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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. That would be a case of robbing Jordan to pay Port
  2. That's a really interesting point. With FA coming in (and the likely increase in the salary cap) clubs will have more of these sort of situations where it is clear mid season a player is off. How they deal with it - indeed how the whole system deals with it - will be fascinating to watch and has implications or the culture of clubs and the game as a whole. Do they not play a player and if so do they do that openly or under the guise of an injury. Do they continue to play them as is the case in most sports (which means a commited player misses the oppoertunity to play and develop)? How do they manage the tension and conflict that might arise between team mates (as seems to have been the case with Boaks team mates demanding he make the call)? Do they encourage players to be open and advise the club (their preparedness to do so would obviously be influenced by the answers to the q's above) Fascinating stuff and unfortunately it will all inevitably become grist for the media mill and we can get used to multiple annual will he or won't he sagas (which the AFL will love because they clearly take the view that media saturation is good for business - witness how they structure the trading periods, fixture announcements, NAB cup etc etc to ensure there is almost 365 day AFL coverage)
  3. Where do today's reports (Hun) he has opened negotiations with Port sit with the above info?
  4. Trade Magner. Good porn name. Bad idea
  5. Agree with the ratings on the whole Prof. One comment is you have Jones rated as above average, which is fair. But he used to be a terrible kick, both in terms of accuracy and depth, and has improved this part of his game enormously. Whilst i agree that players often struggles to improve their kicking (because their technique has been honed since Auskick, similar to tennis payers and golfers who struggle to change flaws as a pro) Jones at least provides an example it is possible.
  6. Not this year no. But when Hird came on board he said they were no where near it and this year their focus has been on building the strength required to macth it with the big boys
  7. Is that Steven Icke singing the eagle song?
  8. I assume Essendon is number 1. Interesting as both clubs were not fit or strong enough and high profile fitness experts have been brought in to change that. Hird said the other say that the injuries they have copped is the price to be paid for getting a club up to speed fitness wise (or words to that effect), or in his words to be as strong and fit as the legit premiership hopes
  9. What! Two years! The sky is falling!. We need results now! Rome was built in a day! I've been waiting (insert relevant number here) years for a flag and i have to wait 2 more! I know Neeld said it would take time, the players were not AFL standard in terms of fitness and that it is big task to turn around a culture but i thought he was being ironic! Exclamation mark!
  10. Care to make a bet on that? P.S what's with the strange use of capitals?
  11. In the words of the fonz - exactamundo.
  12. Not trying a wind up (honestly) but who was it that you were 100% certain was gone (to GWS). ,Can't be bothered going back through old posts but am i right in thinking you had it on good authority Jamar was off up north westish?
  13. Shhh! You'll worry the demonland posters who are adamant we made the wrong call and get all those who didn't all het up
  14. Spot on b59. Sometimes i just have to shake my head at some footy fan's (and professional commentators for that matter) refusal to recognise the impact of injuries - either in a match or across a season - to a team's fortunes. It seems to be ingrained into footy culture - old school culture at least - not to blame injuries, but in my opinion it is by far the biggest factor in football, at least when teams are roughly level. Look at every winner of the flag in the last 30 years - they have one thing in common: a great run with injuires and sufficient depth to cover the inevitable problems. And not just the number of injuries but who they are too. GF winners generally don't lose too many of their key players. In this match we lost Jamar early and Martin was clearly stuffed. And because of injury Sellar was not there to give him a chop out (and made sure Garland ghad to play up back, robbing us of a forward option). Grimes was injured and off for some time and when he came back on couldn't offer the usual run. Bennel was off and robbed us of rotations. Add not having Clark - who provided our forward structure and created our shape - and Watts out (who in a short time has become super important down back interms of our set up - just look at how we struggled with both kick ins and back half clearances) added to our difficulties. Of course a Collingwood say, who has the depth to cover injuries, or Wet Coke for that matter will manage them better than a time light on for talent like the dees. But if Collingwood lose Cloke and WC Cox those clubs premierships hopes are shot - depth or no depth. To not acknowledge the impact of injuries is,to my mind, just plain silly and reflects a really simplistic, naive view of footy.
  15. Very american to like yourself - you're not a septic are you?
  16. No so fortunate for Moloney i don't think - he'll be hard pressed to stake a claim for a recall during a bye. Did he do enough in this game? By the way, thanks KC - your Casey news is one of the best things about Demonland and one of the reasons i have switched my VFL allegiance from Port to Casey (is that allowed?)
  17. elite, A grader, star, champion, superstar - so many definitions it's hard to tell one man's journey man from good solid contributor
  18. Well obviously i think so - and i will happily remind doubters when it proves to be the case
  19. I tried but i can't let this slide. A bit harsh on Trengove and no mention of being harsh on Watts?. I rate Trengove, why wouldn't you. He'll be a terrific servant for the dees and i reckon next year after another full Misson pre season he'll get his zip back and be amongst our best wek in, week out. Glad we took him but i suspect he may fall a touch short of elite - A grade, which for what its worth i define as AA selection. Watts on the other hand will definitely be an elite A grade player and by the time he is 25 will be an All Australian (something that over the years Melbourne have struggled to have). He will be star, well and truly worthy of a top 5 pick. He is already (worthy of a top 5 pick that is - worthy of number 1 for that matter). I really look forward to the humble pie that will have to be eaten on this site by the posters who don't rate Watts or have got stuck into him.
  20. Thanks for saving me the trouble. As a poker player he sucks. If you try to bluff, better have something behind it because if you're called you look a tad silly
  21. Stue, sorry but that's facile. He put himself out there for trade bait, via his manager yes, but his manager is him. He pays him and if he didn't authorise it then more fool him. His manager is his representative and speaks for him. Don't get me wrong, i've got nothing against Beamer, he has plenty of credits in the bank, has been terrific at the dees and a loyal servant, but none the less he shopped himself and IIRC at a very poor time for the dees (ie when everything was bad news and we had just been flogged). Compare that to Jamar who had much more trade value and was heavily rumoured to be going. He kept stum and quietly did the deal to stay a demon. I have to say i was very disappointed in Beamer's effort when he came on against the tiges. he was given the opportunity to really influence that game - fresh, you'd hope fired up and against a team who was struggling - and barely fired a shot. I suspect he won't be dropped as i think Neeld will figure it won't help. Magner more likely to go but jeez he must be close.
  22. Should posters who go under several names buy multiple memberships (or for that matter posters with one avatar but multiple personalities)?
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