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  1. Hogan, Preuss and Bedford would be one of the most random collections of ex-MFC players ever.
  2. Can confidently say nothing better happened to me in the next 365 days.
  3. Tempting to lay the boots into other clubs but I'd be surprised if every club in the league didn't have skeletons in the closet. Even if you take race out of the story, how many other young players have had similar experiences after being drafted?
  4. Best of luck to Hird if he wants to coach again, but could there be a worse place to do it? Either go for the redemption story at GWS where nobody knows who he is in the street OR come back to Victoria like the messiah (despite not having done much the first time around), have people yelling at you about drugs whenever you go into the supermarket, and be caught in a civil war in a few years where 25% of the fans want to sack him and the other 75% would kill to save him. Anyone who encourages him to take the Essendon job is a goose.
  5. Booing is for the underclasses. Use your words. As for Jackson, I don't like it but at least he didn't fake agony about the decision like some others. Hope he has an injury free, profitable, and reasonably average career in an ordinary side.
  6. One day I'll rate it above about 90% of the other seasons in my lifetime. For now it feels like a massive waste.
  7. If that rubbish is handed out the marketing department deserve to be chased from the ground under a hail of bottles.
  8. God yes I am, other than Bannan kicking goal of the year out of nowhere we're rotten when the ball hits the ground.
  9. What happened to Sabreena Duffy? Played one practice match, had an injury scare, but isn't on the injured list now. Would surely walk into our forward line if available.
  10. Hard to judge a career when he's been on the field about 15% of it.
  11. We could have covered the set shot misses if we'd kicked more than a couple of goals from open play.
  12. Jackson clobbered Brisbane two weeks ago and they're going to be playing second string rucks. No chance.
  13. Don't forget the pre-game gushing over how good it will be when Adelaide play Port.
  14. Thoughts and prayers to Channel 7 Adelaide, who tried mightly but failed to punt their team home.
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