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  1. The umpires non call when it was clearly holding the ball allowed Brisbane to kick inside 50 and receive a 50:50 free and convert. That’s the quarter time difference, a free kick. Hopefully over the course of the game it evens out.
  2. The conditions here are not conducive for high scoring footy. We are doing pretty well considering the wind and now the rain…nonetheless a few good opportunities went begging that first half.
  3. North are building ominously towards finals and will likely finish 4th (they should defeat Richmond next week). Their Irish girls are slamming it, Wall is a beast, and Jazzy Garner is (close to) the best player in the league. If we miss top spot (more likely than not) then Brisbane will have to play North. The Lions 🦁 may well be surprised. But we are building nicely too. Our depth and skills and the evenness of our list has positioned us as genuine Season 7 contenders.
  4. Just watching the goal kicking practice, it’s very windy here. No rain clouds at least.
  5. North look awesome this afternoon at Victoria Park against the Pies. A 5-goal 2nd quarter and up 25 points at HT. There’s still a half to play though. Geelong have really improved so not surprised they did well. Crows are still a threat but agree they are look inferior to the Season 6 version.
  6. Agree @BDA Meggs is in USA with no coverage unfortunately so will be appreciatively monitoring this thread for updates 😎
  7. Starce suggested they may have been a bit too pleased with themselves after beating us last week.
  8. It drizzled all second half which made it harder to execute skills. A solid win, as expected.
  9. Given the injury report, probable change this week: Goldie knee (test) in Gay calf (1-week) out
  10. With such a strong list, it’s gonna be tough to get named in the 21 each week. A nice problem to have for Mick Stinear. Good luck to her. The 18 AFLW skippers were anonymously polled on which other club apart from their own is most likely to push into this year's Grand Final: Melbourne (eight votes), Brisbane (five votes), Adelaide Crows (four votes) and Fremantle (one vote).
  11. Sarah Black has her at number 22 in her top 30 AFLW best players. Watching her at ground level you can really see that combination of footy smarts, toughness and elite skills. She’s only gonna get better.
  12. Blues were generally uncompetitive but better in Q2. Dees have improved everywhere. West and Purcell were super in the middle, Casey Sheriff kicked 2 or 3 goals and did lots of good things. The new Irish girl Blaithin Mackie was really promising on debut and her teammates all swelled around her after she kicked a rippa goal in Q4 (the girls call her ‘B’). Lots to like. Hore was outstanding and the forward line worked well and no Duffy or Daisy. Gay behind the ball works well, Lampy was solid and young Wilson from Carlton looks good. Our midfield looked impressive today but in Round 1 against the giant bodies of Hatchard, Marinoff, Randall et al and at Norwood Oval we will have our work cut out. An exciting season awaits. Go Dees.
  13. From AFLW: Melbourne recruit Sabreena Duffy has been cleared of damage after leaving the field against the Bombers on Saturday. Duffy had appeared to re-injure her foot – which had a clean-out operation earlier this year – but scans are clear, and she remains in contention to play Carlton this weekend.
  14. Clubs have until August 23 to sign injury replacement players should any listed athlete be moved to the inactive list before then. Eliza has been moved to the inactive list so we have an opportunity to sign another player.
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