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  1. I love to pile on Geelong, but Chris Scott's post match interview last week was great.
  2. Thanks. I hope he isn't names as sub and can get a few games under his belt to build some confidence at the top level.
  3. Interested to know if you have much of an opinion on Laurie? I know you get to training so would appreciate your honest opinion.
  4. Quite simply, I don't think he the development in him to become a rounded player like you seem to want him to be. He does what he does exceptionally well and I'm happy with that. There were a few typical Fritsch moments tonight that I was not happy with at all, but it was the midfield where we were soundly beaten. Taking aim at Fritsch after tonights game tells me you have had him in the gun for awhile just itching to pull the trigger. I get it that this is a place that you can vent after a loss and I have loved you as a poster in previous years. So go ahead. I will disagree if I see fit. If there is anyone in the forward line that needs a spray it's Petty. Equal amount of disposals as Salem. Just horrendous.
  5. Guess I'm in the fan club then. Fritsch is the icing. Not the cake. An easy target in a game like this.
  6. Smashed by a hungry team. Nothing went right for us. Salem with a hammy in the first few minutes. Yikes.
  7. Petty, Jackson and Vanrooyen are his three winners. Weideman is the clear miss at pick 9 2015. There are only a few late pick busts like Hulett and Kielty, the rest are top up or role players like Mitch Brown and Majak Daw. We have traded in May, Lever, Ben Brown, Grundy, Tomlinson and Fullerton during that time which has reduced the need to take a punt on a late pick. If Jackson was still on the list people would probably never question his recruitment of talls. It's only because he left and there is an obvious hole in the list that people just come up with the post you replied to without looking at evidence.
  8. 5 changes to the Adelaide team. Fills me with confidence. They are unsettled.
  9. I predicted Adelaide would be challenging for top 4 at the start of the season. They have been massively disappointing so far this year. The season is long. Things can change quickly. They lack structure and just haven't clicked yet. They will win games this year on pure talent of their young list. All it will take is a two or three young players to have a good game and they will crack games wide open and win by big margins. Let's hope it's not this week.
  10. I wasn't one calling us out last week but it will take a lot more than a win against a pretty average team to get me really excited. It was a good win though and that beats losing everytime.
  11. What? On no... Updates on his position changes throughout the game please
  12. Unfortunately he is very much a needed player due to our lack of tall players. We must extract the maximum trade here.
  13. Key forward or shut up.
  14. Is Demonland going to ban all Jon Ralph articles from being posted from now on? Clearly they are unsubstantiated rumours which are strictly forbidden.
  15. Nathan Brown was all smiles in the stands with Adem Yze and son Noah. It was great to see these two hanging out together. Reminded me of the time I fell in love with this club. I wont be getting too carried away with the result. Blues weren't applying much pressure and really missed a quality key defender. Van Rooyen looked bloody impressive. Listed at 193cm but was way too big for McGovern (191cm).They moved Young (202cm) onto him late who didnt look much bigger than him.
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