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  1. Geebus mate that must have been one dodgy curry. Get well soon.
  2. Were they taken by our former training reporter? Would explain some things..
  3. Feel like a late change might be on the cards. B. Brown for ?
  4. Not quick, not particularly strong, doesn't have a great leap, or possess great agility. Yes he can run all day. Also limited in terms of skill. It's not a sledge, he is a player that gets the absolute best out of himself and I have liked him since day 1. He reads the game as well as anybody and has a high footy IQ. Plays in the most difficult spot on the ground. He is a very intelligent and thoughtful player and a valuable member of a successful team. Its a nuanced expression of a view, not an easy thing to be comprehended in this day and age.
  5. Limited athletically but always been a player with nous, has learned to play to his strengths and within his limitations.
  6. He is getting underneath a few, and he isn't quite clunking them. He will get it going again.
  7. Sign him up for a decade. Give him the 2 if he wants it.
  8. Majak could be the surprise "package" of 2022. If his footy IQ matures to catch up with his talent he could have a good couple of years, if he can crack a game.
  9. Jaeger O'Meara is another one of those footballing tragedies. In his first years it looked as if he could be the comps best player. Super agility, speed and class. Injury has brought him back to the pack. He is just another goodish midfielder now. Not for us.
  10. Is Goody's humility and willingness to adapt and hand over agency to his coaching group his strength? It is hard to know exactly what goes on inside the footy group, but I wonder if this is a key. How much influence has Yze had over the midfield structure? And how much agency did he have to operate?
  11. ANB definitely. Always believed that he was a highly intelligent footballer but honestly didn't believe that he had the physical qualities or class to be able to cut it at the highest level. His footy IQ and work rate has enabled him to get the utmost out of himself and play within his ever shrinking limitations.
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