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  1. Lol. How much are you on an hour to defend the MFC? Max is a champion footballer. Best ruckman I've ever seen. He also speaks too much and often speaks without taking the time to think. Both can exist! Amazing hey!
  2. A player in his early 30's, a supposed leader of the backline, has had a previous mishap with a well respected and professional team-mate which was clearly alcohol-fuelled, made some embarrassingly stupid comments about being a better team than the 2023 premiers (clearly influenced by how many drinks he'd had) and looks completely out of it at the races having a laugh about what he said at the bnf. It's a [censored] look. That's my take. No worries if you disagree! It's a footy forum, get over yourself.
  3. Yeh. Imagine. Remind me who suggested he ignore the question/questions? Why is it always so black and white with you hardcore fan-boys and girls? There is a space that exists.... in betweeeeeenn the black and white.
  4. Future AA defender in the making, big men take time remember.. Bit of perspective thanks!
  5. How can you doubt it when he openly said he'd be open to a move back to SA at some point when there was clearly no reason for him to say so? Clearly, he has a desire to go home. But respects that we value him and held him to his contract. The world is not going to fall apart if Petty leaves, relax everyone.
  6. Thanks for your response. I clearly missed those posts.
  7. Maybe. Or maybe he'd be rejuvenated at a new club? Did anyone think Bobby Hill would reach the heights he did this year? Peter Wright going to Essendon.. Dunkley to Brisbane. I mean there are examples on both sides clearly but you've got to be in it to win it ey?
  8. Pretty sure he was a dees supporter growing up. Good omen!?
  9. Yes, you can so easily identify what other teams were able to do during finals, (ie, copy our game plan lol) and also point out that we lost those games due to poor field kicking, poor kicking inside 50 and inaccuracy in front of goal.. (something that has killed us for years in games that we 'should have' won) But. You refuse to list what Goodwin should be doing about that from a list point of view? Or do you not think it's an inherent problem due to the personnel we play in certain positions? Why do you think this trend of poor kicking both in general play, going inside 50 and then shots on goal in general play exists mainly, if it's not personnel?
  10. Lol. Well yes, there's evidence of that everywhere across AFL clubs over the years. What rock are you living under?
  11. Obviously trade period still has some time to go but I'm not sure we're going to see improvement next year as far as ladder position or finals run goes if Fullerton and McAdam are our only trades and 6 and 11 our two picks for the draft. We're not going to get further improvement out of our core as they're in the prime as is. Gawn and May are past their prime so it's more likely that they'll decline. Of course we'll see some natural improvement from our younger brigade but none of them are prime movers. Rivers and McVee had great years but are don't and won't impact games like Trac and Oliver. And teams around us like Carlton and Sydney have a greater abundance of young prime movers who will naturally improve which will see those sides become even stronger. I think JVR plays a supporting role and I don't think he's ever going to tear games apart. He's an undersized key forward. Oliver is no guarantee to even play at this stage and I thinks it's naive to suggest we'll be going through a season without any injuries to key players. It happens to every side every year. So there's some natural concern here for not changing things up enough if this is how we're looking for next year, atm we're looking very same same. My hope is we can move up the draft and nab one of Reid, McKertcher, Sanders or Duursma. I think those three players will impact in their first year but also create hype and excitement. Still time, fingers crossed we make some changes.
  12. A forward-line of Mcdonald/Brown, Gunston and Fritsch scares me to death given their poor ability to compete and pressure at ground level. Fritsch is basically our Gunston. Two crafty forwards who are finishers, are medium/talls and provide next to no pressure on ground level. I'd be baffled if we went after him.
  13. Right, I didn't know they'd come out publicly and said they'd keep him. Thought they were keen to move him on but thanks for the update.
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