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  1. But I thought it was MFC deciding where he goes depending on the best trade?
  2. Harsh - maybe its more of a reflection of everyone outside of Melb knowing our small forwards were not performing to the same level they were in 2021 but our coach being extremely reluctant to make changes or take a few risks with selection or positional changes
  3. The club should ignore Cornes and do two things 1. All it can to make Kossie happy with his life in Melbourne 2. Sign a new contract before the start of next season If they can't get these done it will become another ugly circus very very quickly
  4. Pretty sure it’s the bit about Jack being midfield depth - he isn’t he is the one that usually sets the standard and when he is fit and firing we win almost always
  5. None of those have Hunts pace which imo we lack - Turner is a tall defender Bowey is ripper and I really hope locks down a best 22 spot next year Rivers is a bit hit and miss so in that respect on a par with Hunt without the speed I hope Laurie and Howes are surprise packets next year but I haven’t seen enough at VFL level to feel confident about that
  6. Is Jackson going for $s ? I thought it was some pressing need to live in WA. I’m sure he was offered good money to stay but there were other reasons than just cash Who are the kids about to pass Hunt - please don’t suggest Laurie or Howes as both are a very long way off in my opinion Great midfield depth ? Really we’ve been lucky that both Trac, Viney and Clarry have been available most weeks - one or two get an injury and we looked thin especially if Harmes is going. Dunstan is an honest footballer but that’s it
  7. Agree - I was really just responding to the idea that “we are a destination club and for the right price players want to play with us” personally I think that’s just BS Most players will look after their own interests - they will seek success if they crave it , they will seek money if that drives them , they will run home if they are that way inclined The idea that we dangle a carrot in front of any player and they will rush to play for MFC as a destination club is pretty naïve if you ask me
  8. Well we paid up big time to get both Lever and May - not saying they haven’t been great for our team but May I believe was quite happy to play for the filth but we had the draft hand to get the deal done In Grundy - he is really being pushed out the door because they don’t like his contract - jury out whether he will perform at the highest level for the balance of his contract - hopefully he can get really fit over the summer and perform Dunstan can’t get a game - absent injuries I don’t see that changing Tomlinson can’t get a game - absent injuries I don’t see that changing Hibberd I rate highly but really doubt he has much left in the tank beyond 2023 Melksham performed better than I expected but when the heat was on went missing at the pointy end Ben Brown - his best was well and truly behind him when he arrived Langdon is a great wingman and was a fantastic acquisition
  9. Luke Jackson, Toby Bedford, Jayden Hunt, and maybe James Harmes all say G’day
  10. The ability to run, carry and bounce is quite important in getting the ball past opposition teams defensive zones - these skills are something that JH has - not saying he is faultless but I like what he brings and would prefer he stays
  11. Maybe but if we finish up losing Jackson and replacing him with Naughton and Grundy I’d say that’s a pretty good outcome
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