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  1. Economics 1a would seem to be the decider of the appropriate price.
  2. Who knows how likely? Stuffed if l really know the extent of his injury, or future prospects. We do know he can play when right and he is contracted to us. Plenty to go before him l reckon. Don’t see the need to be hasty on this blokes departure on the back of his overall record. The ducks and drakes of football.
  3. So we match if none of those are on the table. With that sort of hand, let’s see how serious they are.
  4. Toms contracted. Let’s work on getting his foot right, or an extraordinary good deal. No one should get Tom cheap IMO.
  5. To get the three young kids all playing some exciting footy in their first year, is a big take away from this year.
  6. All been said before but a great win by the boys. Rivers a very composed and focussed young player.
  7. First into the side next week along with AVB (at least gives it his all) . Take your pick who you leave out ex Trac.
  8. The form of James like TM, is a mystery and kills us, but so does our inconsistency. Some of our more senior players turn up every third or fourth week. ( Brayshaw, Melksham, Salem). These blokes should be ‘hard as flint’ ,turn up every week, professionals by now, like May is turning out to be.
  9. Did we have our best team in? IMO May, Lever, Hibberd, Salem, Gawn, Viney, Oliver, Petracca, Langdon all generally good players. Kids Jackson and Pickett exempted as is Bennell at this point. The rest turn up every now and then and include Harmes, Brayshaw, Melksham , Tmcd, Omcd These blokes really should be delivering a lot more, week in, week out ,but don’t.
  10. Why can’t you have them both in the 22? Jackson plays as a utility in many ways and also gives Max a chop out.
  11. Correct. All Australian, been terrific for us. His achievements so far have been outstanding . Has Viney ever been AA or Jones? Together with Max and Trac in our best three for sure. Didn’t have a good game, but cut the bloke some slack and look for the real culprits who never really impose themselves on games.
  12. Dunno which one goes, but you highlighted an almighty problem.
  13. There must be a story on Max and Oliver. They are better than that. Viney - very good as was the defence ex Jetta and Harmes But we seem to have too many, average one paced plodders that are again shown up against the better sides. Brayshaw ,Neal- Bullen, , Spargo🙄 come to mind. Jury out on Tomlinson. Pretty slow through the middle like last year.
  14. Appreciate you view and fair enough , probably used to think the same way. My problem is the inconsistent interpretation of various actions. How often do we see situations with two similar incidents, where one is seen to be a beach and the other not so. The seriousness of the matter clarifies it a bit for me and l have to admit to a bias in this dating back to Jack Trengove/ Patrick Dangerfield.
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