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  1. I would be super happy picking up Barnett. Not sure if it's worth trading out a good pick next year though. Sounds like our type of ruck. https://www.espn.com.au/afl/story/_/id/35089878/afl-2022-draft-phantom-draft-chris-doerre-espn-full-afl-phantom-draft-every-club-every-pick This year's most highly touted ruckman, Barnett is a contested marking weapon whether pushing forward or behind the ball. Though the middle, Barnett is an effective tap ruckman, but what separates him at ruck contests is his strength to win the ball himself out of the ruck before disposing of the football.
  2. Why? Just to make them pay a bit? Couldn't we just receive the pick and bid on Alwyn ourselves? I would be pretty happy to receive him if they didn't match anyway
  3. Cadman was pick 1. Jefferson was always likely to be the second key forward taken at around our pick.
  4. They don't need much elsewhere either. Very strong list ATM. Key position depth would be ideal for them but it's not the best draft for it.
  5. Jefferson isn't going to be ready to play the way we want in the short term. Therefore he is a long term tall forward prospect. There are other options when you are looking long term. Next year's draft or a trade later on. My point with the bust comment is more around picking Jefferson at 14 means we are less likely to pick/trade a tall forward next year. The problem is that we are in a position where we need to make the call as soon as possible. I'm not opposed to picking him. I really want a tall and hope he is the answer. I wouldn't be opposed to picking up an additional tall forward next year regardless of us picking Jefferson. I just can't see him making an impact for a long time. Defenders at VFL level won't allow him to do what he did in his highlights let alone at the top level. And just for clarification... I'm not saying he won't make it. If he gets picked up then I will back JT in. His record demands it. I'm just having my 2cents based on the limited footage that is available which I'm entitled to.
  6. We need a tall forward. Without a doubt. Jefferson is the right age, right height and will likely be picked up around our first pick in the draft. Is he actually good enough though? What if we get to 2025 and Jefferson is a bust? Most will back in Jason Taylor to make the correct decision. I just hope it's not a case of 'we needed a tall and he was what was available at the time'. Which is how I feel about the Lucas Cook draft pick.
  7. Sydney Stack helped you give up smoking? Sign him up!
  8. Oh man. I could not work out what was going on based on the thread name. I thought Steven May had received head impact which caused concussion on a hike during training.
  9. Please expand on your opinion on Howes. He did ok in his first few Casey games before the stress fracture took him out for the majority of the season. What have you seen to write him off already?
  10. Our girls are clearly a class above the other team.
  11. I noticed the same thing. I took it as a slight on our team. Brisbane think we are going to finish significantly lower than Geelong.
  12. I have to admit. I'm really excited to wait till 8:30 for GNF to tell us who the tall forward that we didn't get is. Well done to everyone involved for keeping it so under wraps that nobody in the media or even the clubs involved even spoke about it.
  13. Oh god. He isn't smiling. Its Jesse Hogan all over again.
  14. Of course! Don't tell us now. Tell us at 8:30 because it's going to make all the difference! If you tell me now I might spill the beans and then the deal is off!
  15. Outrageous to think they got draft assistance only a few years ago.
  16. Terrible I'm Tasmanian. I want a team. We won't retain players though. Hobart is a great place to grow up. It's a great place to move to once you hit your 30s and are ready to settle down. A 20 year old who moves here? Not good.
  17. We lost as soon as he decided to leave. Happy with the trade. We should move this thread back to the main board and change the title to 'Deathride Fremantle'
  18. Bring back the Scattergun!
  19. I hate myself for saying this a bit. We lack depth in tall forwards and outside midfielders. Let grab Bruce and Hunter if they are cheap and try and squeeze the most amount of talent we can. We are in the window. Let's go for it. I don't give a [censored] about his tattoos or hair (yeah, I rewatched Moneyball last night. Great film).
  20. Don't worry about it. You're awesome. I enjoy your posts.
  21. Good thing the Sun's got that draft assistance a few years ago.
  22. Sorry. We also have pick 52 (Melb). Can't edit my post for some reason (I would fix the typo too if I could).
  23. Are GWS likely to even use pick 50 though? I haven't worked out how many ins and outs they have had this off season but at a glance it looks like they will have a heap of high picks this year. They might ask for our future third simply to spread their haul over multiple years?
  24. I dislike Cornes. I hate his clickbait style. It seems unlike him to say this though. I'm not saying he is correct, but I believe that he genuinely thinks its true.
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