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  1. I was referring to this bit of the substitute player: If the 23rd 'medical substitute' player doesn't take the field, they will still have a senior game credited to their career tally. For me it would be hollow getting awarded 300 games if I only stepped onto the field for 297 or 298 games.
  2. What a horrible way to bring up your 300 Sorry, posted this after I saw you get a game played even if you don't step on the field. Deespencer probably assumed you'd only be credited if you get used. But afl
  3. They were overlooked in the draft worked their asses off in the WAFL and proved to AFL clubs they belong by being selected in the draft at a older age. What's that got to do with Kobe? I'd love for Kobe to be a make it as much as anyone here. The fact that Fremantle weren't interested, no afl club was interested and he was hardly rated a mention means that he is working a long way back. Some posters are talking about a debut for round one. I see him more as a development player who probably is only on the list because of his last name.
  4. Might as well raze the place down and start afresh
  5. While I agree with you that he needs to improve his fitness. I don't think the 2km run is a useful fitness test for a small forward. Their fitness standards are based on short quick burst with powerful explosion. I'm the dylandfriends podcast with Andrew Russell, he use to say Cyril would come last in the time trials as well.
  6. Before claiming to understand where the illegality is have a read of the fair work position on it. https://www.fairwork.gov.au/how-we-will-help/templates-and-guides/fact-sheets/unpaid-work/unpaid-work From the original job ad it looked like it they wanted someone to stay on for a year with 10-25 contact hours asking for skilled graduates. There's nothing in the fair act about promising it to be permanent f/t work. Sure if you're at uni it might be great but once you word it like an opportunity for graduates it starts becoming unfair on as only people who are from privledged pos
  7. Might be a great opportunity but they're capitalising on the desperation of newly graduated. Sure you have an opportunity to put something good on your resume but why should it come at the cost of free work? There's a reason why volunteering for work that is usually paid for by companies is illegal in australia. It's for the benefit of society in general. Before you know it you'll have all sorts of companies/corporations expecting free work in the name of 'experience'.
  8. I might have no idea, but you have far less idea about the English language. How else are we meant to interpret: " Oscar simply shouldn't have been playing AFL football on many many occasions during his career and that is absolutely indisputable given the fact that he didn't find a suitor over the trade period and has now been delisted at under 25 years of age. Think about that for a minute. It's near unprecedented." I am still struggling to see what is unprecedented. Player is given games and kept on the list because we think he might come good. Does not come become the player we t
  9. Corey was delisted in the same year. Obviously Oscar set the precedence.
  10. Pretty much, I wonder what would happen if you added in the top 4 sides for past decade. I think you would get a lot of muddling of data and there wouldn't be a clear correlation shown. This is pretty much showing kicking higher scores will lead to success...
  11. Dunno why Lord Nev is trying to keep something posted on bigfooty hush hush. Here's a bit more to the rumour: https://www.bigfooty.com/forum/threads/finals-club-in-turmoil-player-affair-with-female-staff.1248832/ Pretty disappointing if true, didn't he and his wife lose a baby recently?
  12. There's no need to burn him at a stake. It's not a witch hunt. He obviously has some sort of intel and it's not like he is throwing random names out there with zero credibility. People have emotions and opinions that change by the day. Nothing is certain until someone signs. If you want to hear about only certainties I suggest you follow the trade tracker page on the afl website. At that point Dr Evil probably heard that Isaac Smith was going to sign. Situations evolved and he changed his mind. I appreciate people like him providing rumours that they have heard as I don't have any connec
  13. Not surprising since it was announced in the media about a week ago... https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theage.com.au/sport/afl/demons-hannan-on-western-bulldogs-trade-radar-20201014-p5651k.html
  14. Wait wasn't the evidence that Hogan wasn't smiling so he was going to leave us. If Clarry is laughing, it means he won't leave us.
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