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  1. Did you get an email about the code for last week's game. It'll be the same codes.
  2. Right in the feels. The pictures of Tomlinsom, Jetta and Jones after the game. I'm glad they could see the team they help make.
  3. The afl have uploaded highlights from the finals series from 2000 onwards. I was looking at the 2000 run (even if i dont remember much of it) and it was a trip down memory lane about the players that made me a dees supporter. Haven't put the grand final highlights on yet, might skip to 2002. https://www.afl.com.au/ondemand/highlights/673395/every-final-this-century?episode=4#2000
  4. Seems right to me. I downgraded to an interstate membership in 2018 and was disappointed to find out that it was only priority 3. 20+ years automatically gives you priority 2 if you have a 3 game.
  5. Yep. This double standards is [censored]. Neal Bulleen got 4 weeks for a sling tackle that he pleaded guilty to and showed remorse. Not directly comparable but one is a worse look on the afl.
  6. Kinda [censored] of the AFL to put an umpire in that situation. He would be facing trolls on the internet if he said differently.
  7. Not sure if you are joking here or not but just in case you aren't. I would hate to see on the front page of a newspaper that a selfish MFC fan has tried to break 2 states health directives to watch a football game. While it will be disappointing to not see our finals run live, you could be risking the lives, incomes of people who are unaffected.
  8. He's always been a good kick. I think for him, Brown and Weids it's all in the head. Once the confidence drops/it's a tight game the goal kicking is less reliable. Even the relatively easy shots are missed.
  9. Don't think you can say under 40's have had plenty opportunity to get it. ScoMo only announced that under 40's could get it on June 28, night https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-07-01/atagi-co-chair-pours-cold-water-on-morrison-az-comments/100257392. Give another week for GP's to get processes in place so it could go ahead. So realistically it was only available from July 5. Considering the 12 week gap between injections, that realistically only gives under 40's a 3 week gap to get it before the grand final. This also meant that people are going ATAGI's advice of waiting to get Pfizer.
  10. Richmond player a part of that pub walk...
  11. Never looks good when you pull the arm up
  12. Not sure I like Kossie and Spargo milking free kicks Selwood style.
  13. It's an interesting comparison here between Weideman and Petty that I haven't thought about until this comment. I think he has come along in leaps and bounds since his first game this year. You can tell his confidence has improved and with it his actual games. I think a large part of that is due to the fact there is close to 0 pressure on his position after the Tomlinson injury. In watching Weideman's games this year. He looked like a player who was scared to lose his spot in the team and player that was down on confidence. Early on he had so many nearly moments, where he was close to taking good contested marks. After a few poor performances it felt like his mindset went to I'm going to be dropped. I can understand what Goody was trying to do in giving him a block of games despite performance but I don't think that worked when he knew his position was on the chopping block and the external criticism. Although BB was good last night, I think that he too seems not 100% confident with his place. Conversely, TMac mindset and form seems to have improved dramatically since the last couple of years where he is not worried about being dropped either after he was guaranteed a run of 6-7 games. I guess this is what happens when you are fringe player on an AFL list. It be interesting to see how we manage this, as I think Weideman is so close to being a good player. I wonder how BB and Weideman's form would have been if they didn't go down with injury.
  14. I think Weid would be worth a 3rd rounder at most, Wright went for a 4th round. At this stage, he's probably worth more to us than anyone else (kinda like TMac last year). Packaging him up role players doesn't get to pick 3 let alone another pick. Only way I can see it happening is if Weid is being added as steaknives. Or those suggestions, Weid + Brayshaw might get us a late first rounder.
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