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  1. There’s been enough of these performance’s so far this year to suggest we aren’t contending.
  2. Watch any presser , they’ve never actually been genuinely beaten ever. Absolute Tool. Hopefully we get to belt them in a final again.
  3. I like this. Give him a job. As terrible as Petty has been out of him and BBB only one of them has the ability to absolutely tear a game apart and that’s Petty.
  4. The AFL just needs to get better than this. It’s a real reason why teams just can’t get up for a game. It’s not a good advertisement for The game watching 2 completely one sided games last 2 Thursdays that really should have been neck and neck talent wise.
  5. Also Clarry can’t pick up the footy and is looking like someone who needs a mini pre season.
  6. This is pretty spot on, but I think our forward line balance will be reviewed. I think it took till the last quarter for any of our tall forwards to even have a shot at goal.
  7. We clearly need the bye. Im not sure what the point of rolling out a completely unfit and injured Oliver at the moment. Horrible look.
  8. Yep. The line was down for the hawks game too. Standard. Thanks for the tip.
  9. So we do train in the rain after all! Any good parking recommendations?
  10. I think what Papley was saying , if you’re gonna do that, at least go hard at the ball as well, which the bombers aren’t.
  11. Amazing that they are offering replacement buses during Grand Prix weekend. Standard.
  12. The last mark Ben brown took I saw kozzy run in and thought he was going to have another spoiled Speccy attempt but he actually ran to the potential fall of the ball. In the end brown took it but I loved how he played the percentages.
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