in my opinion and am happy going into 2020 with him getting the most game time of the options while also realising that he isn't going to beat his man every single week. Bowie will be training as a defender (a
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