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  1. If the AFL came out and said it will happen every year and lets make it traditional then ok. But I cant see the point in it otherwise. As others have pointed out that game will be a huge game any time in the season and we would get a huge crowd at the G for round 1 anyway. Plus unfurling the flag in their faces is really just asking for trouble
  2. … and we chose trengove and scully without even interviewing Martin. we’ve come out on top here and that’s great fr us , but stones and glass houses hey. let’s not be throwing them.
  3. If true it’s a big big signing fr this club!
  4. Bailey / schwabb helped create the choice of Neeld. Neeld bought in Taylor and helped create the choice of Roos. Roos picked Goodwin. So in short id say it’s all been a very carefully managed and genius capitulation…pure genius. 186 was the beginning of our masterplan and no one was smart enough to spot it. Oct 21 says it was ALL worth it.
  5. cats will have a point to prove in 22 after that prelim belting. so i do expect them to be a very good side again …..but not trouble us. Another prelim final loss would be delightful and is easily possible. They’ve dug a list management hole and will bury themselves in it before hope arrives.
  6. It was 6 - 10 weeks every day of the week. Reckon he got off as lightly as he was ever going to.
  7. As i read this I’m happy to report that thinking about that game, and the massive missed opportunity of a flag, no longer hurts. after 31 years i finally discovered an antitdote ;-)
  8. Like others here i wish him all the best. fantastic player who gave us great service on and off the field. Im also upset his leaving. we’re losing some key pieces burgo etc. Wish the club had been able or tried a bit harder to keep him around!
  9. Definitely worthy of the two peanuts Binman. For a start, when I researched this, i find she did in fact still have a carry over peanut on her record from the past. Her bringing up that past so close to the GF means the penalty simply needs to be given. If you don’t apply it now nobody will take the peanut sanction seriously. Release the second peanut!!
  10. It’s worth noting that optus over in WA now has the exact dimensions of the MCG. So I think, if you’re just looking at how we deal w different oval sizes, we should be including those finals wins in with our MCG record.
  11. yep.. me too. It didn’t and doesn’t stop the joy of winning but i felt fr them. The doggies in the last 50 years or so have a history v similar to ours. Poor club, threats of extinction, regularly [censored]. I can’t hate them. It occurred to me last night how little real pain this season has had . The least in living memory. yes there was 4 losses but none that hurt thaaat much. The loss to the doggies was the only one I can think of that stung me fr days and made me doubt. Adelaide by a point (with [censored] umpiring) was another one, but it was our first loss and we were still top of the ladder so it was easy to move on from. We’ve all had to eat so much [censored] over so many years it’s totally joyous to have not had to do so much this year,. But, I am sparing a thought fr them also.
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