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  1. I'd rather be boiled in oil than do community singing - even for a good cause - but hope you have better luck than when Collingwood tried to get the crowd to sing Nothing Else Matters by Metallica and were greeted with dead silence.
  2. Thank you @Whispering_Jack and all, also to Slattery Publishing/Hardie Grant for giving me the chance to turn pro. If you'd like to contribute to Jeff Bezos' next divorce settlement you can also pre-order at Amazon. And yes, I am very much hoping that by the end of September the title is rendered irrelevant. Should come with a free texta so you can alter it in the event of another flag.
  3. The real Hutchy would have had Carpet Call presenting the post on behalf of McDonalds and Drouin Machinery Maintenance.
  4. I always thought we put him away as well, but just looked it up and he went on for five more weeks and won another game before leaving.
  5. We finished off both Stan Alves and Grant Thomas by beating St Kilda in finals. Bit hasty on Alves given he had them in a Grand Final the year before.
  6. To quote the name of a great Demonland poster, I'm @Bitter but optimistic
  7. Nobody ever goes winless for a season (and I'm not prepared to contemplate it further until we win on Sunday) but if North get any more injuries and have to rely on this lot they're going to have a dreadful season.
  8. I would take anyone back except $cully but he's done. For free (or close to) as a backup yes, but not for any serious price. Screamers massively overrated considering most were turned over immediately or came when we were 82 points down.
  9. In 2017 we had it in the second and fourth quarters - Q2, kicked 6.5 to 2.0, came into the last quarter six points down, kicked 2.4 to 2.2 and lost by four. Classic Melbourne.
  10. After about two years off I gave SEN another try now that we're good. There's about 30 minutes of ads an hour and the other 30 is almost worse. Maher/Murphy would be alright as a frivolous 12-4 show but it's a disaster of a drive-time program. They need to get over the formula of duos in the afternoon and find somebody with a good balance of serious and light hearted who can handle the shift solo.
  11. Might do an Essendon fan and complain that the game wasn't moved somewhere more people could see it.
  12. Liam Jarrah, Brock McClean, Brent Maloney and Ricky Pettard needed a thread like this 10 years ago.
  13. This is undeniably a good thing but geez our salary cap must be bursting.
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