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  1. Not surprising since it was announced in the media about a week ago... https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theage.com.au/sport/afl/demons-hannan-on-western-bulldogs-trade-radar-20201014-p5651k.html
  2. Wait wasn't the evidence that Hogan wasn't smiling so he was going to leave us. If Clarry is laughing, it means he won't leave us.
  3. Very familiar. If I was a hindsight recruiter we'd won 20 of the last 20 premierships. Neeld had his faults but I'm not sure you can blame him for not picking someone who lasted until pick 58...
  4. Pretty simplistic view. How about this, you create an environment that encourages a good culture so loyal people don't want to leave. As I said he was willing to put up with some of our [censored] to stay for 4 years. In those 4 years we ruined the development and playing careers of numerous players... grimes, trengove, Morton and Gysberts to name a few. They might not all have been starts but I honestly think if they were given opportunities in a better environment their careers would've been different. Now if my my workplace had a [censored] culture I wouldn't want to stay. I woul
  5. Pretty harsh to say he didn't care. He cared enough to sign a 4 year deal when we were pretty bad. Then came the neeld years and it was obvious the club was going nowhere. It's easy to say only supporters care when I can say plenty of supporters dropped off during those hard years. We have supporters who are saying they won't renew next year with Goodwin in charge. When you don't have to be at the game getting smashed by 100 points each week and face the public...
  6. Hi @Lord Nev, given you've been right about a few things just thought I'd ask this, it seems like you're in the know. Has there been a big change in the amount of info that's being leaked since PJ was at the top? I remember before PJ we seemed to be a leaky ship but once he was brought in the information seemed to have dried up. Now that he has gone it seems like there's more info out there. Is this something you have noticed as well? Or am I totally wrong?
  7. Don't have to trade him but is there much point keeping a player on an inflated salary that will just be sitting in the 2s unless Gawn gets injured? I'd rather have a late second rounder/third round than have someone eat cap space and be worth nothing in 2 years.
  8. Thought this article was interesting about rucking. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-09-17/afl-analysis-how-ruck-strategy-has-evolved/12668180?section=sport I think it goes a little in explaining why we went out to get Preuss and later the drafting of Luke Jackson. Seems like we tried to switch to a dual ruck plan similar to West Coast where we drop Gawn behind the ball and have another ruck in Preuss up in the forward half of the ground. I think problem was we overestimated Preuss' forward ability and ended up with a ruckman who just wasn't good enough to fill the role we wanted. M
  9. Not sure those stats are more relevant to the scoreline which is how a win/loss is decided. Tomlinson or Salem nails the late goal, we win the game and your point is moot. In the end the only stat that matters is the final score at the end of game. To say we couldnt deal with it shows no reflection of the actual score. I've listened to his Jennings interview. While I think he raises some interesting points i dont think it's fair to judge Goodwin without a right of reply. Maybe he wanted to try something to see if his system could beat it, maybe he did try but the players didn't listen. T
  10. Gee if you think a 3 point loss where we were pushing for the win at the end is a smashing, hate to know what you think of the neeld days. I like to think of coaching as more of a dynamic position than a static one. At the start of the year we could clearly see that our forward and mid connection wasn't great. There's no point in developing a plan b when you don't have plan a working. From there we have definitely seen improvements. I also think its a lot harder for the supporters to understand the nuiances in football tactics. Max Gawn clearly thought we had improved on last year but th
  11. Would be wary of a knee jerk reaction. Two weeks ago we'd probably be saying that we have major problems in every line. Still think we have problems with the forward line and I think quick teams will still be able to score easily on the counter.
  12. Reckon our entries into 50 still aren't great but the F50 pressure has really improved.
  13. Perspective on demonland? Am I on the right forum?
  14. We already have recruited someone with long term concussion issues in Kolodjashnij. I'd argue that the McCartin's concussion issues are worse because they have been more regular and him having more time off with no improvement. I think that McCartin also has some genetic predisposition to concussion as it seems his brother also has concussion issues. I wouldn't extend Kolodjashnij's contract and I wouldn't recruit McCartin because there's close to 0 chance it'll get better.
  15. If we're relying on beating teams at the right place and time I'd say our season was already [censored].
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