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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. I have been putting on weight now for some time as precautionary measure in the event i ever have a knee problem requiring stem cells
  2. Amazingly i actually thought the Hun's Mark Steven's suggestion in today's paper of averaging ladder position over the season a really good idea http://www.heraldsun.com.au/afl/more-news/its-high-time-to-roll-the-tanks/story-e6frf9jf-1226440727157
  3. Like, for example Darling. Joking - please all ignore, i was feeling a little trolly!
  4. Good post Oucher. Punishing, or even investigating MFC in isolation would be ridiculous. I also, would like them to draw a line in the sand and basically say there has been a whole range of activities (such as those you note) over the last 10 years by a range of clubs that have the potential to raise suspicions and bring the game into disrepute. Whilst it is very difficult to legislate against such activities (eg resting players) they could advise clubs that from now on they will be investigated when there are suspicious activities (in much the same way betting irregularities are looked into). This would at the least act as a disincentive to play silly buggers. In horse racing not giving your mount the best chance of winning is a grave offence for jockeys, but often extremely difficult to assess. Stewards are required to investigate any cases where this (and other similarly grey area issues) may have occurred. The AFL could clearly define what they regard to be suspicious bevaiours and play a similar role to stewards in racing. No jockey likes to be investigated as it questions their integrity and it would at least give clubs pause for thought (or a con to consider) when deciding on how they might approach the last few games of a season. This would of course only have a limited impact on the behaviors of clubs. More crucially the AFL have to find a way to limit the advantage a club might get for being lower on the ladder, whilst still ensuring the principals of the draft and equalization are maintained. Tough ask but that's why they get the big bucks. The interesting part of the dialogue about tanking for me (and related to the horse racing parallel) is how it is defined. There seem to be distinction that many commentators seem to make between going out to lose (tanking) or not giving your side the best chance of winning a given match (such as last season Geelong resting 5-6 of their best players, or sending players off for non essential surgery before season's end), which seems to be accepted practice. Going out to lose would require a coach to instruct players to miss shots at goal or other specific direction. However no one is suggesting this has occurred (though there is a hint by BM an Bailey they have been put under pressure to minimize the chance of winning). All the examples of so called tanking seem to involve a coach not maximizing the chance of winning a specific match, which as i said many commentators seem to suggest is ok. If this definition is used there will be hundreds of examples, including this year.
  5. Have i missed something? I can't understand why anyone would expect MFC to 'come out swinging'. Against what, against who? We tanked pure and simple, and of course we we not alone in this, so we can hardly take the moral high ground What's McClardy going to rail against? McClean? phoeey - who cares what he says. The AFL? They haven't done anything wrong in this so far. Playing it with a straight bat is the approriate response in my book.
  6. I like Sloonie's idea. Strip us of our 8 points this year and not allow us to play for points for the rest of the year. That way we'll have picks 1 and 2 in this year's draft which has nice symmetry to it
  7. We've already been punished! We got Scully with that coveted number 1 pick and look where that got us.
  8. We support HT all the way. We will honor his contract
  9. I agree, i heard him this morning and there is a bit of an edge there (i hadn't heard him talk about the dees before). I know part of it is theater and to deliberately wind people up (nothing like angry callers to give a talk back show a bit of fizz) but he was pretty scathing and dismissive in his tone, particularly in his comment that he knows for a fact Cloke not interested in going to the dees (what's his source?) Seems a bit weird to me to feel such seeming disdain about a footy club. I could understand if he was a player and there was a history there but he is a reporter
  10. As i have posted before injuries, particularly who they are to, is key to a teams capacity to play to potential and win games. Again as i have said before it is an issue that seems to be constantly downplayed in terms of its importance. The dees have, by any measure, had a terrible run with injuries this year (and not great last year) and this needs to be factored into any objective analysis of our performance this year.
  11. I'm coming round to that line of thinking BJ but i'm still not convinced. I have been thinking he simply isn't worth the sort of money that has been discussed. In my humble i reckon he is really overrated as he's only had one a half really good seasons. But structurally he would really help - two power forwards with Clark being able to spend more time in the ruck would be great. On the other hand what does it matter if we pay overs for him if we have the money in our cap. It has to go somewhere. Exactly the same discussion was being had about Clark last year and look how that panned out. It would be a big thing for the club and i'm sure help team morale for a big name player to come to the club and it would definitely create a buzz, which would please the sponsors. Also as several posters have noted not having to use any draft picks to get him has to be worth something and needs to be factored in when weighing up the pros and cons. So i'm a swinging voter atm, though i have to say i wouldn't mind seeing him rampaging around our forward line in a Melbourne jumper round on 2013
  12. I disagree. Caddy wants to come back to Melbourne. If he puts himself in the draft GC get nothing for him. if he goes into the draft i doubt GWS would be keen to take him as he want to live in Victoria nad having a disgruntled young player is no good for them. We then would have the next 2 picks (assuming Viney goes in second round which i'm confident he will). I doubt we'd use them but doggies might use their number 5, another Vic club might have a crack or we get him with pick 12-13. If he goes into the draft GC get nothing, zilch, nada (you get the idea). So it is in their best interest to do a deal with a Vic club and we are in a good position to deal. I assume Caddy will also want to help GC get the best deal possible and this is only possible if doesn't go into the draft. As i've posted before i could see us getting him by giving GC our pick 12ish and say Petterd (a QLD boy who may actually improve in new surroundings- and GC need some mid 20's players) for Caddy and a quiet agreement from them to not nominate Viney. Pick 12 and an ok player is alot better than nothing.
  13. My ban list has just increased by 100% - from one to two; see ya Jackie, have really enjoyed your constructive, intelligent contributions.
  14. It sounds as if you are in furious agreement
  15. G'day HG. Keep posting your occasional inner sanctum insights on the club, i really enjoy them. I'm interested in your view of how Neeld is going about things and feel you have been pretty consistent about this. Am i right in summarising your view as the jury being out (ie not 100% sold on him) but also prepared to give him enough time before deciding if you think he is a keeper? You seem a bit more bullish about Misson. It is interesting actually because he has great reputation for minimising soft tissue injuries. The Weapon was all the rage early in the year but the bombers soft tissue drama has practically wrecked their season. We have had a shocking run with injuries this year but as you note many have been collision injuries. This is a huge issue for a club that is already thin on the ground for talent. You also have noted on several occasions how unfit we were before this year. In your opionion what is realistic time frame to get the team up to the level Misson and Neeld want/need them at? I'd be guessing at least the rest of this year and two more pre-season.
  16. Back in the (colonial) day - where did they send Tasmanian shop lifters
  17. Mediocraty is a greek philosophical bookie who owned shares in the truth
  18. And so the trolling 'ology members warned off has commenced
  19. What's the Northcote Social Club got to do with it?
  20. Evans, he muuuuust be there, he's just got to be there, Evans.
  21. Not sure about being above WB but i reckon there's a good chance we'll end up 15th as we're on track for 5-6 wins IMO
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