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  1. Seems like a suitable replacement for Yze.
  2. The equation is easy. We win = Not loading We lose = Loading
  3. I didn’t really notice the umpires apart from the Bont fresh airy when Tracc tackled him. I knew we were screwed when the game was a shoot out considering we were coming back from NT on a 6 day break. This latter part of the Fixture us screwing us. Another 6 day break coming up….
  4. On talent yes. On behaviour no.
  5. We desperately need a gun tall forward.
  6. I think it’s fair to say Entrecôte won’t be becoming friends of the podcast any time soon.
  7. Too many players out of form.
  8. If we picked up either McKay or Curnow the other 17 clubs would need priority picks to stop us winning the next 5 flags.
  9. Weid is the epitome of someone needing a fresh start.
  10. We will beat them after the siren after trailing by 8 goals to secure the minor premiership.
  11. He could always move to Casey to escape the fishbowl.
  12. Yes I have tape recordings…. No, he’s just at the stage of his career where this is probably the last big contract he has and his most important one from an earning capacity.
  13. Brayshaw would be up there in BNF voting at this stage. He wants a good pay day, and he deserves it.
  14. This has 186 vibes about it. Richmond aren’t even playing that well, west coast just aren’t trying. Pretty sure Tim kelly is getting booed every time he touches it (which isn’t very often)
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