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  1. As a member of the club I have concerns that off the back of our recent premiership that the current board seem to want to consolidate/entrench the status quo of the board composition. I understand that disunity and fractured boards can be inhibitors to success, but I also think that subservience and groupthink can lead to a lack of accountability and complacency that results in worse outcomes. The President of the club isn't a dictatorship and nor should they automatically get the board that they want - it's supposed to be a democratic election and the board should represent the diversity of views of the members. It's communist democracy if there are only the same number of candidates as there are vacancies on the board. I think that some of the proposed changes are unnecessary (see above) and I also think that the club has missed opportunities to really reform the constitution.
  2. I fear your intended audience might not 'get it'!
  3. Also a little unreasonable to expect him to tell the club five minutes after having had a premiership medal hung around his neck to make a decision on his long term future at the club when he's celebrating with his team mates. People seem to have conveniently forgotten that after we courted Cerra, Freo asked for Jackson in exchange and we knocked them back.
  4. The trouble with that is that it’s unlikely to net pick 1 and you risk disrupting the culture by pushing blokes unwillingly out the door ( would you go to North if you were Harmes?)
  5. Looks like he's likely to go #2 behind Ashcroft. Fox Footy that GWS are very keen to get North to split their first for pick 3 and a later first rounder so they can grab him. I think North need him as well and might have second thoughts about splitting their pick particularly if they can get pick 2 from West Coast via Port for JHF.
  6. Freo have to do this deal. They've offered Jackson big money on a long term contract if they can't get it done then it looks bad for them not only in the eyes of Jacko, but Footy managers and other potential targets. I think the footy world in general regards their initial offer as unders, so they need to find a sweetner or they look silly. Freo apparently want to use the Logue F2 pick to get Jeremy Sharp, they also want to hang onto Lobb... they want their cake and eat it too, but mostly it's just posturing.
  7. From what I've heard Haynes' contract is heavily back-ended. He's a very good player, but I suspect that GWS won't salary dump otherwise would be well worth a look.
  8. There's two big issues with Whitfield (assuming he's over running away from ASADA testing). The first is that he's on a massive Brodie Grundy like contract. The second is we'd need to have a thorough medical investigation. He hasn't looked right since coming back from a very serious illness and I'm not sure whether that will impact his footy into the future.
  9. I think I've worked out Peter Bell's approach to trading.... A man walks into a luxury car yard and tells the salesman, "I'll take the red Ferrari" The salesman tells him that will be 250K. Peter Bell opens up his wallet. "I've only got $20 - that will have to do"
  10. Well if he comes to us he'll have to get used to not getting a free for ducking then because we're not the umpires darlings.
  11. Game plan related? Hunt has pace, from what others are saying that is Bowes achilles heel.
  12. Was he? Jon Ralph 'On the Couch' a few weeks ago stated that the club had put a two year deal in front of Jayden.
  13. His step dad is former Port Adelaide player Fabian Francis (also a former Melbourne U19 player I think). I think with everything that is going on at North with Clarkson it is potentially going to end in a bunfight if North dig their heels in and refuse to trade him. Having said that I don't think pick 8 and a future first round pick from a side that played in a prelim final 12 months ago is enough for last year's #1 pick... which is why I think they'll need to trade a player out like Georgiades.
  14. We'll have more leverage next year when he's OOC. I doubt he does a JHF and asks to be traded in-contract.
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