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  1. vandenBerg important tough and has a crack. Stop putting him down negative nellies
  2. No for 2021. He left a sour taste when he complained about the dollars he was offered to play in 2020 (around $200k), didn’t like the pay cut. Suggests a selfish attitude, would not nurse to 300.
  3. Anyone keen? Meet regularly at Melbourne pubs to chat footy..
  4. Where are they at? Would ya take any back? Jack Watts - versatile Dom Tyson - inside mid depth Lyndenn Dunn - back up full back
  5. Hogan met with Bell ? told he is not in beat 22 hogan does not want to go to the QLD hub from next week
  6. Let’s do it! Don Tyson back as a return to sender scenario, handy depth, would YA?
  7. Sam Murray ex Pie speed to burn can play, would ya?
  8. Surely Gary Pert should donate? Not on the list
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