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  1. Yep, and many supporters will be thinking "why didn't I enjoy it while we were good?"
  2. I can't understand training reports unless framed by some obscure 1950s TV reference
  3. Great insight, such a well spoken fella. Thanks Andy
  4. Jakey Wever! Great interview 👏
  5. A lip reader on reddit reckoned he said "[censored] me he looks about 12" and pointed at Windsor 😂
  6. This is the sort of whisper I've been waiting for since we picked him up. Same here ie feeling. Allen Jakovich vibes
  7. Hoping not to transgress the rules around what we can discuss... A big question last week was why we played Clarrie. I wonder if they are conscious of what resting him will do to his mental health, given how his injury last year seemed to trigger the tumult that came his way. I really want him to get his finger right, but can imagine that those consideration were weighed into the decision to play him.
  8. 3 tough weeks, everyone clearly spent from the get go. I'll take 2/3. Salem out hurt us early and nobody but Max able to get to the level. Posters throwing toys out of the cot need to reflect on all the other times they've overreacted. Shouldn't have to go back too far to find examples. Move on, take the flattering scoreboard into the bye and hit our winter at the G from a solid 4-2 position. Go Dees.
  9. Adorable. He also did something I often do while watching us... Whispers in awe: "Here comes Oliver"
  10. It's a baffling aspect of today's world that people get free content with hours of work behind it, yet complain as if they're a shareholder or something. You do terrific work fellas and it has really grown beautifully over the years . If the pod had a flavour it would be umami 😘👌
  11. Love the expat love fellas. Can echo all those who describe how integral you are to keeping us all attached to our club. Thank you! P.S @DutchDemons and I have the international MFC museum in Amsterdam for anyone visiting 😂
  12. In seriousness, though, such a professional performance. Love the Happy Dees vibe. Love belting Hawthorn and love witnessing this period of dominance. ❤️💙
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