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  1. Don’t wanna hype him up too much but by the time he finishes his career the norm smith will be called the Bailey Laurie.
  2. Because dodoro didn’t “win” the trade period again, he needs more time.
  3. Never in my time watching footy have I ever seen an entire football supporter group revolt against a decision like this. The Filth are filthy and embarrassed.
  4. We have to to trim 3 million from our soft cap. Did people think this was going to equal more coaches??
  5. While this isn’t as show stopping as getting a Jeremy Cameron to the club, it’s going to be just as effective for us. I honestly think with Ben having more games on the weekend wide expanses of the G, the best is yet to come for him. Great pickup!
  6. This one was a disaster but we mostly get the calls right to move on players.
  7. A starting midfield of Oliver, Petracca and Treolar would be pretty damn good.
  8. Im a hopeless romantic but this just isn’t happening. Fremantle have been chasing him since he was 16 and after finally securing him want to offload him after 2 years. Speaks volumes.
  9. I had him in a same game multi to kick a goal and he didn’t so that’s a no from me.
  10. If we could develop our own leaders at some stage that would be great.
  11. Finally landed our big fish!
  12. Most of our forwards would have missed that parked car.
  13. I think we’ve made the right call here. Improvement from substance issues are not linear and obviously the events of the last few weeks have thrown him into a bender. Hope his mates get around him.
  14. People whinge about Goodwin playing players out of position yet we are talking about Viney becoming a forward?
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