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  1. Wardlaw, Ashcroft shine as No.1 pick contenders show their wares
  2. 6. Clayton Oliver 5. Christian Petracca 4. Tom Sparrow 3. Tom McDonald 2. James Jordon 1. Bailey Fritsch
  3. It’s a Catch 22 situation. If he performs to a high standard, someone else will draft him in the first 40. If not, then he’s available if we want him. Where’s the incentive to develop young players if other clubs gain from the fruits of our labour?
  4. MRP finding Braydon Preuss, GWS GIANTS, has been charged with Striking David Mundy, Fremantle, during the third quarter of the Round Four match between Fremantle and the GWS GIANTS played at Optus Stadium on Saturday April 9, 2022. In summary, he can accept a one-match sanction with an early plea. Based on the available evidence, the incident was assessed as Intentional Conduct, Low Impact, High Contact. The incident was classified as a one-match sanction as a first offence. The player can accept a one-match sanction with an early plea.
  5. There are 72 picks left (less any that might be passed on). Plenty of horseflesh to go under the bridge.
  6. Who would take Andrew if not GWS? The supporters of other clubs on various other online sites I’m reading are only lukewarm about him are more interested in the more popular midsized players in the draft. Gold Coast, Fremantle, St Kilda?
  7. But it’s not a matter of whether you like the player but whether you’re making your selection decision based on picking the best player available. That’s no longer the case when people talk of selecting on needs alone or on a vision of what a player might be three or four years down the track.
  8. I don’t think that’s a likely scenario because by 19 GWS doesn’t have any picks left to go before 20 anyway. There’s also a chance that GWS won’t match themselves.
  9. By leaving out Hore and Declase, we will have room for Taj Woewodin. Depending on how things pan out in the draft, we would also have scope to rookie AMW as a Category B but he’s more in the long term speculative development mode.
  11. Thanks - I can see him kicking on the right for starters ...
  12. Is Justin Leppitsch under consideration or was he burned by his experience in Brizvegas when they had a [email protected] list?
  13. Great news ... is that state match still available anywhere for viewing?
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