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  1. Clayton is a required player. But it's not unconditional. He has to decide if he wants to be a walk up hall of famer or a bloke who was very good at footy for a while. His choice.
  2. Happy to not share what i know each and every year 🤷‍♂️ No skin off my nose. And to the initial question - no mail currently.
  3. Pert said all of this at Joondalup training the Friday before and again at Optus the day before the GF. There was no chance of this happening at Forrest Place on Sunday. Way too many people to let the players get swamped. Guessing Pert was ignorant to the logistics. It happens. A bit of perspective would be in order here. Did it detract from the weekend? Rhetorical question For what its worth my kids didn't give a rats r's about photos and autographs and i just wanted to go home to spew and watch the replay. Again.
  4. Cerra was coming if they could get it done. There was much confidence they could. They couldn't. So he isn't.
  5. Mate who gives a [censored] today 😂
  6. She's on like donkey kong boys and girls. Flag first. Then pump a bit of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons
  7. Mate there's three games of football left. Powder dry until the prize.
  8. Rivers' turn this week. Bombers folk annoyed
  9. Watched those videos. 60 goals a year....30 of them from staging for frees. Contested marks? Lots of double grabs. 5 years a big investment to simply straighten us up. Underwhelmed
  10. Interesting comparison. Jesse has a lot in common with Croad....if you know what I mean. More chance he moves to Byron with Wattsy and does nothing than play for Melbourne
  11. So putting this on the front page of the Hun killed it. Taskforce coming back very soon with recommendations. One option building over the AAMI carpark on Gosch's side. Either way, likely to have a location for our future base soon.
  12. Stephen Oliver might not be the only Oliver messing around with Carlton. He's not happy. But I'll bet my first born he starts pre season at Gosch's
  13. No mail. I try not to speculate. Like i say every year though - mail that doesn't come to fruition is still mail. Things change by the hour.
  14. Hi all. Been a while. Yze coming home
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