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  1. No, this thread isn’t a whinge about the lack of a ‘big win’, it’s a place to celebrate our miserly backline and team defence. Bang on again last night, conceding the standard 59 points (including only 2 goals after h/t) and racking up eye-popping intercept numbers. One of the things I’ve noticed in how we defend the ground is the position of the player (usually one of the wingers or half forwards) nearest their ball-carrier when the opposition is clearing the ball from defensive 50. We don’t press their player hard, but nor do we push all the way back, and while at first it app
  2. Everything's going to be fine.
  3. I’m so confident these days I don’t even bother to check who we’re playing. Are our opponents today any good?
  4. I wrote a song about him. It’s called ‘Up There Kozaly’.
  5. I and three of my friends just completed the survey, but only 2 of us voted yes for Thursday night team announcements. Based on that, does the percentage go up or down? Asking on behalf of @Sir Why You Little Edit: removed appalling grammar
  6. Magical evening at my favourite place in the world. It felt like pre-covid days, with all the MFC supporters crammed into the northern side of the ground and a great atmosphere. Memorable night for many reasons, but Spargo’s pressure, tackling and chasing was off the charts early. This tackle midway through the first woke the team up and helped turn the game.
  7. I’ve decided not to go to the Anzac Day dawn service. Much more exciting to attend tonight’s gawn service!
  8. Lol - the same Peggy O'Neal in this #changeourgame video, calling for more women in footy?
  9. For all intensive purposes, this is a great thread. I literally die every time someone mis-spells a player's name. Schwartz is the most irritating, along with the laconic Gary Lyons.
  10. ^^^ All valid points, Macca. Interesting that you mention overseas matches, including here, as that was one of the points of real hostility on the spurs forums I’ve been browsing - that it would become a travelling circus through Asia and the Americas, not all that different to the pre-season tournament that’s played now. I probably have ulterior motives, though, too; as you say, someone would have to finish bottom of the SL, and I didn’t fancy opening up Spurs’ schedule and seeing our next 4 matches being Barca, City, Inter, Liverpool et al. From a personal perspective, I just
  11. It's hard to tell, Macca. The fact that it got out the night before the announcement of the new CL format suggests otherwise. It was an ambush I reckon, poorly executed. There's also talk that UEFA have found extra $$ to basically bribe the rebels back into the fold. I'm surprised at how quickly the Prem clubs caved; surely they would have anticipated a significant backlash given the hostile reception it's received when canvassed previously. And it was always hard to imagine FIFA following through with the threat to ban SL players from the WC - their mates in Qatar would not have li
  12. Same thing happened to me in round 1. I think what happens is that Legends, Tridents and Redlegs are all grouped together as one premium group, and from there it's first in best dressed. That's how @Demonlandhas been upgraded to N49, and @Cal7B relegated to N52.
  13. Given all the speculation about him not being happy, it's interesting that he's not smiling in that video. I wouldn't be surprised if he's still meeting with Carlton.
  14. Only Jack himself can pardon you. I'd be careful about approaching him at training, though. You don't want to end up in the Jack Viney Made Me Cry Thread.
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