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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. That's a copy and paste from doctor google if I've ever seen one. Marks deducted for an absence of referencing.
  2. I don't buy it. You don't win two finals and then just become totally cooked. There were multiple factors as to why we lost that game in the manner we did. Being cooked was one of many.
  3. Hardly a delayed start to pre-season. Both running within the next two weeks.
  4. Well can you make comment on who you believe looked like they were struggling vs those who have really come back to make a point?
  5. Thanks for the reports. How did Angus run and does he look to be in tip top condition?
  6. Look above. That's good news if it's the case. But if it wasn't, I wasn't potting anyone.
  7. It's impossible to talk sense with supporters like you. I started with a positive and ended with a negative. It's obviously a huge wrap for Bedford and super impressive. It's equally disheartening that he beat 4th and 5th year starting midfielders to the line though. There is absolutely zero potting in my post. The sensitivity around here is ludicrous at times.
  8. I'd similarly be interested to hear where Gus ran. Massive year ahead for him. Someone who looked cooked far too often in games last year. Going by photos, he doesn't exactly cut a super lean shape.
  9. Positive to hear that there were big numbers in participation. Less positive that a second year small forward ran second in a time trial in front of a host of midfielders coming into their prime. Oliver, Harmes, Brayshaw and Petracca (wants to play more mid). Quite alarming really.
  10. Rawlings, McCartney, Jennings, Viney, Sam Pietsch... You can play the technicalities game but when a club have that many leave, (no matter the terms) over a single off-season, you know something is up. We had a crisis meeting off the back of our horrendous first half of the year. There was a complete restructuring of positions at assistant level, (that's alarming given it was the middle of the season). And by the end of the year, we had an exodus. I'm not comparing us to Adelaide, I'm looking at us. In the eyes of the footballing world, we were at crisis point by mid-year and by year's end something had to change. And it did.
  11. I also love what's coming out of the club recently but it doesn't fly in the face of any poster rightly expressing their disgust from this season. I'm not sure what your definition of 'crisis' is for a team that went from prelim to second last over the course of a year, but I'm pretty sure moving on an entire brigade of assistant coaches is a good indicator as to what went down in our mid-year 'crisis' meeting.. It was either Goodwin or his assistants that were going to go and one of those two things eventuated. You can paint it however you like, but the season was an absolute horror show and changes were rightly made. We were in a crisis and made some bold calls. Now it's the beginning of a new pre-season so naturally everybody is optimistic as new recruits, coaches and announcements are released.
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