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  1. No i don't think so. He'll be 1-2 for the next 2-4.
  2. In for a penny in for a pound (or if you are MFC footy side more like a pounding)
  3. Let ignore be your friend - sure (almost) troll proof protection (except when the poster with moster - not - is quoted)
  4. Interesting theory - except for one small problem. Under Bailey we were unfit and our skills were woeful
  5. I totally agree we have the worst midfield in the league and we are going absoloutely nowhere until it goes up several levels. Next year our mid field will (hopefully) read: Sylvia, Jones, Viney, Boak, Caddy, Gysberts and top 5 pick from the next draft. Better.
  6. Good point. Channel 7 showed a youngish collingwood supporter (about 25 i'd guess) standing and cheering (praising wellingham i think) as Simpson was practically carried from the ground. I assume that's what he was cheering but to fair i'm not 100% sure. If so it would be great to get a still of guy and make him an example of a bastard supporter - nothing makes me more angry than someone (anyone) giving it to someone who is hurt or cheering the player who hurt him
  7. No way, this type of hit was never considered a well executed shirt front. Simpson was in the air marking the ball and Wellingham made no effort to mark or hit the ball away. Gone and would have been in the 80's
  8. I don't reckon we would have to give much to GC to get Caddy as he is super keen to return to Melbourne and as he is out of contract at the end of the season he can go into the draft. That doesn't guarantee him getting to a Victorian club of course but interstate clubs will not be too keen given his desire to live in Melbourne and the Demons, Bulldogs, Saints, North and Richmond will all have picks roughly in the range where he might go you'd think (12-20?). If he goes into the draft GC get nothing so they'll be keen to trade no doubt and i guess, like Judd, Caddy will be keen to get to help his club get the best deal. I don't know if we would give up our 12ish pick as i don't really have a sense of how good he is. We perhaps offer a second round pick and a couple of players and work in an unspoken commitment for them not nominate Viney. I could see a scenario where we get Boak (with our pick 4 going to Port) and Caddy and after doing some sort of deal with GWS also getting Viney with a second round pick. Instant midfield, particularly when you consider we would have pick 3 still up our sleeves in that scenario. The 3 players i mentioned, barring injury would all be ready to roll round one 2013. Add Jones, Grimes, hopefully Gysberts and a fitter Sylvia and it is starting to look like the sort of mid field a club needs to be contender.
  9. I now hope we draft Wines, if only for the possible headline of "Wines, after a big night out, gets on the Stillnox"
  10. They won't drop Bail. Misson's injury report was interesting, very happy with how Bail played and came up after a few weeks off. He'll play. Talked about Jurrah also and seemed to suggest his ankle is ok but is getting fitness up and may not be far away (but of course that probably means 2-4)
  11. I want the dees to pick up Vlastuin - so i can give him the nickname Rasputin and then yell out "Go Russian, give it to Rasputin"
  12. Old dee you've shown up the ignore loophole! I just have to learn to refuse to read silliness - i have the Hun for that (bless Ralphy's heart!) Perhaps you could selectively edit quotes in future (with whole sections deleted).
  13. Is Dr Who the son of picket fence? Did BP draft Juice? Another BP success story? Perhaps he can have another go, even though his role is as an opposition analyst, surely that extends to watching Norwood as we know with his skills his role in the new trading landscape will be absolutely crucial to future Carlton success. With Waite down Juice would be ideal for the moody blues and he could join his old mate Brock. Speaking of whom it is somewhat ironic (at least more so than that Alanis Morrisette song, where the example was in no way ironic) that him and BP have come together again. Unless he didn't draft him and it was Cameron, in which case it wouldn't be ironic - unless you are Alanis Morrisette
  14. Only the true messiah would deny his divinity
  15. I agree, have flagged something similar (though had put the question out there if we might do a straight swap for the 4, but you're prob right, that's a very high price). I reckon Caddy is the other player who Melbourne might look at. Also i reckon peeps should forget about Sheedy's nonsense. When it is all said and done they won't play funny buggers with Viney - its just too big a risk. Also as he flagged this week they will be after some mid 20 players to bolster their youth. Remember Cornes, Brogan and McDonald will in all likelihood retire. They'll go after a couple of stars no doubt but players like Bate, Dunn, Pettard and perhaps even Moloney will hold some interest for them if for no other reason to provide a bit of a buffer for their youngsters, who so often struggle in their second year of AFL (Rich being a great example). The experience of GC this year will be salutatory. This might give us something to trade with them with
  16. i agree and disagree. I agree we would be better off with Boak than Cloak (mainly because our mid field is the worst in the league) but the successful sides over the last 3-4 years have all had two big forwards and this is the current orthodoxy it would seem - Dawes/Cloke, Riewoldt/Kosi (successful is relative but they did make 3 GFs), Posialdly/Hawkins, Lynch/Darling-Cox (a stretch i know but they're been good over last season and a half), Franklin/Roughhead-Hale etc
  17. Before the Essendon game i predicted we would finish with 5-6 wins for the season. I saw nothing yesterday to suggest we would not make that mark
  18. I worked out the ignore function. Excellent feature. Goodbye tonotopia. Enjoy the next 10 years of Neeld as our coach.
  19. I have read some pretty poor posts on demonland (hello Dr Who) but if there was a poor post chart this went straight to number 1 - and will be pretty hard to top (please don't try). Serious question - how do i activate the ignore function?
  20. Spot on. There is big chance we will finish above 16th i reckon
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