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  1. What’s worse is that Goody never reviewed the 2021 GF - he’s got no idea how we won the flag!
  2. I don't think we're any more wasteful than other teams, but going to the pocket most of the time is definitely a factor in our scorelines. We kicked a pretty wasteful 9.15 in the '48 drawn Grand Final. Essendon kicked 7.27 !!
  3. Real estate industry sources are telling me the search for a new home in Melbourne is off - Luke and his parents can no longer afford to buy here because of interest rate rises. Forget the players’ CBA - we’re going to lose him because of the RBA!
  4. Look at the Brisbane player in the background - pleading with the umpire to show some mercy and stop the game before someone dies.
  5. Sick and tired of this club. We always seem to lose!
  6. I'd argue the contrary - the fact that a number of sides have gotten close shows the leads can be reined in. Most of those games could have gone either way. It would be a different story if teams were falling 4-5 goals short. Having opposition teams storming home against you every second week is no way to be winning games of football. Our 3-4 goals leads are infinitely safer than Carlton's 6-7 goal leads right now.
  7. I’ve got the same nickname unfortunately..
  8. Great win, but the way the boys celebrated in the rooms afterwards was a bit of over the top.
  9. Not surprisingly, Spargs was his usual jubilant self after inking the deal. Can’t wipe the smile off his face 😂
  10. West Coast looked like they were cruising to an easy victory when they scored that early goal. Thankfully our guys were able to dig deep, re-set, and get the game back on our terms 25 seconds later.
  11. West Coast were the only team to expose our Achilles heel last year - freak thunderstorms. Wouldn’t be surprised if Adam Simpson gets a forecaster from the BOM to speak to the WCE team this week and fire them up.
  12. Nah - Kozzy had already kicked the sealer by then.
  13. I’ve heard the full audio from the Dogs box - most of it is just Bevo ranting about Tom Morris and saying what a bad journo he is.
  14. Has never kicked more than 8 goals in a season. He’s got one in each game so far.
  15. Hopefully we’ve prepared for this game the same way we did against GC last year - by spending 12 hours trapped on a plane. We haven’t dropped a game since that fateful day on the tarmac.
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