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  1. Pleasantly surprised! He has a major weakness in that he plays his cut shots in the air. He was told by Matthew Hayden when batting day 1 at the Gabba to forget playing cross-bat shots. It appears he either didn't take the advice on or forgot it as soon as the ball got above hip height.
  2. Agree. Cummins and Hazelwood are class and we should have rotated Pattinson for Starc earlier (I think he plays too much red ball cricket based on what he can do with a white ball) and personally I would have loved to have seen Jhye Richardson back in the team for Brisbane, but Lyon was always going to play his hundredth test. I think Paine has to accept some of the blame for not closing out the last two tests and also the debacle in Leeds in 2019. My primary criticism of him is that unlike previous captains he can't stop the momentum of opposition batting sides with bowling chan
  3. Only a rumour - but was brought up on fox footy. Apparently Treloar wanted to spend 3 days a week in QLD during the season. Don't know whether that was disinformation/misinformation.
  4. Short answer is yes. Be thankful we are Melbourne and not Collingwood. The club didn't bust any relations with its players in offering them up for trade (at least from the outside) - T Mac himself and his manager were very complimentary of the club and their honest approach about discussing the opportunities that would be available for him next year - I imagine it was the same as with other players as well. I haven't seen one piece of negative social media with how the club dealt with guys like Preuss and Hannan moving on. Meanwhile down at the Carringbush...
  5. To be fair, there were rumours that Stephenson's behaviour in the hub might have been a problem, that and his preparation (again rumours) were somewhat below professional expectations. If you read closely between the lines and his desire to be away from the club to relax in the company of his family and friends you might see a similarity with a former Demon who has just moved clubs again.
  6. Given how he was treated by North, I think it would take a miracle rather than a phone call. He's checked out - it's nearly impossible to turn that ship around.
  7. Never any interest from Adelaide I suspect. Would have been an absolute steal if we could have got him. Knee injury aside I rate him higher than Williams and Saad as a HBF.
  8. The deal will get done. You can't effectively push a guy out of your club and when you have a chance to trade him act like he's a required player. It's not like he will stay at North if a deal isn't done. Higgins is a completely different scenario because North aren't pushing him out.
  9. Yes, but hopefully with the right result in the end in both cases.
  10. Maybe not though - Josh alerted the Bulldogs to some unprofessional behaviour in terms of preparation and commitment by other senior players who promised to deal with it, but haven't. He's obviously had enough and Essendon have provided the lure with the opportunity to play with his younger brother. Looking at the interview with his dad when we drafted Kyle they look like a family of straight shooters.
  11. I think now we've brought Brown in that bringing someone else in might be contingent on freeing up salary cap space ie. T Mac being traded. I assume Phillips contract might be more than what we were offering Smith.
  12. Not if you really want that player to go for Salary Cap room or perhaps cultural reasons.
  13. You aren't going to match a bid if you don't want to keep the player at the club though. Clearly pick 23 and Dunstan for Crouch and say pick 85 is better than trying to do a trade with the Saints who aren't going to cough up a first rounder for Crouch.
  14. Such is the way at AFL house. Not really a surprise after Crouch racked up a strike for drug possession.
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