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  1. Freo 3 serious injuries in 2 minutes, no chance of a comeback.
  2. But don’t let Sanctimonious Stewie hear you say that or he’ll quote more meaningless statistics at us.
  3. Unside 30 points. Last week it was lost in a few minutes. Weid should have kicked that gift.
  4. I too would have loved to see BB out there tonight. English and TMac are showing that if you hold your marks you then go back and kick goals. Weid has one mark on the wing and a tackle. C’mon mate you need to lift in the second half.
  5. He is really lacking any belief. He looks much better in the VFL.
  6. No one has mentioned Hibbo. Meggs just loves what he brings each week. Warrior who does his job. Betts had 12 disposals and 1.3.
  7. If you hate Geelong that was a most enjoyable finish to the game against the Swans to watch.
  8. maybe he watched Sam and Benny tearing it up in the twos!
  9. Hawks getting into Petracca’s head, don’t listen to them Christian. We’ve wrestled the game back, now let’s get going in the second half.
  10. Yes, 5 goals to 1 in the last quarter...
  11. What is our record for winning games when we are the clear favourite with all the ‘pundits’? Meggs has that sinking feeling (clinically referred to as MFCSS) but geez I hope they prove me wrong this week.
  12. Has it been reported anywhere how Eliza McNamara is after that clash with Crows Captain Randall? Hope she is going well. Media only reporting on Chelsea.
  13. Consolation goal. Can we a few more? 11:08 on the clock 32:11
  14. It’s the ability to execute skills under pressure which sets players apart. Hanks and Paxy have been great in that regard. I reckon it’s Gaby Colvin’s best game. Adelaide have been too strong. It has been a joy watching them this season, well for Meggs at least.
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