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  1. Merry Christmas and happy holidays Demonlanders. It's been a strange old year. This pretty much nails it 😆
  2. Watching Arsenal fans watch the North London derby is my new favourite past-time 🤣
  3. This just came in the post.. I've got mail on Ben Brown!
  4. I've seen it suggested elsewhere on here before that the Big Freeze should be shifted from QB to the Melbourne-Essendon game, an idea I like. QB won't lose anything of its status or crowd, but it would lift the Dees-Bombers game into the blockbuster category - a win for both clubs and the league. And I also agree with @Wrecker45and others that it's long past overdue for Neale to be named Australian of the Year - what are they waiting for?
  5. My brother came across this while cleaning out the house today. Someone must have the full set of 56 - all the sorry letters (and now emails) dating back to 1965. It begins: "I feel sure that you are probably relieved that the football season, for us anyway, is now over." How else to spin a season in which we won 1 game, by 1 point? The good news is the coach can see light at the the end of the tunnel, and if we donate to the club, the funds "will be utilised in acquiring some top name interstate recruits for next season." Now where have I heard all that before?
  6. Bigger than the Weideman surprise? You wrote him off just as emphatically..
  7. Yeh nah. Both Roy Morgan and Newspoll tracking at about 70 per cent support for Andrews' handling of the second wave, and even a majority of Coalition voters think he's done a good job. In other news, you know what they're calling it in China now - the White House Virus. lol.
  8. Updated for 2020 with new crying victim Charlie Dixon. I'll be shedding a tear too if Jack leaves and we have to close this thread.
  9. It's hard to think of a more polarising player in the modern era, and I'll never forget the 2017 B & F when large sections of the room booed when Jack's departure was mentioned. My favourite version of the different calls of QB 2017 is from 3AW - Tim Lane nails the drama of the occasion, and I love how you can see and hear the crowd rise in expectation as the ball travels down the southern wing.
  10. No no no The word when he left Port was that he was already over footy then, and he hasn't regained that desire since crossing to Hawthorn - just happy to earn a pay cheque. This is Crawf shopping around damaged goods. His last good year was 2016.
  11. I've always been bemused by the theory that a club's cultural weaknesses can somehow be passed down the generations, as though it sticks to the walls in the change-rooms and infects each new batch of recruits. However, I think the only exception to that was the Colliwobbles. That was a genuine thing, where each new Magpie Grand Final team felt the cumulative pressure of the failures of their predecessors. It was a monumental mental hurdle that Matthews and the 1990 team overcame to get that monkey off their back. The media sometimes try to pretend that there are 'cultural forces' at
  12. I've read many poems about Trent throughout the course of his career, but this is definitely the best of them.
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