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  1. Around the time of the first exhibition matches, Brad Green was asked about women playing a greater role in footy, and he kind of fluffed his lines, responding with :"I'm sure it won't be long before we see a woman coaching in the AFL, or someone with a woman's background."
  2. I think it’s one of the beauties of the world game - mainly because many of them are so damn good at it. They’ve been poached by the American networks now, but I used to watch EPL games just to listen to Jon Champion and Peter Drury. Tyler’s voice still reminds me of my childhood and Sundays spent watching hour after hour of football on SBS.
  3. Not sure if others have seen this before (looks to be from Indigenous rounds) but it shows the self-belief among the group and the joy they clearly feel playing with each other.
  4. I can't believe I';m saying this, because I grew up idolising the man, but I agree with the overwhelming sentiment on social media that Martin Tyler has passed his use-by-date. Last night's game was a cracker but you wouldn't have known it from the call, which was flat and lifeless. Give us more of football's poet, please. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CkJDye2LI3G/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  5. I went over to the Collingwood forum to see if they were writing poems about Grundy, but looks like Pies supporters prefer to express themselves using the visual medium. This was from their ‘game-plan and tactics’ thread.
  6. Me too mate. I got no beef with him. Just killing a few mins on a Thursday arvo, and there aren't too many other words that rhyme with 'dogga'
  7. We once had a mate called dogga Who turned out to be a list clogger We wished him the best Shipped him off west And hoped his replacement wasn't such a flogger
  8. How could this happen when there are only 948 gambling ads on free-to-air TV every day in Victoria?
  9. Richmond share some of the blame, too, as they're insisting on holding it there rather than move to a larger venue. Lots of unhappy supporters from both clubs on social media. AFL is also potentially setting a dangerous precedent by agreeing to prioritise home ground advantage ahead of crowd numbers - ie the Geelong home final question, which has so far been off the table.
  10. So impressed by the way the coach and players stayed calm and stuck to the plan, enabling us to get the game back on our terms after a fumbly and flat-footed start. That’s the kind of belief in the system - and each other - which helped the boys triumph last year. Mackin sells candy and steps around opponents like she’s been playing footy all her life. What a jet and a joy to watch. Likewise Bannan. Liv Purcell best on ground for mine. Gets lots of it and always uses it well.
  11. Absolutely pumped. Feeling a lot like I did last year with the men's - a few butterflies, but mainly excitement and confidence that we're going to bring our A game and do the business. As Goody told the players before the PF last year: "Just be us. Just be the way we've been all year ... and the game will be ours."
  12. Watching footy for 40+ years and never been so nervous during a 12-goal thumping. Oh well, no point ruing what might have been, we’ve clearly got the talent to win the thing. Funny to think that had they been able to do it, the women, like the men, would have snatched the minor premiership right at the death, albeit by vastly different margins.
  13. I’m no fan of Ross, but it’s funny to see posters bemoaning his defensive style when one of our own players (Langdon) said not all that long ago that we pride ourselves on making Friday night games boring to watch.
  14. It’s a pleasure to watch this team. There’s talent to burn on every line, and a real connection in the game-play. Between the men’s the women’s and Casey, it really is a magical time to be a melbourne supporter.
  15. I'm just glad it's not at Crown this year, which means I can bring my little bag of crushed up anti-inflammatory powder.
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