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  1. Whilst it's obviously an absolute blast to be winning, I think we're still trying to settle a side. Especially that forwardline. Harmes game was perplexing. Got a fair bit of it, did some good things and did some really poor things. It's those mistakes and rushed handballs to nobody that absolutely kill me and the team. They almost take away the good stuff he does. It's the same with Brayshaw, his use and touch can be terrifying. Positioning is all well and good but man he just struggles to do the basics consistently well. Carlton have a habit of sharing Max so centre square really
  2. Lose a clearance count like that to Port, Richmond, Geelong or West Coast and we won't win so we're lucky it was Sydney. One player that is starting to bug me is Max Gawn. He's been immense for us around the ground up until the North game. But all year and especially his last two games, his tap work, ability to use his body and his physicality at centre square bounces has been extremely disappointing for a captain. Hickey was absolutely all over him, looked much more physical and the same with Goldy the week before. Max needs a serious wakeup call, I'd love choco to get in his ear
  3. Assuming Harmes will be given a specific run-with role.. Can't see how he got a game ahead of mids like Sparrow based on last week's VFL match.. I was really underwhelmed with some of his play last week. We'll find out tonight. If we bring the heat from quarter 1, we've got this mob covered. Anything less and I can see a loss.
  4. Dislike the love for Harmes. Before he got injured he was hardly setting the world on fire.. He plays one game in a non competitive VFL match and posters want him in? If anyone watched, compare the games of Sparrow vs Harmes. Sparrow's was a much more well rounded game. Harmesy just doesn't do the basics well enough atm and for that, he shouldn't be rewarded. I'd bring Sparrow in for Viney. Get Brayshaw back on a wing. Thomo and Baker come out for Petty and Sparrow. Give Brown another week to see how he goes on the G. Something to note was the delivery going inside 50
  5. Harmes should not come in based off his game and I hope he doesn't. Too fumbly, doesn't pressure consistently and has been a down hill skier recently.
  6. Different players, never like these comparisons. Rance was a full back who had incredible intercept ability. Whereas Lever is simply a specialist intercept player. Always loved Lever at Adelaide and knew we needed an Adelaide type defensive setup for him to really play to the best of his ability. And finally we have two big gorilla's for that. To think he was going to be able to do what he's been able to with Oscar as a key post was almost comical. That and the fact he's had his first full pre season with us since arriving helps. Rance was unbelievable at his peak and one of t
  7. Pretty sure Merrett went to Melbourne Grammar. Salem and Hunt definitely didn't.
  8. Harmes is extremely overrated on demonland. Had one good year in 2018 playing as a stopper but he makes far far too many mistakes. Fumbles, miskicks and handballs and tries to take everyone on. Even before his injury, he had a really underwhelming start to the year. Likes his instagram account a bit too much imo.
  9. Yeh. Cause dream team points are the only thing coaches look at when determining whether or not a player had a good game..
  10. Think you misheard him on that one. 56k Amazing win but a disappointing crowd in the end.
  11. Pretty sure that was Sunday's game he was referring to.
  12. Herald sun says MCG expecting around 60,000 for our game. Bit disappointing, thought it'd be closer to 75 given the occasion, team's position and Jones' 300th.
  13. Whichever tall comes in will need to work wonders with Jacko and T Mac in regards to leading patterns, opening space and spreading the Tiges defence. If we fail at that, I cant see us winning no matter our midfield dominance. If our players enter forward 50 as they did for three quarters against Hawthorn and our key talls lead to bad spots, we'll be punished. Need to plan and execute. Can't rely on our sheer talent to get us over the line against this mob.
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