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  1. depends on how hungry I was 😉
  2. Thoughts on Mcadam. They consistently placed him as the deepest fwd today … i couldn’t figure it out. Surely he’s a small fwd not a tall? or is it all just fitness that as yet he doesn’t have? Doesn’t look ready for mine.
  3. definitely thoughts are travelling to the off season now arent they!
  4. This may be closer than you think...
  5. well, there’s been sickness in the camp, they’re missing their best players and they’re a bit off. Clearly the cats are the better side 😉 Im going to enjoy watching them lose tonight. three in a row…
  6. Langdon out for personal reason. Hope he’s ok.
  7. what impact do you think, if any, on our project?
  8. Some problems there ie How do get the collingwood / Carlton players off at finals time then? Where's the grey zone for the lawyers? Will never fly.
  9. I think the perception is there because of the number of centre clearance goals they got … was it 5 on the night? Almost half there goals? killed our momentum.
  10. Not sure about that. I think he meant attempting not to be swayed by the crowd.
  11. I try to accept that it will take a few days…much longer for a final. It’s a slow process to emerge.
  12. Not how I saw it. He got caught , panicked and did what he could to make it look bad.
  13. carlton player drove his own head into the ground… it looked so obvious.
  14. bad kicking for goal killed us more than any blues player last time.
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