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  1. https://twitter.com/melbournefc/status/1046995373632442368
  2. I hope the club doesn't make comment on this. I'd like to think they are so focussed on what we need to do to be successful that they see this as a matter of no concern and independent of where we are heading.
  3. I'd just like to say the formatting in this thread has become first rate. Well done chaps!
  4. should be some worthless ones in the backline coming up then
  5. All fair points but I think they have been fortunate to have had cheerleaders in the media and at AFL house which has meant most decisions here have not really been under the scrutiny that they should have been. We still have the issues of: Destruction of the evidence (spreadsheets etc) required by the AFL investigation and subsequent ASADA and Worksafe investigations. (Governance wrist slap can't cover this) Tampering with witnesses, financial inducements for evidenciary stances/change of stance, refusal to sign statements for financial gain. Worksafe penalty being embarrassingly inadequate. The $200K fine equates to less than a 6K fine per endangered employee. And considering each employee's safety was breached with each injection, this may equate to as little as $6 fine per injection, but we'll never know, see first point. None of the above has really been addressed and: To top all of this off they will benefit from their year of punishment by receiving an enhanced draft pick order. They should be at the end of each round as it was in all reality a self inflicted wound and artificially lowered ladder position not reflective of their true list strength requiring the legup that real cellar dwellers are entitled to. But yes the Essendon players did get a year off for the most blatant and systematic team game drugging issue in Australian (world?) sport history ever uncovered. Well, the ones that were left did. Edit: My last paragraph is a bit meh/crap but I'll leave it in
  6. It would be great if he made a statement like Viney and sign early but he still has some way to go until the end of next year. If he leaves then I'd say that his ability to think is worse than his goal kicking run up.
  7. Ah jeepers!! I was in full media absorb mode and that sunk deep. I think I need some professional help now.
  8. You say that as though "scepticism and blind hatred for all things Essendon and the AFL" isn't a great quality to have.
  9. in a deal that allowed them to keep Clayton Oliver from (the evil clutches of) Essendon.
  10. A funny story I've posted here before was I have two brothers, the youngest one was a bit premmy and uncoordinated but had a go nonetheless. The youngest one was playing at Full Forward against Powelltown and his opponent was Sean Charles. So my brother at FF kicked zero and Sean at fullback kicked 5 lol!! A strange fact about the Powelltown ground was it was on a massive slope, on the side of a mountain from memory. I once kicked the ball far side of centre and it rolled all the way down the ground for a goal
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