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  1. I don't mind Richo, but the rest offer nothing. The quicker they get the only knowledgable footy person back on the team in Daisy Pearce the better!
  2. Well Done Nash. A few points in general, (not specifically about your post) - Viney would have helped, but he's obviously not the reason we're getting beaten in that area because it's been happening for a while and as others have pointed out - how important is it really? The first and second best pressure sides playing each other and we lost 4-17 and yet it really didn't have as much influence on the result as say the weather did. I feel over the last two weeks the opposition have really put a lot of work into us in that area. Guys like Kennedy, Parker and Cunnington are insid
  3. Hmmm not sure about that. It looked like a flick pass to me even though he used a closed fist made marginal contact with the ball. The momentum was generated from the hand holding the ball not the opposite hand - that's not a legal handpass in my book, or at least it wasn't when I played. The hand holding the ball needs to be stationary. I'm surprised at the number of overhead handballs that are allowed as well, this was never allowed 30 years ago. Perhaps I'm showing my age! 🤔
  4. I thought Petty was targeted by the Swans as the newbie, but didn't back down. He should have been paid that mark in the first quarter as well, but happy the umpires were at least consistent with their interpretations most of the night. Like you say he will improve his synergy with May and Lever over the year, but he's tall, has reasonable kicking skills and is competitive. He'll be better for the experience.
  5. A trip down memory lane - or in my case amnesia lane. I used to split my time between the two sites, but moved full time to 'Land to escape from the demented and fatuous ravings of Rono and his 'Veil of Negativity' - he was completely unhinged. Wish there was an ignore function for particular posters back then.
  6. The Allman Brothers Band Live at Fillmore East. My favourite Stones albums in order, Exile, Let it Bleed, Sticky Fingers, Beggars Banquet.
  7. I should've also mentioned that Jack is being more cautious/sensible in managing his body as well. There's only so many brick walls you can run through before your body says enough is enough!
  8. play on a soon as you look laterally even though you haven't moved off the line of the mark!
  9. 2-3 weeks is what has been reported, where are you hearing 4 weeks?
  10. Have they though? I think it's pretty common knowledge that Jack has issues with his feet that need to be managed. This isn't really that much of a surprise. Just because he's missing a few weeks with a hot spot doesn't mean he's been mismanaged, it's always a watching brief with Jack. That's why it's only 2-3 weeks and not 2-3 months because the club are sensitive to the issue.
  11. I'd drop Baker, he's only VFL standard despite his desperate last quarter effort and speed he's just not up to it. I'd put Brayshaw back on the wing (and Choco to teach him how to handpass with his opposite hand!) and Sparrow to play Viney's role for the next 2-3 weeks. Petty obviously takes Tomlinson's role and I'd bring in Chandler for Jones with Melksham to play sub. Famous last words but I'm confident both Brown and Fritta will be right.
  12. I assume Chandler as the unused Sub from last week plays VFL too.
  13. I think the most likely outcome is we play them at Marvel and they move one of North's home games later in the season to Tassie.
  14. Don't forget Carlton lost as well.
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