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  1. Spurs have dropped 13 points after the 85th minute this season - 6 wins which became draws, and a draw which turned into a loss. It’s like watching us get beaten by a kick after the siren every week. If Mourinho was dead he’d be turning in his grave. Could @Macca‘s Hammers be headed to Europe?
  2. You won’t be seeing elegt again. Delisted.
  3. No complaints from me EO. In the words of the great Jack Dyer, he’s the type of player who only needs 2 or 3 kicks to finish with 5 or 6 goals.
  4. Noticed any positive traits yet? 😂
  5. It’s actually quite rare that a decision/s really changes the result of a game. The famous Adelaide - Fitzroy match at Footy Park in 1991 is one that sticks out. But given the blatant nature of the free, its proximity to goal, and the time left on the clock, it’s safe to say that tonight was definitely another. Will be interesting to see how the AFL and umps try to spin this one; they’ll be loathe to admit a mistake which cost a game.
  6. Hope Mark’s family is doing ok HB, and you too.
  7. May Be See Dee works as a headline if you have a clear sub-heading to accompany it: MAY BE SEE DEE? Concussed Demon could play round 1
  8. Yeh im not counting on people switching allegiances, but tapping into the new migrants. It's playing a very long game, and requires more than just plonking ourselves down there, as you say. But all the little things add up, such as the school visits we used to do in that area (do we still do these)? It would probably take a generation to really bear fruit - if we did it the right way, and had some sustained on-field success to accompany it. I think we'll always have the MCC connection as long as we remain at the 'G, but fundamentally changing the fabric of the club is probably what's
  9. The experiment has barely begun, though. Investing in Casey and basing ourselves down that way needs to be seen through a much longer timeframe - it’s not going to pay off until 30, 40 years down the track, when we’re properly embedded in the community and have had time to form a relationship with the people who live there. Tim and Gonzo make a good point about possible player pushback against a full move that way, but everything else screams Casey to me. Identifying the growth in that part of the city when we did - and jumping in there - was extremely smart thinking in my vie
  10. The sad thing is that for many people, the booing and the controversy is how they’ll remember Goodes, rather than his remarkable football feats and the superstar of the game that he was. Nicky Winmar is much the same - he’s said in interviews that he understands how the incident at Vic Park is an iconic moment in football history - there’s even a statue of it - but for him, it’s just a reminder of the worst day of his life.
  11. So no-one could be bothered driving for an hour to watch training from behind a fence and then writing a long report about it? This forum is hopeless!
  12. That is heartbreaking. RIP Mark
  13. Merry Christmas and happy holidays Demonlanders. It's been a strange old year. This pretty much nails it 😆
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