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  1. Grand final guarantee is definitely still available. I believe the Not Available, means that the membership type (MCC/MFC) can't be purchased from the website. The system needs to know you are an MCC member.
  2. I really hope they use the money wisely. The sale of our other asset (Leighoak) was just used to cover our debt from recent seasons (not that we could have foreseen the pandemic).
  3. The exposure at Sporting Globe was on Sunday night. Max and Angus were there on Tuesday night.
  4. I know it was only the seconds, but reckon we've got a gem in Bowey. I reckon he'll have a fine career.
  5. I'm no expert either, but i read it a more negative way. We sold Leighoak (for around 10 million?), and the proceeds were basically used to cover the debt accrued from the past few years. Now the only real asset we have is the land value of Bentleigh club.
  6. Are North incompetent, or is there something we are not being told about Brown that makes him so cheap?
  7. "I don't think we'll go down that path" - Ned Guy re: Tom McDonald (Collingwood list boss) #AFLTrade
  8. I just caught up on these. Nice job by the producers, the whole saga would make a great TV doco one day. To be honest I thought the most insightful information was sourced from the quotes taken from Ian Ridley’s Urge to Merge, which I read a few years back. But still nice to hear it all put together, and I thought they captured the atmosphere of the merger match really well. I walk away with a few lingering thoughts: · How does history view Tiger Ridley (RIP) and the decision of the board to recommend the merger 24 years on? I was a member at the time, a bit too apathetic (and possibly too young) to vote, but I remember being undecided as what was best for the club. One might argue we would have folded/relocated/merged if it wasn’t for the later financial success of the AFL and things like the competitive balance fund. I’m sure in hindsight everyone on this site is glad that it didn’t happen, given that we are still alive, and (relatively) flourishing, but I’m not sure that makes the recommendation to merge the wrong decision. · I still can’t get my head around why the Hawthorn board recommended the merger in its proposed form that was heavily in our favour (name, home ground, jumper). I understand that they were in a dicey financial position at the time, but they had everything else going for them (assets, on-field success, healthy support base, if not paid up members). Given their rapid off-field success immediately after this period, it seems they would have been better off at least trying the tin-rattling solution fist. And the million dollar question, if the majority of Hawthorn members had voted for the proposal, would it have gone ahead (would the threats of legal action over the vote have stopped the process)?
  9. For what it's worth (probably not much) Tom Browne reported that we would be staying on in Adelaide between the 2 games.
  10. Loving what Pickett is doing. A few times on the weekend the opposition rushed their kick and turned the ball over, simply because he was in the vicinity. As would i if i thought he was heading my way. Just wish he'd occasionally stop ramming into the player after they have already disposed of it, thus giving away down field free kicks. But perhaps it's best not to reign in the beast!
  11. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2020/05/08/harley-bennell-likely-to-be-available-for-round-2/
  12. Played (and probably our best when he was on the field)
  13. How good was the raw emotion from HB!
  14. Poor guy! Luckless Dee's concussion nightmare "The Tasmanian played only two games last year because of his ongoing concussion problems and suffered yet another worrying knock in training before Christmas. Kolodjashnij, 24, collided with teammates in an aerial contest, and has been unable to rejoin main training since."
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