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  1. haha..Love it. Fritta free to play, CP5 signing in long term. maybe I will join you on that bathwater express. At least until Sat evening...
  2. i think mills was off for the rest of the game though. and frikn yay! go fritter.
  3. Hate to be depressing but I think reality is about to drive through our top of the ladder party. This is the 3rd time they’ve sat at the top since 2004 , the first 2 were fr just a single week and i’m afraid it may be the same in 21. we’re missing Fritsch, arguable our most important fwd, viney a midfield bull and gun and tommo. Tommo on his own isnt a gun like the other two but his abcense throws out of the dynamic of the strongest part of our game. So we will be unsettled both back, fwd and perhaps in the middle . This while we take on the side placed 4th , with 2 of their real
  4. It’s the truth of it. We know we’re a good side. But If we’re going to really challenge we can’t be worried about the opposition being at full strength. We’re on top and we are officially the hunted. Hopefully the boys will be up fr the big challenge of 1 v 4 on the ladder. The dees are back on the big stage and all these types of pressure games are great experiences for the younger players.
  5. Petracca is having a great year. I don’t mean to downplay his importance but he’s also not beyond criticism. His set shot kicking for goal has gone back to where it was a few years ago and needs attention. looks like he can’t decide whether to run straight in his run up or take advantage of the stand rule of the mark and run around and the confusion to me is visible, He got called to play on at least twice today caught in that indecision. His misses haven’t hurt us yet but i’m hoping someone is talking to him.
  6. so you're saying theres a chance :-)
  7. FFS...should know better. Can understand he was upset but should know better. On the positive even a suspension wouldnt affect him.
  8. Brilliant! 2 Friday night games in succession. Dees back in the limelight.
  9. I’ve been thinking the same and would be terrible lose yze so soon. Time to start hoping the pies finish 9th not 15th.
  10. how often do just casually just run into big max???
  11. It’s a disappointing figure at 6-0.
  12. ok i 100% know i’m dreaming now. 6-0 had me wondering... but a nibbler appreciation thread on DL surely gives the game up. i’ll play along for now, but don’t think i’m not fully aware of which reality is which.
  13. I’m with you Nasher. I feel their pain. It won’t stop me enjoying a smashing win and laughing arrogantly at their ineptitude should that eventuate . But part of my heart knows far too well the territory they’re in.
  14. I, for one, am both confused and disorientated by this... i want to know what the hell is going on
  15. i’m not sure about the “ best list” when i think about the schwarz, lyon, jackovich era. But it’s def the most united, fittest, team orientated one. that undefinable team thing that’s SO hard to get we now have. We’re officially in the premiership hunt!
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