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  1. Anyone watch the pies v crows game last week? The way the pies played last week should have told us they were coming for us. Exactly the same. Pressure, win the contest, quick hands or short kick and then a flat kick into a forward. I thought the pies were great. Really disappointing that we didnt see it coming and have the boys fired up to respond early.
  2. Really pathetic effort today. 4 handballs. 1 tackle. That's it.
  3. Collingwood has watched the Adelaide game and perfected the weaknesses exposed. That combined with us being flat have resulted in this. It will be interesting to see what the coaching staff do from here.
  4. 3qtr time Dees 8.6 54 Pies 8.11 59
  5. Half time. Dees 4 4 28 Pies 6 8 44 Shocking amount of turnovers so far from both teams. [censored] we needed that half time break.
  6. "Hard to defend that low ball from Maynard" Yeah... cause it was [censored] out of bounds on the full
  7. Wtf are you talking about? Most likely will be all Australian captain this year.
  8. Yessssss.... Got our forward pressure zone going which results in a goal. Need to get it in there to give our defenders a chop out. Lever, May and Petty all blowing hard
  9. Need our leaders to lift. Looking at you Gawny.
  10. Collingwood are basically playing our own game plan. Interesting game
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