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  1. Dogs have a lot on their plate ATM Dunkley, Lobb and Hunter. Will be interesting to see what happens. #AFLratings
  2. Yeh i agree, but it is a crazy time. Where there is smoke there is fire. Not long now and we will know.
  3. There is a chance one side has agreed to the trade and the other side hasn't.
  4. Timb Lamb on Trade radio just said no commitment is being discussed at the moment. Not sure what to make of this, waiting for something else to fall for dogs? Maybe it hinges on Dunkley, no idea TBH
  5. True, i agree value wise, But on field production is an entierly different arguement.
  6. Technically we got a KPF, not sure if he was contracted or not. But in all seriousness we need some banter/scuttlebutt this time of year. I don't care if it's fake news or not. We should all understand a lot happens this time of year and not everythign happens. Some are taking the P!55 but not sure why some take it so personally.
  7. Future 4th rd. And he's a Dee. Well bugger me, i'll say it, should have just kept the Weed
  8. Trade radio saying Lamb and Dogs signing off now. Pick 13 turns in to a KPF afterall......
  9. Needed the photo, otherwise liked the response.....
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