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  1. Meggs anticipates Ollie Wines to vote very strongly but expects Jack Steele to surprisingly pilfer the Charlie. With 5 All Australians, Meggs can’t see one of Clarry, Trac, Gawn, Lever or May accruing sufficient votes to win it. But he’s still hopeful one of them can…after all it’s the year of the Dees!
  2. Mr and Mrs Meggs said hello to Neil yesterday. He was taking his daily constitutional along the Anniversary Trail and appeared in good spirits. A trip to Perth would seem unlikely given the number of barriers. G Lyon would be an acceptable choice to present the Cup. It should be a cracker of a game….go Dees!
  3. We’ve got a game to win first Garry. We can start to dream next week if we roll the Cats.
  4. Hawkins kicking has been very good. Dees forwards take note. We need you to kick straight next week!
  5. Has Melbourne ever beaten Geelong 3 times in a season?
  6. Daisy just said 4th free kick inside 50
  7. Meggs has foreseen a Cats win once Swans couldn’t get the job done last week. No Greene or Green means the Giants’ chances are low. Have the Dees ever met the Cats 3 times in a season and won all 3?
  8. Does anyone think GWS can we win? I fully expect to play Geelong so what’s the best match up. No change.
  9. Just watching the replay sober. We really dominated the second quarter but it could have been so much more. Getable set shots missed by Jackson twice, Langdon and McDonald, Petracca missed twice with snaps and an ANB hit up of BBB went too high. Potentially 7 goals which ended up 6 points.
  10. If you hate Geelong like I do then you want Sydney to win. GWS without Greene and Green will struggle next week. Swans will too but they look more likely to take it up to the Cats. History shows the losing qualifiers win the second week.
  11. Doghouse 2 throws missed by the muppets. I am seeing things?
  12. Dangerfield can throw too, nice.
  13. You are allowed to hit Gray in the head but not Selwood or Dangerfield. It’s a new rule apparently.
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