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  1. Thanks Picket great reading. Also great news re Oliver. Sounds ridiculous to talk of him "breaking out" as he broke out in his first few games lol. But I just get the sense that he may be about to take another step up into some rarefied air in 2021. Good also to hear your thoughts on Majak as I think he may have an important role early this season if fit. I really want Harmes back to his best, so I was glad to read your thoughts there also.
  2. I remember when I was excited when we had ONE in the top 50. Re Oliver, when he's BOG in a winning final watch everyones eyes open. Belongs more in the top 20 atm and soon to be top 5- 10.
  3. “ Gawn is the anti Scully” love it.
  4. I think I may have had a frikn anurism if they'd agreed to a swap for money.
  5. Wow. I know people lived to hate him in recent years, but he was a true gentleman of the game and a colossus in his commentating role. I’m may well be alone in this but I’ll miss him.
  6. Tricky question as I never saw Barassi either. Stynes has to be up there in this conversation somewhere surely. Also if you ignore the number of games played and just talk about " best players" Then Schwartz at his peak and even Jakovich come into my thinking. So I think it has to be best players who played over 150 games? As others have mentioned its difficult to rate players like Flower, Barassi, Lyon, Stynes and Gawny against each other, but in terms of what Ive actually seen Flower was just a class ahead of anyone else. Its probably enough to note that Gawn now has a plac
  7. honestly thought we were being crushed reading this. so much negativity!
  8. This a moment i absolutely never sick of watching.
  9. I generally agree with your sentiments, so it’s just nitpicking , but I do remember he kicked 3 in a drawn game in 2018 sometime.
  10. Great report thank you! Im not sure if you noticed but did Tmac kick his goals while May was playing on him? because if so thats no small feat.
  11. perfectly said. Eddie made that ugly, shameful chapter in our game worse.... and then didn’t learn anything.
  12. well yes and no. Yes for a few of us that would respond well to the honesty. However others would say he's weak and "making excuses" . Somehow saying this would be seen as having a lack of drive/ heart/ ferocity/ care etc etc etc Others would say "once he's on the field he's either 100% fit or dont play him". Its a no win game blaming injuries as a coach or as a player. So while I, like you BAMF, would prefer to know I can fully see why they dont come out with it.
  13. He’s got some hype now doesn’t he. Hope we at least see him in the pre season game /s to get a sense of him at this level.
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