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  1. In total agreement. In past years when my son and I were able to get down to Melbourne and attend training sessions, I always enjoyed a good chat with Saty… I expect his joy over winning the GF will be somewhat tempered by the retirement of his favourite player, Nev Jetta. I hope he and his partner, or, as he would say, “lovely lady” (which she is, by the way), are surviving the pandemic/lockdown ok, and are at least, still reading these forums.
  2. The word in his ear went on for quite a while and the grins were broad.
  3. Every time I watch the replay (5 times so far) only one question springs to mind… what did Max say to Fritta after he kicked his 6th goal? Am I the only one?
  4. I was a little surprised that Gawn didn't get a free as the tackle was over the boundary line, but I think that in the wrap up, their humiliation is punishment enough.
  5. I love how so many on Demonland whinged about the commentary being biased against the Dees, and the Dogs supporters were saying exactly the same, except they call it out as being biased against the Dogs.
  6. I disagree with ALL of the above. The real turning point was before the opening bounce, when the Bulldogs ribbon slipped down to the bottom of the Premiership Cup’s handle as it was being moved from the back of the ute to the table. That 100 to 7 point final 40 minutes wasn’t bad icing on the cake either.
  7. Me too… he literally flew for the ball! So sad to hear of his passing, made worse in the knowledge that he won’t get to see the Dees (or the Dogs… he had a foot in each camp) win a flag.
  8. Got word from where? Considering that the decision isn’t announced until one hour before the game, you must have an inside source?
  9. I’m certain that Rob Sitch is a Demons supporter, but I’m sure I just saw him finish his American News segment on the ABC News channel, shouting “Go Dogs!!”… what’s with that??
  10. I just noticed that Mansfield is anagram of Find Salem!!
  11. Rob, although living in LA, is a member here; we've been to a couple of games together. Other musically oriented Demon supporters are David Bland who some may remember from both the Go!! Show and Kommotion (he also attended games with Rob and myself) and the drummer from the Huxton Creepers, Archie Law.
  12. I have a signed (with certificate of authenticity) St Patrick's Day jumper.
  13. ""Certainly Tom did leave early, but with the blessing of the club and with the blessing of the players." - a fairly ambiguous statement there 😁
  14. I hadn't heard that Jurrah started drinking on that trip, but yes, I was aware of Gawn's Yawn. HWMNBN had already returned home, before the game took place... he wasn't even at the previous day's training session.
  15. I'd argue that his marking in general play was not so much grace as, because of the way he would land with his legs straight, a hyper-extension waiting to happen. But a brilliant, naturally gifted player. I saw him win the demo game against the Lions in Shanghai, pretty much off his own boot.
  16. I'm a little surprised this hadn't been posted already... https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/i-regret-it-jurrah-s-mixed-feelings-ahead-of-dees-grand-final-20210919-p58sz9.html
  17. Trac looked like he’d been dressed by Pee Wee Herman!
  18. Ridiculous… surely you must understand how the media works. He has most likely been fed a line of questioning relating to the Essendon 34 and unwittingly answered “yes”, giving the ‘journo’ a byline and theme for the resultant article.
  19. Well, they didn’t do Que Sera Sera. Is there any player named Ronnie on the market? Maybe Jesse’s coming back a la Walking My Way Back To You?
  20. Or maybe a Bic biro with the player’s name done on one of those Dymo labeling devices, stuck on the side?
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