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  1. The long and short of it is that supporters are rightfully fed up with T-Mac's continuous fluctuation in form over the entirety of his career. One outstanding year as a forward in 2018 and I remember one great year as a defender. That's not good enough for someone of his age and experience now. Injuries are not the cause of Tom's woeful efforts earlier this year. His marking, touch, intensity, contest and pressure were below the level and ultimately got him dropped. Tom is unfortunately the type of player who simply hasn't bridged the gap between his best and worst performances. Hi
  2. Couldn't disagree more. Both teams playing a game based on free flowing, daring footy and systems were almost entirely put to bed. If we play that way against any well drilled system-based side inside the 8, we'd have little chance. They wouldn't allow it to happen.
  3. Don't think they've uploaded it on that link yet. Can see it on spotify though, thanks.
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