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  1. Good player but comparisons to Viney are off the mark. There are few as manic around the footy as Viney, though as identified by a few he comes with limitations. Sparrow is a solid midfielder who will carve out a good senior AFL career.
  2. Even this is an optimistic take I feel.
  3. We had one too many talls and that is without Jackson. When LJ is back I would be happy if Brown and Weideman we're omitted.
  4. More than likely we will have a few off days. Even top sides who go on to win premierships have ugly losses in the H and A. If we can sure up a top 4 spot it will be a good idea to rest some players (Max) and rotate some of the young players. Managing the list will be key.
  5. Tough, smart and skilled midfielder. Great recognition for his hard work.
  6. As entertaining as Meatloaf at half time.
  7. The Melbourne Football Club is revolting and appealing. Sounds about right.
  8. Brodie Grundy like, just not the 2021 version. Considering where this kid is placed at the minute his upside is off the charts.
  9. Viney is criminally underrated on this site and his manic presence around the contest cannot be recreated. His absence makes a big difference.
  10. We had a couple of poor quarters. We were due for a couple. We never really applied the chokehold either preferring to keep the game slow and grind it out. Job done.
  11. We probably don't want him. He probably doesn't want to come.
  12. Weather conditions and venue to play a role in selection this week. Also would not hurt to begin to "manage" a player or two if it was deemed in the team's interest.
  13. Hyperbole. He is a passionate player, and he will always walk a line. I think he usually shows good restraint but he probably over stepped the mark in terms of the "humility" culture we are supposed to foster in that incident. Its a minor thing and it looks like Goody was having a good talk to him down on the bench. Most of the great players show passion, it's part of what drives them. It is almost a rite of passage for great players to go too far, then learn and become better. Its a minor adjustment for the developing young man.
  14. Please Melbourne Football Club do not play too many talls just because we have a few good ones. While a W is always nice, an L won't kill us and may highlight some of our deficiencies in time to address them by the business end.
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