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  1. Not sure how you can say no one here has any idea and that our tightness is a fantasy. I read the extending of contracts differently to you. Collingwood recently had cap troubles because they were extending contracts (Treloar) and signing players to long contracts (Grundy). We all know how that ended up. Not saying this is what is happening here but I think posters have a right to be weary.
  2. Wow, you are over analysing everything. Not everyone has a vendetta against you. Feel free to post your opinion, but people have a right to disagree. From your posts, i have seen more atracks on people's character than posts. I chose to not respond to your attacks on my character, as is my right.
  3. Haha wasn't meant to be an attack more of a light hearted look at how down melbourne supporters can get. I'm pretty sure i'm scarred in expecting melbourne to lose in any position. I'm struggling to believe that we are genuine premiership contenders. Look I haven't checked this thread since before your comments. Feel free to make assumptions about me but I will not be engaging in a [censored] slinging match. Didn't know by starting a thread meant I had an obligation to say anything else.
  4. MFCSS is still alive and well. Based on the evidence on the first half of the season I don't think we should be losing faith in the boys. Here are some handpicked selection of the worst. "Can we do "changes next week" already?" "We're not winning this. Brisbane is leagues ahead of the rest of the league atm." "Sportsbet paying 3.50 on lions 40+" "We just have too many ordinary footballers. No way we are winning a flag this year. Typical Melbourne, pump up your tyres, then deflate you when the crunch comes. So disappointing." "Time to give pickett a rest , keeps going
  5. 4th opportunity* while I don't personally know the player from my outside view I would want more than 3 months of realising you stuffed up before I gave him another shot.
  6. Your post like literally minutes beforehand suggests differently. Honestly I agree with the poster beforehand. All this umpire blaming is just wallpapering over the the actual problem. We haven't been playing good football for 4 quarters since anzac eve
  7. I don't think TMac would be able to replicate Langdon's. One of Langdons assets is his speed out of the contest. Tmac is pretty slow but has better overhead marking ability. I think if we were to use tmac on the wing it would be similar to how we used Tomlinson last year which i wouldnt call a success story
  8. Write them off at your own peril. Unlike us, Richmond have shown that they know how to prepare for September. In 2019 they lost to the cats by 71 points, gws, collingwood and doggies by nearly 50. Last year they had a pretty ordinary start losing to hawthorn and st Kilda (we actually player them into form).
  9. Thanks mate, interesting to hear. Sorry about all the [censored] you are coping
  10. Not saying it's what has happened here but it's entirely plausible that a player could change his mind. Heck I can barely make my mind up about what I want to eat for dinner
  11. Without wanting to be too disparaging about sharing rumours just wondering if your source knew what happened to the Ash situation. Seems like he has decided to stay at GWS. https://www.gwsgiants.com.au/news/922396/lach-him-in
  12. I actually thought Charlie's most impressive defensive effort was in the first minute of the game in the backline. Richmond had kicked it to mackintosh and Spargo. Brayshaw had come in to help out but taken the whole pack out. Richmond had two other players closing in on the ball. Spargo was first to get up from the contest, pressured rioli who had to handball to broad and then straight away applied enough pressure to force Broad to go over the boundary. He effectively recovered first from a contest to half a 2 vs 1 and pretty much a certain goal.
  13. I was referring to this bit of the substitute player: If the 23rd 'medical substitute' player doesn't take the field, they will still have a senior game credited to their career tally. For me it would be hollow getting awarded 300 games if I only stepped onto the field for 297 or 298 games.
  14. What a horrible way to bring up your 300 Sorry, posted this after I saw you get a game played even if you don't step on the field. Deespencer probably assumed you'd only be credited if you get used. But afl
  15. They were overlooked in the draft worked their asses off in the WAFL and proved to AFL clubs they belong by being selected in the draft at a older age. What's that got to do with Kobe? I'd love for Kobe to be a make it as much as anyone here. The fact that Fremantle weren't interested, no afl club was interested and he was hardly rated a mention means that he is working a long way back. Some posters are talking about a debut for round one. I see him more as a development player who probably is only on the list because of his last name.
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