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  1. Findlay was one of them and seems he’s doing the GF.
  2. They looked hungry and on, right from the start. Great effort.
  3. Watched a replay again yesterday. Reckon Hibberd and Sparrow were both good. Both tough as a goat’s head. Be unlucky to get dropped. IMO
  4. Out Harmes, Brayshaw, Spargo ln Bowey ,Melksham ,Sparrow
  5. That’s a horrible stat for us. Beaten at our own game. Analysis required there it would seem
  6. Kind of like selection in a way, although agree Sparrow is the future and stiff. Would have been my preference (Maybe the Wied is stiff too.) But ex Tomlinson, the selection committee had just about the strongest list possible to pick from. How things have changed. We should win this, notwithstanding some good “ins”for the Swans . For my money Harmes and Melksham are very questionable selections and clearly accountable as is the selection committee. Not much room to hide here.
  7. It’s a raffle. Who knows how they will go. We do seem to have quite a number on the list 180cm or less. Not sure of the balance.
  8. Whoo! How about unbeatable one on one and arguably our best player for the last 50 years along with R.Flower?
  9. A complete favourite Uncle of Kozzy, friend of Petracca and Oliver. Hmmmm How is keeping Nev different from keeping Jones? l hope we can satisfy and keep a quality bloke like N.Jetra
  10. We used to have a desire for slow midgets. It seems our focus nowadays, is to fill up with moderate B grade midfielders, with little upside, on long contracts.
  11. Three years is excessive IMO. Probably should be on a year by year arrangement.
  12. Good stuff. Hope young Ollie and Trac eventually follow suit.
  13. Yy Ok so we have 5/6 absolute untouchables who have delivered. Happy with that and we should pay them very handsomely. If we don’t others will. If we lose any of them, it doesn’t do much for our brand, our supporters, the playing group and it tears the heart out of the club. This was always what we hoped for wasn’t it , to have a core of 1/2 dozen leaders that at least make us competitive and to be able to build further on that? Ex new recruits ,the rest of our playing group are under the spotlight as they simply haven’t delivered.
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