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  1. Goalkicking accuracy is an overrated measure. Obviously you'd rather convert than miss because it banks an extra five points, but the overall stat is as simplistic as saying 'if they'd kicked 5.0 instead of 1.4' they'd have won. After the first miss of a quarter, all the situations that cause subsequent misses only exist because you missed the first one. Otherwise the ball goes back to the middle and the game is played out differently. You could concede the next nine and be behind 1.0 to 9.0. I'd rather look at a stat that shows how many goals are missed from a position where any player should be expected to kick them, and how many misses lead to easy exits from defence and/or opposition scoring chances.
  2. Going on about umpiring like Essendon fans ignores the fact that we still should have run over the top of them but froze and fell to bits against a side one player down on the bench.
  3. Appropriate 2017/2020 style narrow finals miss after falling over against a lowly side.
  4. Derm is always whinging about people doing perceived filthy things now. He's like an ex-criminal who finds god and tries to lecture all the current crims on what they're doing wrong.
  5. He played the next couple, last game was the debacle against Carlton at Princes Park. Thanks to the massive hangover that stopped me from going to that game. After having get out of the tram on the way for a spew I decided it was sensible to head home and listen on the radio.
  6. Worst thing about 2004 is that if we'd won that Elimination Final I reckon it would have given us a new lease of life. In an even season that could have carried us to a flag.
  7. Will never happen but given that the top two teams are Victorian they'd at least be able to play a Grand Final. That would make it a little less hollow.
  8. Inaccuracy doesn't help, but like inside 50s, hitouts etc... I think this is a stat that needs a second level of analysis. It's one thing to miss from 50 metres out on the boundary or from a speculative snap, and another to miss from 30 out directly in front. I'd like to see many of those points are missed set shots from angle/distance where you'd expect them to go through and how many are aimless long bombs to the square that go through off hands.
  9. If I'd known it was him I wouldn't have bothered fact checking, they have an alternative history on his planet.
  10. Don't know what measurement they're going off, but it's been worse plenty of times. Having said that, a lot of the 1970s-1990 seasons had way higher average scores than now so they had more shots. It hasn't been this bad with scores so low since the early 1960s. Let's get it back to the 38.21% of 1900 and try to win the flag again.
  11. Good day to either keep the opposition to 2.8 or lose after only kicking five goals ourselves.
  12. And Gawn will take another eight contested marks.
  13. To be honest it was cobbled together pretty quickly so no wonder there's a few fiascos.
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