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  1. I'd generally rather have my ears cut off Chopper Read style than listen to Taylor, but I will not hear a word against GEE GOD BOY WOW.
  2. JKH seemed to lose the hyphen in his name at some point and just become Kennedy Harris.
  3. Between the adding of random interstate teams that meant you weren't supposed to play every team once, byes randomly dotted through the fixture, COVID issues, and a team pulling out at the end of the season, this could be one of the most shambolic seasons of any state-sized sporting competition ever in Australia - and think about the ground that covers.
  4. Somebody else can do the 2078 version.
  5. There was also a Pringle, so you've got plenty of variety to choose from.
  6. Second place Tim Ruffles, the least popular AFL player named after a chip.
  7. Dwayne hardly the best judge, he'd go off like a pork chop for Clayton Hinkley.
  8. What an [censored]. Did it and forgot to press save. Lucky I can fix that at the click of a button and... done! Everything else from this year should be updated as well.
  9. Updated since Thursday http://demonwiki.org/2021
  10. AFL Tables shows goal progression without time for stoppages - this has Petracca-Sparrow-Oliver as 2.29 apart. Even when Essendon kicked 15 in the first quarter against Gold Coast in 2011 (Steven May's debut), they didn't do it that quickly. Same when Hawthorn beat GWS by 162. Nothing quicker in 186 either. Doesn't mean it hasn't happened at some point, but they're two of the biggest landslides in the last 10 years.
  11. Emotionally and physically broken... but in a good way!
  12. This is going straight to the 'What they're saying on Brunton Avenue' thread on the Bulldogs forum.
  13. I think that's me trying to force a smile. Send the photographer back Saturday night for more lifelike reactions.
  14. Might yell loudly off my back deck and annoy the neighbours.
  15. For me it's not so much about me seeing it (if we win. IF IF IF) but not seeing other people enjoying it. Will be an all time great moment in my life when we win a flag no matter where it happens but there will be some regret that I watched it in the same way I would a pre-season practice match.
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