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  1. Unfortunately it's still up there dazzle - it's in the replies section. Absolutely pathetic, and anyone who's on Twitter should make their feelings known.
  2. Yeh nah. Your Jesse Hogan posts were deleted because they were unsubstantiated rubbish ('he was at a party in my apartment building'), not because you had any 'inside mail' that needed censoring. You then pretended to be a lawyer when you were called out on your limited understanding of defamation and the legal risk to which you exposed the site's owners, one of whom is an actual lawyer.
  3. This is the front page of today's West Australian, the perfect example of how Aboriginal people are often treated differently than the rest of us in the criminal justice system. Try and imagine your 86-year-old dementia-suffering grandmother going to jail for spraying a neighbour with a garden hose. You can't. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "An Aboriginal grandmother with dementia spent nearly a week in a maximum-security prison after spraying her neighbour with a garden hose, in a shocking case that has WA Attorney General John Quigley questioning whether she would have been incarcerated if she were white. "The 86-year-old was charged with breaching a 'misconduct restraining order' in April after allegedly spraying her neighbour with water from a garden hose and swearing at her. "In Rockingham Magistrates Court she was remanded for 8 days at Maleluca maximum-security prison and spent 6 days behind bars before Legal Aid was able to free her. " 'I am deeply concerned that a woman in her 80's with dementia was held in prison cells for almost a week without the option of bail,' Mr Quigley said. " 'I have to ask myself whether an elderly white woman with dementia from a wealthy suburb would have found herself in prison in such circumstances."
  4. The big problem with the masks is that they look terrible. How would you guys feel about wearing one of these, if the netting was red and blue?
  5. Given that most people won't read the report you've linked, it's a shame you didn't explicitly express the point I'm guessing you wanted to make - that the majority of Indigenous deaths in custody are from natural causes, suicide etc, rather than guards / cops killing them, and that the rate of Indigenous deaths in custody is actually lower than it is for the rest of us. It's important, and people should understand what's behind the 430+ number that is often quoted. But that doesn't take away from the injustice of some of those deaths. Reports with stats don't tell the stories of Tanya Day (a relative of Nev's wife, I believe), who was picked up for public drunkenness but didn't get the friendly ride home which Steele Sidebottom had the other week when he was found naked and drunk in the streets. People should read the accounts of the deaths of people like David Dungay Jnr and Cameron Doomadgee, whose spleen was so badly injured it was basically split in two, and ask themselves whether any white Australian has ever 'died in custody' the way they did? It's scandalous that 30 years after the RC, most of its recommendations still haven't been implemented.
  6. Sick of this nonsense.. Iโ€™m going to get a refund on my membership. From Essendon.
  7. Let me get this straight. Paragraph 1 says he should just cop the racism because he's had a pretty good life otherwise (especially for a non-white guy, hey?). Paragraph 2 suggests the racism at CFC was pre-emptive karma for his poor efforts at the MFC (because we all know that racism is not as bad as someone not doing their job properly....). And paragraph 3 blames H for it all anyway - he could have stopped it if he really tried. In conclusion, it's his own fault, because it's up to the victims of racist abuse to make sure they aren't racially abused. Yuk.
  8. Will we be allowed to sing? A few MFC-supporting mates and I have actually been working on a bit of a 'welcome back celebration' for the boys at our first MCG match when fans are allowed back in to games.
  9. Someone once wrote Roo's (as in Paul Roo's) and I nearly called the police.
  10. Thank you. Here's something that will make you weep - do a search for 'Schwartz' on here.. been mis-spelled a whopping 582 times!
  11. Sending a massive thank you to @Demonlandfor keeping this thread updated the past few days with every morsel of news. Info has been appearing on here within minutes of being published elsewhere, and itโ€™s been a huge time-saver to have it all contained in the one spot. Bravo ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
  12. Doesn't it bother you that Goodwin and Burgess are more interested in winning an Oscar than winning games of footy? Think of all the extra players we could have bought with the money spent on this mini-series, including keeping Sam Frost. Besides, if the club was really serious about getting into the movie industry, why did they de-list JKH, the only player on the list with real acting experience? Just plain dumb!
  13. As a Sydney-sider you wouldn't have seen his work, hardtack, but Garrie Hutchinson, who like Flanagan wrote a column for the Age, was a similar sort of writer. His book From the Outer is a great collection of yarns about footy in the early 80's - the sights and smells of standing on the terraces and that kind of stuff. Well worth a read if you like Flanagan, although I don't think it would be easy to get your hands on a copy.* There's a piece in there on the pleasure of watching Robbie Flower put Richmond to the sword one afternoon - 22 kicks, 16 handballs, 15 marks, 2 goals "and another dozen dive-ins and knock-ons" in what Hutchinson writes must be one of the best games ever played on the MCG. Presciently, he also wrote the following (in 1982 !!): "Weโ€™ll end up with covered entertainment centres, in Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and Perth, where football is played under equal, identical conditions by colourful teams in carpet slippers on television two nights a week, nationally.โ€ *Edit: Melbourne Sports Books, which I think is being run out of Santo's home these days, may have it.
  14. It definitely looks bad, but it's a bit misleading because they haven't included AFLX games. Add those in and we go above the Giants into 15th spot.
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