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  1. Yep such a memorable win that final in 1990. A high point. We’d just beaten them the week before in the final round of the season … so 2 wins v the hawks in 2 weeks felt like a big statement. Dees were real contenders! Unfortunately the following game ( after a week off to let the magpies and eagles replay their draw) we played the eagles at waverley and got fully thrashed. despite the weeks rest and despite the eagles travel schedule. It’s a loss that remains one of my worst memories as the 1990 flag was just so winnable. it remains “ the one that got away” in my brain. so it was a big high right next to a big low…. and of the two memories the loss makes a deeper impression.
  2. Thanks fir this. I was surprised to see Gus at 15.4%. that is actually pretty disgraceful fr a player of his ability , especially given one goal he kicked was from 1 mtr out! So, if my maths is accurate, it means he’s only kicked 1 other goal from his other 12 set shots? that’s crazy bad. with Oliver i pretty much just presume he will kick a point now, but even HE has a better % than Gus. My concern is when finals pressure hits we may get even worse. straight kicking makes a huge difference in big games.
  3. i’m away in the NT jaded and in and out of reception, so it’s super hard to keep up w things! I was hoping to c the dees in darwin..has that game now being switched?
  4. It’s going to be harder to open games to crowds now this has happened. Gil is def earning his money
  5. Amazing that his form has meant we replaced tomlinson easily. i thought at the time it was a massive blow. when tommo comes back we’re going to have serious depth.
  6. agree. pickett was a total passenger and has been fr weeks now. vineys kicking was just horrible and yes, was a liability today.
  7. got what we deserved in terms of lack of intensity fr 3/4… and just [censored] kicking fr goal. fmd. as jaded just said. who wants to finish top 4 anyway.
  8. hate to say but while the dees are a good side they’re just not a premiership threat.
  9. wow… that’s revealing. The trouble over at the bombers is that so many of them believed “the big lie” ie there was no drug program or that it was somehow all ok. If you proceed from that perspective then there really is a massive conspiracy against them including from the umpires. As [censored] as i was/ am about our club taking all the heat for the competition wide practice of tanking, i’d much prefer that than living in the victim / conspiracy filled world they’re stuck in.
  10. what was our record? 52k? really pretty good i reckon considering covid and what the mood was at the start of the season. Given the team doesn’t fall in an almighty hole at the end of the season and covid doesn’t crunch everything next year i think our numbers will be way up next year. it’s a great base to expand from.
  11. we’ll put and thanks fr expressing that.
  12. Never the same after his huge hamstring injury in the night gf in 89 but he was a major reason for our run in 87 and 88. loved watching him play. one of my all time favourites. remembering him fondly
  13. with so much focus on concussion symptoms surely this must be looked at. Happens every week!
  14. genuinely undecided about not picking BBB. I guess for his own sake they want him coming in with confidence. and form. Also I suppose we have 3 main options going forward. weid, brown, or neither of them. This at least gives us another look at option 3.
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