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  1. We have met with former Geelong Cat, Blake Schlensog, according to Mitch Cleary. A key position back.
  2. I believe the concussion came from this incident in the last. Those with access to the replay can check it out.
  3. Crows will target Max. Similar to the way they targeted him last year when he had an injury. He will be worked over off the ball.
  4. Anyone know much about Taj? Is he a chance to be father-son? https://www.wafl.com.au/player/taj-woewodin
  5. The way he plays, reminds me of James McDonald.
  6. I can't stand how Luke Darcy always ends up running out of breath when commentating.
  7. I thought we were red legs? What's with the socks?
  8. Having a look at this goal from Kozzy, it looks like Bayley gave a similar fend to Hall at 0:29. Seemed the fend was more accurate on this occasion.
  9. Out: Tomlinson, Baker, Brown (if concussed) In: Petty, Sparrow, Weideman (if Brown concussed)
  10. He's OOC. If he wants out a lower placed club, lets say Collingwood, could take him in the PSD for free. If there is a trade to be done, we do not have much of a leg to stand on in terms of demands, given he is OOC and wants out.
  11. I can clearly see comments made in this video coming back to bite us...... https://www.afl.com.au/video/603594/frenemies-with-ben-brown-he-s-not-known-for-his-chat-?videoId=603594&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1619658958001
  12. Hopefully we can get Alex Neal-Bullen signed up too. OOC at end of the year.
  13. I hope this new case in Vic doesn't lead to crowds not being permitted. Club needs the revenue from this game, particularly after COVID last year.
  14. Ben Brown is not ready to be brought in.
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