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  1. They're just generating clicks, there is little to no real news ATM.
  2. Im all for rumors, and they should be taken at a grain of sale, but the above is 100% spot on. There is no way he would have signed if he was leaving.
  3. Thanks for the injury update. I agree with the fact they are old and injured so we are unlikely to get much out of them, but i am not going to cry about it and shoot anyone down who disagrees with me. They have an offseason to get their bodies right and find some form. I'd take anything over nothing.
  4. He was rumored to be going back to Perf? I could be wrong. Dow as well, don't think we'd be interested in him. None of those names really inspire trading the fram for, i hope we go hard for pick 4 and load up for the future. Larkey i think is pure fantasy, although Hayes at the right price was handy, but if Saints are after Sheils i can't see them wanting to part with Hayes Thanks Nudgey - keep us posted
  5. Im not arguing with anything you're saying. The art of coaching is getting the most out of the players, Im not making any predicitons, I'm simply saying hopefully we can get lucky and get somehting out of one of these two next year. I am not going to make assumptions on their personal positions.
  6. Yeh depends on how you want to look at it. Im going with glass half full, you seem to be more of a pessimist?
  7. In some good news generally players in their final years play above expectation, so fingers crossed we can actually get something out of one of these two next year.
  8. No, but others are coming quickly. ANd in the next 3-5 years the bottom will be challenging. We need a gamestyle tweak, i am not sure if it is possible with our list though, we have a bunch of competitors and not fast ball users. I think we can remain competitive and even challenge again depending on what we do this offseaon, (trading FA and drafting). This off season will be interesting.
  9. Goody, Lets hope under Dillon the fixture stays compromised, drafting stays compromised, umpiring stays compromised like in the last 5 mins of a premil we won't pay obvious free kicks becuse we wouldn't want to ruin the game aka we won't X team to win, stays, and oh how could i forget the tribunal and the boys clubs cluture so we can continue to milk the $$$ My personal fav though is, lets change the time the GF is played so we can sell teh product more readily internationally, $$$$ for all [censored] the actual game. Go AFL. *** You might have guessed im a bit of a pessimist on the AFL and it's integrity. For example, lets preach popular social causes, but profit from gambling activities.... What a great bunch of leaders we have at the AFL, preach to the blind and hope no one asks questions.
  10. 100% accurate. I dont remember the incident, it dosen't matter how serious it was, i gaurentee you he won't get rubbed out.
  11. Yeh will be interesting, aren't the AFL considering an assistance package to North? Compensation could be part of that?
  12. I don't know if this has been brought up (sorry if it has somewhere else but ice buried my head in the sand after Friday). How Weitering wasn't taken off or put under concussion protocol astounds me. He shouldnt be playing this week. Rules for some different rules for others? The AFL is corrupt
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