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  1. He was a gifted player with limited commitment drafted to a terrible football club. All the best with the future Jack.
  2. I personally don't believe this is the case. He relies a lot on others to bring him into the game, and when our team defence is performing it tends to mask Gus' deficiencies in that area. He is a smart offensive footballer.
  3. Gus plays well when the team plays well.
  4. His body is letting him down. He has lost all agility with his constant foot problems.
  5. He was playing his role as a commentator. The role he is paid for. Eddie and a few others could take a leaf.
  6. i agree. Hard to take much from an interview but he just exuded maturity and belief.
  7. Neither does Ben Brown or Joe Daniher. Tom Lynch, Jeremy Cameron and Lance Franklin were slight but effective even before they grew into their bodies. Not too many young gorilla KPFs drafted over the last 20 years have been any good, they are at least the exception rather than the rule.
  8. If the club takes the same trajectory as the training threads the 2020 flag is ours.
  9. If you honestly believe that then kudos, you just made Demonland a better place.
  10. Progress? I believe that all should be free to discuss the pros and cons of a footballer on a football discussion site. I'm a bit of a radical.
  11. Also looking at young Patrick Fitzpocket
  12. Played quite a few games at Casey this year so Goodwin didn't always pick him. I like ANB. I like his work rate and his attitude. Needs to work on his decision making and disposal. This doesn't make him a bad person, or me a bad person for writing it.
  13. "Brown’s ability to push up the ground and provide an option for his teammates coming out of defence is often undersold, and it was a key part of Essendon’s victory." I would think that it is the absence of anyone on the list other than Tmac with the ability to play this role that gets Brown a spot on the list. This was a also a key deficiency in 2019 and one that was filled by Hogan (when fit) @DeeSpencer I think there is a real chance he plays round one.
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