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  1. Salem was the Supreme Architect this afternoon. Back to his precise, poised, best. We are an 80% better team with him playing like that. Very impressive.
  2. Yep. Reminds me of that joke about the optimist and pessimist. The pessimist says, “This can’t get any worse.” To which the optimist replies, “oh yes it can!”
  3. 6 Gawn 5 Salem 4 Tomlinson 3 Viney 2 May 1 Petracca Apologies to TMac, Langers and ANB. Great last quarter by Oliver, but was well off in first half.
  4. Yeah it feels like we’ve definitely thrown the baby out with the bath water, then drank our own bath water (that previously had the baby in it), and then West Coast gave us a bath. Lots of bath salts over here.
  5. This. Momentum counts for a lot after all. See Pies last two seasons.
  6. 6 Kozzie 5 ANB 4 Salem 3 Viney 2 Oliver 1 Rivers
  7. They gave us a bath in every department. No excuses.
  8. There’s someone on the commentary team that’s got no idea whatsoever. I think he might have played. If so, what the hell was he doing?????????
  9. *warning: absurdist thought* If the Dees had also been playing in this game (three teams on the field), it would have been a 3-way tie; all on 85 points.
  10. Yep, hate to admit it but…the guy is…classy?
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