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  1. Yet we kept selecting him. He has done absolutely nothing all Season.
  2. Got really excited then I saw who tweeted it. He’s def our hibbo replacement. Get it done dees.
  3. The loss to Adelaide was tactical. This was just effort.
  4. Out: Petracca, Oliver In: Decase, Turner
  5. Brisbane’s talls dominating all around the ground. Tommy and weid need to forget that first half and rebound quickly.
  6. Big week for Weid or else he is out for Goodys Dog.
  7. The missed HTB was so much worse. We get that free we win the game.
  8. IN: Ben Brown, Viney OUT: Weid, jordan Really disappointed with weid. I thought it was the right decision this week over Brown but he was no good. We win this game with Brown capitalising on our centre clearance work.
  9. Our forward line sucked tonight. Oliver and Langdon our leading goal kickers was telling. Snaps to Nicks being the only coach who came up with a plan to break our zone. I’m hoping we go into bulldogs with one less tall because they will expose us x10 from defensive 50.
  10. Melksham is a much better player than Chandler at this stage. Chandler was not up to the level at all last week. Happy with the changes.
  11. Agree. Can’t let McKay have easy entries. Surely we don’t play the centre bounce so poorly 2 weeks in a row.
  12. The dogs clearance work worries me.
  13. The umpires were absolutely gutless last night. Apart from saying “Not 15” and “staaaaand” they were unwilling to pay anything.
  14. Hardwicks comments are ridiculous. He makes out there was no other solution but violence. It’s called walking away.
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