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  1. Is small, doesn't possess a single standout attribute which immediately puts him behind the eight-ball given his lack of height. No standout intensity, strong defensive pressure or willingness to chase hard. Without wanting to offend some demonlanders, it is almost clear as day that he is only on the permission to train list due to his surname. There are hundreds of players out there who would possess the same traits as he does.
  2. Good effort against the wind in the last. Definitely a second half improvement and a good effort considering our outs.
  3. Good effort against the wind in the last. Definitely a second half improvement and a good effort considering our outs. Do we have a small defender playing on that Arts guy? Joise louise.
  4. Harmes is truly woeful at times. Difference between best and worst is astounding. Much like our side.
  5. The way they just transitioned one end to the other ending in a Caddy goal is the difference. Cotchin's hands in traffic is what broke them open. Compare that to fumbles Harmes who just coughs it up too often. Then Riewoldt's ability to handball long and wide into space. We haven't changed our list enough over the years. We haven't addressed our poor execution issue from a list perspective. It is simply the same same. Practice match or not.
  6. Three key position Melbourne players fly for the same ball. As the great philosopher Dr Dre once said, "some things never change".
  7. Can't see any significant signs of change regarding all ball use going forward. Our pressure has been fantastic which is nothing new aside from our lapses during some games. But all I want to see in these pre-season games is some genuine change in the way we move the ball.
  8. I'll continue to take the 'glass half empty' view of this club until we inject some attribute diversity through the middle of the ground. The problem isn't that we lack key forward depth. It's that for another year, our club refused to bring in mature players with a contrasting skill set to most of our midfield group. I specified "mature" players because I know Bowie and Laurie are the type of players we're missing. But they're first year players. When I look across the competition at the teams you'd assume we'd be ahead of in development to this stage, it's a worrying look. Car
  9. Yeh, you reckon Marshall is a fair comparison because his tackle count is high for a kpp and it suits your argument. I think you pick and choose who you like frankly. All the time in the world for Oscar who is now delisted. No time for Weideman. Doesn't quite add up.
  10. Bit of a nothing article, really.
  11. Rest easy Mark. My thoughts are with his kids.
  12. Lewis saying that some of the things Kosi does onfield remind him of the one and only Cyril Rioli? Hardly surprising. Not sure why some can't believe that comment, or have morphed it into a Cyril Vs Pickett debate. Pickett possess similar traits, without question. His evasiveness, reaction time and vision are all at the top top end. And they're traits that were stamped to Cyril. The ability to turn a contest at which your team is at a disadvantage into a win and then shot on goal. It's the pressure acts, the follow up and the delivery through vision that sets these guys
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