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  1. Looks way more ready than jefferson.
  2. Becoming apparent to all of us. Whatever you think of Gutnick, missing on Olympic park was the miss of a lifetime.
  3. does it start 2.40 qld time or vic time?
  4. ...In the great tradition of demonland you'll know quickly if you have ;-)
  5. Agree with all of the above. In retrospect he should never have been played in round 1 and then his re entry was poorly managed. A theme for many of our injured players. Let’s hope his injury has settled now as salem of 22, going at about 50% rat power, is a massive loss fr the team.
  6. Yep I agree, unlucky to not be a premiership coach . I think he’ll bring the best out of the group. But just how good the group can be I have my doubts over. The way they went about the coaching change was so obviously shambolic and reminds me of the dees of yesteryear. I don’t wish them ill over at saintland but I’m very frikn glad the dees are no longer there.
  7. His exit left a bad taste ie his total drop in form after agreeing mid season to leave and then his stark lack of recognition and gratitude for the dees. So… I no longer hope he does deliver. Personally I hope we thrash them in a final soon preferably a GF and he recognises the strength of what he left.
  8. But could also be, if it’s true, that he might want to go to a team in the window?
  9. A gun. won the B&F in 88 and got suspended in the prelim that year before we played ( if u could call it that) the hawks in the GF. Wouldn’t have prevented the utter mauling that day but his absence sure didn’t help.
  10. Ross Brewer! blast from the past there. Remember him kicking 5 or 6 Vs Fitzroy in his first year. when Stan Alves was captain. In the category “almost v good” .. but he was only ever really just ok. Went to the pies and kicked the winning goal in a semi v Fitzroy
  11. Brodie is going to bring a different dynamic to the group. Jackson appeared to me like he was in no way a leader. Brodie will add weight to the leadership around the place and be automatically respected. Good fr the club.
  12. But we were set on doing that anyway with Jackson. It worked ok in 21. Fingers crossed it works again.
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