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  1. Given that they're bothering to stream it, I guess it's not going to be the equivalent of last year when a glorified Casey team played as 'Melbourne' and were thrashed by Essendon.
  2. It's fun watching Collingwood get belted but there must be some ripper skeletons in everyone's closet. Difference is most clubs would probably just flat out apologise instead of trying to spin it like a great triumph.
  3. Thank you for the patronising update. I'll wait to see what happens when tickets go on sale.
  4. Can't wait to pay $5 to Ticketmaster just to get in on my membership.
  5. Anyone know who got the 8th goal - there's only seven goals listed in this report. The MFCW Twitter also only listed seven. Completeness freaks need to know....
  6. Has the challenger written/posted/talked about what he's intending to do in any forum other than the brochure that came with the voting forms? Interested to know more, otherwise no matter how good he might be I don't see a great leap forward from adding one guy to a board that don't want him. I'm sure they'd work amicably together but I wait to be convinced that it's worth the trouble. P.S - Where were the challengers when we were in complete disarray? No, Melbourne Matters don't count.
  7. This is a good point. The first year they did custom cards I got a bit overexcited and paid $5 (!) for one, then the next year a blank card turned up when I would probably have paid them another fiver. Every dollar counts.
  8. False comparison, the elevation of Row MM lets you see everything you need to. Watching through the Casey fence would be like sitting at the back of Level 1 of the MCG but even worse because you're looking through a fence.
  9. Which I'd be prepared to get upset about... if they didn't also play Preuss as a full forward in the rain against Freo.
  10. What was the context of this? Did he just flat out blame Cairns as a location or admit that they flubbed selection and choked against lesser teams?
  11. From a purely ruthless perspective, if the AFL really want a team there they should turn the tap off on a Victorian club and force them to merge with Gold Coast. The Suns get the influx of players that should help them become a good side and a spot in the league opens for a brand new Tasmanian team. I can't see the locals going mad for a warmed up corpse of a club parachuted from interstate - and from the perspective of running the joint imagine having to balance the north and south of your own state AND a faction of Victorian based fans of the relocated side?
  12. Surely nobody buys one of these for themselves. The market has to be 99% throwaway Christmas gifts and Kris Kringles.
  13. May missing the All Australian top 40 is the voting irregularity that should be investigated.
  14. He'll do. And now that McDonald (and Brown?) is staying we've got a backup.
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