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  1. As A Victorian you pray for some reprieve from this madness but we all know Dans gonna give us nothing
  2. We won’t lose as we won’t lose another game this year.
  3. Can’t wait till we are out in straight sets and people are still talking about our training loads.
  4. Need to win This as I can’t see us beating Adelaide or Gold Coast.
  5. Clearly, mentally we turn up just thinking it will happen against bottom teams and just rely on our talent. The amount of Times hawthorn were able to find one on ones inside 50 Showed the lack of work rate and will to support. We still lack maturity and this will cost us the flag this year .
  6. Completely arrogant team selection not bringing ben brown in. We needed a target in the last quarter badly.
  7. What kind of grown adult goes to the footy to boo?
  8. Yet we kept selecting him. He has done absolutely nothing all Season.
  9. Got really excited then I saw who tweeted it. He’s def our hibbo replacement. Get it done dees.
  10. Out: Petracca, Oliver In: Decase, Turner
  11. Brisbane’s talls dominating all around the ground. Tommy and weid need to forget that first half and rebound quickly.
  12. Big week for Weid or else he is out for Goodys Dog.
  13. The missed HTB was so much worse. We get that free we win the game.
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