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  1. MFCSS-prompted idea: I think there should be a rule that if your club hasn’t won a flag for 50 years or more and it gets into the GF, it automatically wins. Like if you’re leading the Tour de France going into the final stage. Everyone just shows up to the ground, walks around swilling champagne and playing kick to kick. (But I really do want us to win it straight-up and I'm trying to enjoy the moment)
  2. Another funny comment on the Hawthorn forum this morning: ”I’ve already taken my pants off so they can’t be pulled down later.” let’s hope we find a way to do that.
  3. Look, at the risk of getting torn to shreds here, I don't mind BT is short doses. That comment re: "It's sooooo quieeeett..." during one of our recent games did actually make me lol. But yeah, substance? Nah...
  4. I assume we play the 22 fit players left on our list. Maybe let them choose where they want to play. That's funny.
  5. Yeah, I saw their injury list and soon-to-be-returning players - scary.
  6. I especially agree with your last comment - watching them live last Saturday, they looked very defensive in mindset, all across the ground. To the point of being scared to take any risks at all. That tended to slow down ball movement, and made our F50 entries even harder. The last quarter was noticeably more dynamic and bold. I'm certainly worried about our form and prospects, but what gives me hope is that maybe of they get that defensive/attacking balance tweaked, things will become better and yes, more fun for the players. It also has a side effect of putting more pressure on the opposition, of course, as mistakes are punished.
  7. There's a member special on at Dan's:
  8. Look, I can't deny that I miss my time in the KGB...
  9. Me too - I really like the GWS song and think the Suns one sucks. Worst in league, no question. But very happy to hear the latter not the former this week!!
  10. I was lucky enough to see the MFC email a few minutes before the 1 pm ‘priority’ members email, in between my endless Zoom meetings and baking sourdough bread. I managed to get seats a couple of bays next to my original seats which we’ve sat in once for the last season and a half. I’m very, very excited, and will yell at the umpires on behalf of anyone who has missed out. But, I have now trained myself not to boo. (Well, I booed twice last time, but it has been a steadily declining occurrence, so I think/hope I’m cured now, having heard the Essenboohoos.) go Dees.
  11. 18,000 vs 1,500? Is that the proportional difference in our member numbers? ;-)
  12. Yep - I've been thinking about that game this week. I was sitting near some annoying Pies supporters, and there was this one guy who, every time the ball was kicked in the direction of Cox in the forward line said: "Where's he at? Where's he at?" And unerringly, Cox marked it.
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