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  1. 600K less over 6 years is 700K a season with triggers to reach 800K a season, which is what was rumoured to be offered by Essendon and Freo
  2. They can with AFL permission - which would be almost a foregone conclusion.
  3. The rumour with Jacko was that he would re-sign for a couple of years with us if we couldn't be satisfied in a trade with Freo. With all the talk now that he's definitely gone there's two possible alternatives. 1. People are filling in the blanks and jumping ahead of the game when in fact there's been no further progress 2. There has actually been progress and the two clubs have an 'in principle' agreement I think it's clear he wants to return to WA, but It's not clear that a deal can be done. The reality is we probably won't be any the wiser for a little while yet.
  4. Doubt we get Meek as well, but we could get a Blake Acres or a future second round draft pick to trade for someone like a Kieren Briggs or Matthew Flynn (considering the rumours of Grundy going to GWS)
  5. For the here and now he's a better ruck, a better contested mark and a better forward target. It would release Max to play more time forward (where I think he's actually our best tall forward).
  6. There's media whispers that Freo's clearing the decks to make room for Jacko is upsetting some of the natives. Longmuir thinks Lobb will be at Freo next year (though I wouldn't expect him to admit that he's a trade target, but he did seem genuine when he said it), so I do wonder if Darcy might be in the mix being a Vic boy. I'd trade Jacko for Darcy if it came to that.
  7. There was - it was called the Caracella rule after Sheedy traded Blake Caracella less than 6 months after signing a new contract. I don't think it exists any more. Of course players have always had the right to refuse a trade, just like Ryan Ferguson (not Fitzgerald) did when we tried to trade him to the Hawks for Brad Sewell. I think the only players who can't be traded now are new draftees and rookies. I think new draftees have to have been at a club for at least two years now (preventing the Nathan Buckley scenario where he left Brisbane after only one season).
  8. From what I saw of the Vic Country vs WA game yesterday I like the look of Aaron Cadman. Could be on the radar if we get an early pick.
  9. Nick Smith is still 4-6. Normal programming resumed!
  10. maybe But considering the angst on this site over the Lever and May deals I think there's a lot of unrealistic expectations of what's fair when it comes to trades. Jackson is a best 22 blue sky prospect being offered lucrative long term contract by multiple clubs. The trades will have to be commensurate with that. The footy industry is pragmatic - there's no value in trying to low ball the club because what goes around comes around in footy.
  11. Not really, but I'd be hoping one of he or Briggs/Flynn (from GWS) is brought in. We need someone that's had senior exposure and can handle themselves (all three have shown something). I know Lobb is likely to leave Freo, but he and Jacko aren't like for like. Lobb was recruited to play forward and he doesn't like playing ruck. Jacko is a ruckman/mid. Meek wouldn't be thrilled about the prospect and would have to consider his options.
  12. But we do hold some cards. He's wanted by both WA clubs to start with. He might have a preference about which one he goes to(and that is only conjecture at this stage), but if he really wants to go back to Perth and he loves our club as he has consistently said he does, then he'll be open to going to the club that can get the deal done.
  13. I hope not, Bedford's pace is important for our forward line functioning. People need to see him (1 goal from 8 disposals) in the same light as Kozzie (1 goal from 7 disposals) and Spargs (1 behind from 12 disposals), it's the pressure that he brings that's important and the repeat opportunities at goal that creates for our other forwards/mids. We aren't going to get that with Weid or Brown.
  14. He's not a free agent, so if he wants to go then he has to rely on a suitable trade being arranged. The advantage we have is that there will be interest from both WA clubs who will probably have similar offers on the table should that be his decision.
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