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  1. This vision from the competitive training session is not filling me with much confidence: Shows examples of the red (B) side easily manoeuvring their way through our blue (A) team with fast handballs and breakaway runs through the front of stoppages, which is how the Bulldogs will be looking to play. They will look to run it out through our defensive setup rather then bombing it long to Lever/May and co. Nerves have increased even further.
  2. Looks like he doesn't have many options out there, reported in heraldsun..... https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/news/moneyball-follow-all-the-latest-news-on-player-movement-and-potential-trades-in-the-afl/news-story/902e05ce0c811960e3161633e63cdff6
  3. He wouldn't even get a game! 😂 I've gotten carried away and I don't care #grandfinalbound
  4. Have to vacate the #22 for Taj somehow....
  5. Robbie D'orazio I assume. Cerra's manager.
  6. No surprise to see the Bulldogs and Cats on top of the freekick differential ladder for the year
  7. Hey all, if anyone is interested to watch the game Taj is playing in, you can watch it at the below YouTube link
  8. Would anyone else be interested in Darcy Tucker from the Dockers? Out of contract and could be looking to move back to vic. Could be an option as a left footed wingman.
  9. We have met with former Geelong Cat, Blake Schlensog, according to Mitch Cleary. A key position back.
  10. I believe the concussion came from this incident in the last. Those with access to the replay can check it out.
  11. Crows will target Max. Similar to the way they targeted him last year when he had an injury. He will be worked over off the ball.
  12. Anyone know much about Taj? Is he a chance to be father-son? https://www.wafl.com.au/player/taj-woewodin
  13. The way he plays, reminds me of James McDonald.
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