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  1. We need to play at 120% to win our 8 point games.
  2. Kicking will always look better with a functioning game plan. And vice versa
  3. I will say yes, goes for next week too. But we can only beat who is put in front of us. Good win, keep them coming, bank the points. Jack Viney underrated in Demonland. Was super today.
  4. Won a game we should have won against a hobbled Oppo. Also a couple of our loyal elders are going to struggle to get games. Against better opposition and with less luck they may cost us games. Fortunately our young players are travelling beautifully. We have maximum points but for mine the lid stays on. We still have a lot of work to do at selection and in the coaches box to become contenders this year. I feel that we are in about the 4th to 8th bracket.
  5. Solid and reliable back flanker who will get better and be a fixture. Reminds me of Joel Corey.
  6. Just too agile for his opponents. Would be a nightmare to play against. And it's not just his pressure acts that cause turnovers, it's his presence. At times in the last couple of years our inability to put pressure on the opposition rebound led to too many easy goals on transition. One of the reasons why we would win i50s but lose games. Pickett helps a lot with this. He is butthurt for opposition and a godsend for us.
  7. Flying under the radar this kid. His development trajectory for a young tall is beautiful. Going to be a genuine star of the comp. I wondered if he was going to be more athlete than footballer.. his footy IQ is as good as any in our team. He knows how to play footy.
  8. How can you have two of the premier young midfielders in the comp and go backwards in that area in 3 years? Because we keep making the same dumb mistakes. All players sucked into a tight contest nearly every single time. I am not potting the coach, but that is a coaching failure. It is just the reality. I can back it up with stats if you like? It's only one game but it's the same theme. Can't test it but I hypothesise that Freo would have been beaten by 14 other teams at the G today. They were awful.
  9. Take the win. We are a poor club and we are again going nowhere. Poorly coached and poorly administered.
  10. Might may miss? May may. May might miss.
  11. There's an admission. Pickett has the same goal average as the Wiz in his first season.
  12. A lot of this is way off. But the easy ones. Scott Thompson spent at least a whole year in the reserves. Frawley took a few years to become consistent and was a whipping boy regularly getting smashed in one on ones and turning over the footy. Bate showed a fair bit early and looked like he would kick on. I liked him very much from the start. Pickett has some pretty clear and rare senior AFL attributes that we haven't had in a small forward for decades. That isn't enough on its own to see him make it but it's a start. I am sick to death of seeing other clubs b
  13. Couple of things. I feel that Bowey must come in. Has attributes that we sorely need. Really like the look of him. Will make us better. I am a James Harmes fan but he is very slow to get a disposal away and doesn't have the tricks to get into space. In traffic he just gets caught too often. We were right to try him in a role other than the midfield last year. Might be struggling to be in the 22 if he can't find a role. Tmac looked to be moving much better. Has been running on train tracks for the last couple of years. Agility looked like it returned and if he can stay fit
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