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  1. Consolation goal. Can we a few more? 11:08 on the clock 32:11
  2. It’s the ability to execute skills under pressure which sets players apart. Hanks and Paxy have been great in that regard. I reckon it’s Gaby Colvin’s best game. Adelaide have been too strong. It has been a joy watching them this season, well for Meggs at least.
  3. Bannan, sadly, is not applying the required finals pressure, leaving it to others. Our backline sans Goldie misses her energy and lacks kicking polish to safely transition. Essentially our midfield is keeping us in it; Hanks, Paxy, Mithen, Gay, Zanker and TRex going ok. Mick will need to weave some HT magic but without the outside run of McNamara we look comparatively slow. Big effort girls. C’mon Dees!
  4. Fantastic win. So windy. Agree that Maddi was magnificent, MVP. Paxy was ubiquitous working so hard, brilliant effort. The taggers, Tyla Hanks on 2021 AFLWCA coaches award winner Kiera Bowers (20 disposals) and Shelley Heath On Sabreena Duffy (5 disposals) were both outstanding again. Loving the rise of speccy Magee too, really showing her dash and courage. I reckon we have the belief to win next week, though a big task over there and I think the Pies are more than evens against Brisbane. A Demons v Pies AFLW Grand Final at Ikon Park...would be a huge game and fitting climactic fini
  5. I suspect Ellie McKenzie will be high up in the selectors minds. The number of times I heard the media refer to ‘number one draft pick...’. But I love Tyla, she is so clean, so clever. Can’t you just tell that she is loving her footy, a clear RS favourite for mine!
  6. Congratulations to our girls named in the 2021 All Australian squad (40 named): Melbourne Kate Hore Karen Paxman Tyla Hanks Lauren Pearce The final team of 21 – including a vice-captain and skipper – to be announced at the W Awards on Tuesday, April 20.
  7. DIO nice to ‘hear’ from you. Yes, it’s been a joy to watch our girls this year. I personally have loved the even contribution, the obvious strong bond between them and the team first approach. Mick S must take some kudos for this. Our leaders over the past 4 weeks (Paxy, L Pearce, Gay, Goldie, Hanks, Hore & Zanker) have been amazing and the emergence of Sheriff, Heath, McNamara, Lampard, Colvin, Tarrant and now McGee has given us a real impetus. Freo at Casey Fields should be doable but we must bring a hunger for the contest and our finishing skills. B: 9 L Birch 20 B Tar
  8. Just watched the replay on Kayo, such an exhilarating game. We’ve now beaten 4 of the top 6 teams (North, Crows, Dockers, Lions). Brisbane had 98 tackles so our girls were getting to the footy first. Amazing that all our goals were excellent snaps from general play. Scott’s 3, Paxy’s second quarter long ranger and Bannan’s last quarter goal were all rippers but Tyla Hank’s goal showing her persistence, guile and checkside skills was the best! This group is really working for each other. Zanker into the midfield has been an inspired coaching move. Home final next but against who? B
  9. Lions pressure was very good that quarter. We are fumbling as a result, we just have to be cleaner. Bris were v impressive last week against North. I had forgotten that Meg D is another defender who is an unreliable kick, our defence is full of them, our midfield needs to keep helping out. That Colvin act that resulted in a 50 meter penalty and goal was costly too. We will need a huge effort in the second half to win. Great efforts by Shelley Scott and Zanker so far. C’mon girls.
  10. I watched Bris beat North last week. The Lions have lots of talent on all lines, very impressive. I will be pleasantly surprised if we win. I hope Downie is available.
  11. What a win! Fancy snatching the lead back away at Fremantle. A few bad misses at goal for us today but no matter, we’re in the 6 and will play finals. Unfortunately it looks like hammy for Goldie. It would be great if Downie is finally fit to come back. There isn’t anyone else available. Paxy, L Pearce, McNamara and Gay were best for us. That’s 3 wins against top 6 sides so get stuffed Carlton and AFL for trying to manipulate results for purposes other than pure football. Go Dees girls!
  12. I find him insufferable but he would hate losing to the Crows. In the play immediately before the hit, he was well chased down which got him angry and he then buried his frustrations in a deliberate bump as Adelaide ran the ball back. There was malice. He should get a week but expect the marquee player free to play ticket will be handed at. And Paddy can then tell us all about his happy place and how you can live a simple life on $750k a year.
  13. Very solid debut by JJ. Commentators saying Jordan Lewis compared him to 2002 Brownlow Medallist Simon Black. He actually reminded me of Joel Corey. Here’s hoping he can build a great career at the Dees in the Number 23.
  14. After watching the Lions 🦁 skittle the Roos 🦘 yesterday, I believe winning today against Freo is our best chance of making the finals. Brisbane will be very hard to beat even at Casey Fields. Interestingly North has not beaten any top 6 teams this year. Their 5 wins were Geelong, St Kilda, Carlton, Richmond & Bulldogs. Whereas we’ve beaten GCS, Richmond, North, St Kilda & Adelaide (2 x Top 6 teams). Assuming Carlton win their last game to finish on 20 points their wins would be St Kilda, Richmond, Geelong, GCS & GWS. Inequitable yes but them’s the breaks. We w
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