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  1. Yep - I've been thinking about that game this week. I was sitting near some annoying Pies supporters, and there was this one guy who, every time the ball was kicked in the direction of Cox in the forward line said: "Where's he at? Where's he at?" And unerringly, Cox marked it.
  2. I agree. Gus intercepted about 4,000 kicks and 2,300 handballs - most of them on the wing I was on. Crazy good positioning and ball sense. Agree his kicking has become a bit 'loopy' and uncertain...
  3. I just got an email from MFC talking about the ticketing “Redemption Window”. I feel this is appropriate terminology given the Demons’ chance for redemption is now. btw, any tips on getting tickets anywhere near my regular tickets? Lately, despite best efforts, we seem to end up on the other side of the ground.
  4. That was a great night. So good to have some belief again and watch the Dees play consistent, high quality footy. A long, long way to go, but will enjoy this unfamiliar feeling. That run from Hunt that ended with the Nibbler goal was incredible. And how good was Lever. Salem and Trac epic. Fingers crossed we can keep this effort and hunger going.
  5. I hear you. But I think you’re completely discounting the huge psychological impact. Imagine Dusty playing his 250th and Jonesy being denied his 300th in the same game. Morale killer. Jonesy absolutely plays this week.
  6. It’s a shame that the recovery time for each team is so different heading into a marquee game like this. Richmond played on Thursday and we played late Sunday. We saw last year the difference an extra day can make in leg fatigue. This is 4 days difference. It would have been nice to see the Dees up against the Tiges with a similar recovery time, just to see what the difference is between the teams at this point. I’m not saying we’ll definitely lose, not by any stretch, but it’s a tall ask.
  7. 6. Gawn 5. Lever 4. TMac 3. Oliver 2. Pickett 1. Langdon
  8. 6. Oliver 5. Salem 4. Tomlinson 3. Petracca 2. Pickett 1. Gawn
  9. Yeah right. That surprises me tbh. Maybe butchered is the wrong word then. Indecisive early, but definitely got better. Maybe too many short, go nowhere handballs etc. a bit rusty, and as someone else said, maybe trialling a new clearance approach...
  10. 6. May 5. Lever 4. Tmac 3. Petracca 2. Jordon 1. Spargo Thought Clarry got better and as usual racked up the possessions, but boy he butchered a lot. Spargo - obv a fan - but he is the link man. Sees the plays and executes - good defensive pressure too. Will get more consistent.
  11. This will be a break out game for me, I just feel it in my finely honed bones.
  12. Actually, to fess up, she booked them...that's a worry...
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