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  1. Season 2021 kicks off against Adelaide at Casey Fields in a fortnight, so not long to wait now. I hear the Irish girls are still in Brisbane quarantining, so hopefully they get down here soon and get in some AFL practice. Would love to see Goldy line up against the Crows, she’s so fierce and full of run as evidenced in the Dublin v Cork Final and in 2020 AFLW. Apparently the girls had an intraclub hitout last week and there is a practice match this weekend at Geelong. Of the newbies I understand Bannan and McNamara are shaping as likely Round 1 inclusions. An offseason im
  2. Meggs loves to execute the drop kick and show his kids. He recalls Paul Goss, Norm Goss’ brother, kicking a drop kick goal from a free or mark about 15m out from goal at the G. It was really odd at the time as no one did drop kicks in 1976. Paul only kicked 2 goals in 4 games for the Dees according to Wikipedia and I didn’t see the other goal.
  3. Whoever drafted the advertisement and or approved the final copy should be admonished. The opportunity is a really good one. As an undergraduate I would have applied in my day.
  4. Our own Lachie Hunter thread has understandably gone cold. Heard he might be seriously considering the warmer climate with a 2020 Preliminary finalist. He is a gun player, no doubt, and will be only 26 yo when the 2021 season starts.
  5. I hear Mitch McGovern might be part of the Saad deal...not quite Curnow, Walsh or Mackay but he's probably ok for them.
  6. Supporting, not disrespecting, our loyal servants who have bled red n blue for their entire career is very important. 6 more games for 300 and or 13 more for the all time games played record as a Demon. Can Jonesy do it? Yes possibly, but to do this he must earn his spot each week, train hard and stay uninjured. His durable track record and professional approach will tick 2 boxes. It’s the first box which will likely prove the decider in how many matches he plays next year. Best of luck for 2021 Jonesy and go Dees!
  7. Pleased about this, a real Demon warrior!
  8. Bellyache versus C Scott career win:loss ratio - both 69%!
  9. So is DrE = GNF and most probably FOS? OMG IAGTB...go Storm
  10. It’s a night game is it? Oh well there’s always the re-runs of M*A*S*H...
  11. I am hoping Chairman Dan opens up the golf clubs next Saturday...not too confident that he will though.
  12. God, if Geelong win too, I hope Dictator Dan lets us out to play golf next Saturday.
  13. Collingwood 44 and 9 look like VFL players, who are they?
  14. I was impressed last week with how many pies players, who I thought were ordinary, did so many extraordinary things. This week it appears so far at least that normal transmission has resumed.
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