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  1. Yes I do feel I would like a scan, however, the club medics will have a certain amount of equipment to assess the injury. They may have their own ultrasound equipment or something like that which could provide information. Yes in the past the club has had some issues with injuries - whether theyre mis-management issues is probably only known by the club - we can make assumptions. This is a new batch of medics since those days, they are professionals, they work with Paul Roos, Im sure he and they know what they need to do. If he needs a scan he will get one.
  2. I wanted to see how each team fared with interchanges but I've had no luck finding it. The AFL match centre page displays zero interchanges. Anyone know the figures?
  3. Ive been wrong before, but Im predicting big things from Jack watts this year. His highlights reel is fantastic, with support and good disposal to him, who knows what he could achieve. Go dees.
  4. petracca will no doubt be a good player, but im not expecting him to assert himself to the extent that say brayshaw did. Admitedly ive not seen him train this off season, bt i did see him last year and he was generally up the back of packs, even trailing some distances, when he gets tired his running posture really deteriorates, his shoulder role and his feet kick out. Theres no doubt he will show some explosive play and be strong, but remember that he is a very large frame for his height, I think his stats from last year might have said 94kg and 186cm or something, which is a big boy. Im 180
  5. Bernie Vince should get ours.
  6. It is a lot of money but it may be necrssary to get us in to the market of being a 'favourable destination'. A lot of supporters are saying 'let's save the cash, we could get Prestia and Bennell with that money'. Could we really though? We are probably the last club on their list of lovely destinations. Particularly at that price. However if we have danger, with our current mids, tracca gets on the park, kents gets up n going again and we are kicking it to hogan n jeffy, all of a sudden that formula looks promising and other players might like the look of it, particularly if we can win lol. I
  7. early days but brayshaw has captain qualities
  8. Dean Kent wouldn't have played many either.
  9. I have read a few comments about bringing in King. this was his first week in the 1's vfl. Prior to his he has been in the development league. I think we saw ANB experience a tough debut yesterday and perhaps he could have used a little more time in the vfl first. Lets give max king a bit more time.
  10. toump - finding his feet Gawn - Couldnt take a mark Watts - cool under pressure
  11. 100% Roos's fault. He came into a great club, now look what he has done!
  12. apologies ms, if your that sick of responding to this thread, you dont have to...
  13. yes but did a 13 yo girl have that motive? she may have, but she also may not have.
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