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  1. Been mentioned in the media that Clarko had a falling out with Graham Wright about the time he left Hawthorn and Clarko being Clarko it's unlikely that he ends up working with Wright again.
  2. Yes, I had a conversation with him a couple of years ago about footy and he was adamant he didn’t barrack for us any more. I think Olympic swimmer Mac Horton might be a Melbourne supporter
  3. I couldn't believe listening to the Ch 7 commentary today - thought to myself 'why on earth have they got Tony Shaw back commentating on games' only to then discover it was Heath Shaw.... same difference!
  4. My biggest concern for the match is that Mumford injures Max with another intentional 'clumsy' act - there I said it so that should nix it!
  5. You also forgot to mention he consistently failed to give it off to teammates in a better position. I took great pleasure in regaling my Essendon supporting sister-in-law who I was watching the match with what an ordinary individual he is and why I was happy he had the game he had the week before, because now the Dons will have to give him another contract and watch him become smug and self-satisfied, get injured, comeback fat and lazy and underperform on 95% of his new contract.
  6. There is some logic. Clarko isn't attached to any of the players - he's probably the one coach that can come in and actually help Wright the ship in terms of salary cap (pun intended) by moving players on. An untried coach puts the list off-side immediately, but a four time premiership coach starts from ground zero otherwise they tread water until they actually really bottom out. Steele thanks for your service, but you're on the table. Both Browns - your dad was a great player at this club - neither of you will be - you're cut Chris Mayne, Levi Greenwood etc - DCM.
  7. 4 players in the top 20. Twice as many as any other club. We are having some sort of season
  8. Can’t see that happening Jaded. JJ is pretty much a defensively minded inside mid, I’m not sure he’s ever played half back, whereas Sparrow has, I think that would be the most likely move, but I think Jayden will be desperate to remain in the side. Salem would be the obvious one with ‘soreness’ if there’s a change in the back line. Lingers is the obvious in for a sore Salem - if he plays however, then I think they will reward Sparrow and push Melksham out of the 22. He could be medi sub or maybe Jones.
  9. Probably more likely to do a live cross during the event with him. I think from an MND fundraiser perspective it’s important that it remains flexible and agile.
  10. The age are reporting we are likely to be playing at Giants stadium. I'm not sure it bothers Goodwin or the boys about which ground it is, but the SCG is a bit small.
  11. Vanders and Mitch Robinson going head to head. I like it!
  12. Well I live in downtown Belconnen, so I hope not!
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