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  1. From a purely ruthless perspective, if the AFL really want a team there they should turn the tap off on a Victorian club and force them to merge with Gold Coast. The Suns get the influx of players that should help them become a good side and a spot in the league opens for a brand new Tasmanian team. I can't see the locals going mad for a warmed up corpse of a club parachuted from interstate - and from the perspective of running the joint imagine having to balance the north and south of your own state AND a faction of Victorian based fans of the relocated side?
  2. Surely nobody buys one of these for themselves. The market has to be 99% throwaway Christmas gifts and Kris Kringles.
  3. May missing the All Australian top 40 is the voting irregularity that should be investigated.
  4. He'll do. And now that McDonald (and Brown?) is staying we've got a backup.
  5. There would have to be people still fawning over everything Buckley and Eddie do. It's a cult.
  6. If the Howe experience is anything to go by that means he'll be playing full forward by round 4.
  7. I reckon they were the polar opposite. Tom was fine at defending but his kicking was ropey, Oscar is alright at kicking (albeit usually no more than about 15 minutes) but gets killed against an opponent.
  8. He must have smelt desperation a million miles away. Three years always ridiculous - if he's still good enough in two the Cats will give him a third.
  9. Surely not going to go interstate again when he's got a contract. Different if Freo was ready to turf him and he had no other option. Let's be really nice to him until he comes out of contract and then snatch him on the cheap if he's looking good.
  10. That's the sort of deal that has got them where they are today - financially clinging on by a thread. $1.3 billion for exclusive rights to Freo vs Gold Coast at 4.40 on a Sunday, good thinking.
  11. Doesn't matter what anybody except Channel 7 want. They own the league now. I suspect they don't want any less games, so either it stays the same or teams play each other more often. Still, I look forward to hearing more from fans of clubs who can be 99.9% sure their side will never fold, merge or relocate.
  12. 1. Petracca against GWS 2. Petracca against North 3. The field
  13. Any big bastard forwards who can take a mark? We're not going to find Lance Franklin Mk. 2 but somebody who can take the heat off Weideman would be good.
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