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    Thanks for that Gorgoroth! I agree the game pass is great, I tested out the free trial and it’s defintely a good investment. I’m more weighing up if it’s worth it this late in the season. Next year for sure! ??????
  2. pilgrim


    Hi everyone! I had no idea that there was an NFL thread on demonland! How convenient. After getting back from a US trip with my American partner, I’m now a newly converted-Rams fan. As I’m not really into cricket, I couldn’t be happier that I’ve found a sport that I can watch while Afl is out of season!! I wanted to reach out to any other Australia-based nfl watchers...about whether anyone knows of any good places/sites to stream game replays? I considered the NFL game pass but it seems too pricey to buy one this late in the season. Any help would be much appreciated! Go Rams ?
  3. Thanks GLG, currently on holiday in the US so very happy to go to bed if there’s nothing more to see!
  4. Does anyone think we’re going to do anything else this year?
  5. Agreed. Just needs to slowly build his endurance through game time.
  6. Massive relief about Brayshaw. Just about put my fist through my phone when I saw him go down.
  7. Yeah I think just logging in with display name is a better idea. I keep forgetting my username anyway ha.
  8. I'm getting really sick of clubs like St. Kilda and Carlton getting nominated over us! We're not any worse than they are, in fact this year's ladder would demonstrate we're as good if not better. It just really gets on my nerves when they could flat out reject any interest from us and then go on to be open to a move to Carlton. Or bloody Carlisle nominating St. Kilda! I dunno, good on them...but sometimes I look at it and think really?? We're not THAT bad surely. Maybe (definitely) I'm just bitter.
  9. If you had anything solid you'd just come out and say it.
  10. At 2pm the Robert Flower service is being held at the MCG. I'd imagine our recruiters, if not all of them will be taking a break to attend. Maybe we'll see some movement after that?
  11. Billy was on Trade Radio today. For anyone that missed it, here's the link. He sounds very excited to be joining the dees. https://soundcloud.com/nabtraderadio/billy-stretch-on-nab-trade-radio
  12. What worries me about this is the fact that he's changed his Twitter name from MitchClark11 to mitchjclark.
  13. Surely the AFL are going to suss out If Mitch was to return before deciding whether to give us "special consideration". As PJ mentioned on The Sunday Footy Show, that was one of the club's reasons for applying. If the AFL did give it to us only to have Clark make a comeback, they'd look like fools. I feel that if we are granted special assistance, it'll come with the bearing that Clark is gone.
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