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  1. i really dont want to get abusive here, holding it back. But it's AFL supporters like you that make me want to tear out the seats at the MCG. I will reiterate a point that you're seeming to forget, we HAVE NEVER had a player of such class and composure with the footy. Toumpas by 2016 will be a far better player than Jones IMO, he will surpass our so called 'good players' so quickly ill be like a flash of light.
  2. Stkilda arent as good as Port Adelaide and i know you cant just say that. But Port still had a real midfield. Stkilda have 2 gun midfielders and one of which will not be playing, so itll just be Steven. Mckenzie will hopefully lock him down and Tmac takes Rooey again. Go dees
  3. All these Wines comparison are great Honestly, Toumpas is the classiest player i have EVER seen walk through Melbourne's door. even more so than i thought Scully was.. The composure the kid has with his kick will be a highlight over the next decade. The kid has no other comparisons to other players because he will be an individual, soon enough people will compare future draftees to Toumpas. Watch him be a jet
  4. i dont think it's the comparison about them.. i think it's just the comparison that we could have taken Wines over Toumpas as he would have more effect. It's more a comparison about taking the players themselves, rather then comparing their strengths
  5. ofcourse this depends on basically round one... but with Roos i'd like to see things pan out abit differently and with some real new recruits in the Midfield
  6. Dom Tyson- i would love to see his highlight package in games. He is a very talented lad and i think may even be able to have a real impact next year. Daniel Cross- Would love to see why he has been such a good player over such a long period of time, also his on field leadership qualities. Jack Trengove- finally would love to see Trenners get it going, injury free and with some speed. Obviously we want to see Toumpas, Clark on the field and Viney.
  7. I was looking through the draw and i do not see why we cant get more then just a few wins on the board. Round 1 v Stkilda- should be able to WIN round 2 v WCE @home- would expect to go close to winning in this one round 3 v GWS- WIN round 4 v Calrton- we never beat them, loss round 5 v GC- should be able to WIN From there the draw gets harder, but the point is, we should be able to win 3 or 4 out the first 5 or definitely be more than competitive.
  8. I think we are starting to see the rise of the Toump. If you look at the picture of him on the Melbourne Website, his frame is already starting to look stronger and has been a stand out at training. I reckon this year we are going to start to see what the Toump is made of and how come we so confidently took him over Wines. Absolutely cannot wait for this!
  9. they absolutely are. The reason why they were and are both such high draft picks are because of their explosivety. Without that, neither would have been first round.. Freeman has poor ball use, struggles with consistency. Sounds alot like Blease to me. Although Freeman enjoys more of the hard stuff and Blease not as much, they share more similarities that differences.
  10. Freeman is another Sam Blease. Salem is alot more consistent and more of a precision player.. personally we already have a Blease, let's develop him into the amazing player he could actually be. Although it would have been fantastic to have Freeman also and try to turn him into a Dangerfield type of player, Salem is a better fit. Apparently Hunt could be anything and he's quick, maybe we have a gem in him
  11. It's not about Midfield.. it's about the fact that every team needs a shutdown player. He is a very good shutdown player
  12. striking/rough conduct of Ryan Crowley.. Not surprised, he's a pest
  13. As bad as Melbourne were/are surely we will beat Stkilda? They literally dont have a team. Who are they going to replace NIckyDal, Mcevoy, Montagana and Milney with? if we dont get them than the MFC really is out of hope
  14. he could honestly kick 50+ in his first year. Clubs will have to put there number 1 defender on Clark 2nd defender on Watts 3rd on Hogan 4th on Dawes. I reckon Hogan and Watts are more dangerous that Dawes. But some weeks Hogan could attract 3rd/4th defenders which is amazing
  15. We really do need him to be a star... But it's exciting times at the dees because by the time he hits 70 games.. players like Watts, Trengove, Grimes and Tmac will already be notching up considerable amount of games
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