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  1. It’s been said multiple times but just how good has our trading been! Lever, May, Langdon and Brown. All of them add so much. When he came bk in last year he gave us the final piece in the puzzle imo. How we got him fr a mid second rounder still surprises me. Great bloke, great footballer. A pillar in our premiership side. congrats on 150.
  2. It’s no wonder teams can’t score against us is it. Wondering where a player of Salem’s ilk fits back in is a ridiculous luxury. Brayshaw, May, Lever, Petty, Bowey, Rivers and Hunt is just an awesome array of back talent. Given Cameron’s role fr the lions and what he did to us in the final last year Hunt imo has to stay. It’s super super tough on either of them but it’s between JJ and Rivers. This is what it’s like when you’re the premiership team and 9-0 the following year! Gotta drink this in while the era lasts. You never know the length of time it will be.
  3. Flatten them yes… and happily so. I hope by over 100. But i can’t bring myself to scorn or deride the club in general.
  4. Agreed. I really feel fr them and see so much of the dees in 2012-13. yes our plan worked but the 10 attempts before didn’t. lol. When i look at the roos I can only see the place we were so recently in.
  5. we’ll get a good look before then. Freo and Brisbane twice before the end of the H&A season.
  6. It’s a big call as schwartz was such a freak. But I’ve had the same thoughts. something in the way he moves brings him to mind.
  7. I don’t reckon the veil will ever be as dark or as impenetrable when it gets pulled out again! so yes, it’s proof re the positive matter has annihilated at least some of the negative.
  8. according to the article he’s having scans today. Let’s pray it’s minor.
  9. Unless his primary motive is to win a flag , and the opportunities that being a premiership player may bring him.
  10. Agreed. Outside of us with the red and blue hearts, articles saying Melbourne were brilliant again just isn’t an interesting story any more. It’s old news. Happy to win another flag with accolades going to teams getting within 6 goals of us.
  11. Good, thoughtful post. I suppose it was traumatic to be a dee in his period. I mean there were plenty of lows before him but that was the lowest era of all of them. But its also good to remember he was a human too. I’ve been considering more recently that he bought in taylor directly and then inadvertently Jackson and Roos. So in fact , without Neeld there’s no flag. So yes… time i put the sword down.
  12. SO glad we don’t do cairns anymore! Players looked knackered. Be intersting to see if both teams fall away next week.
  13. Is this yr opinion or something you know of? I was hoping this might happen to keep these two around.
  14. well, looking for some positives here if it’s a bigger outbreak. Dunstan will get a decent look at things and hopefully feel more at home , and Bedford can get off the pine at last . Other players who maybe thought they may not get a game this year could also be exposed. Good fr the longer term… but not great fr Saturday is it. Crap way fr the winning record to be broken if it is .
  15. In a way it’s not a bad thing for a few players coach etc to be going down through the season. Worst result would be an outbreak pre or during finals . That being said .. get well soon. Good luck to yze.
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