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  1. If Brown plays poorly for the next game or two we can and should expect him to play at Casey
  2. Yep he has - however its a big jump from VFL to AFL as he and others have shown time and time again Ben Brown has a body of work at AFL level that quite frankly leaves Weid for dead and that is why he got the call first For the record I have always doubted the recruitment of Brown - he does in my opinion have some significant deficiencies, however despite what I think he's kicked a lot of goals for a team that was fairly average so he must be doing some things well Weid seems like a well balanced young man with a sensible head on his shoulders he knows that if he keeps performin
  3. We are about 1/3 the way through the H&A season He had a significant setback with injury which means he is behind others at this stage He - like everyone else he needs to earn his position - he is progressing ok and the coach has publicly stated he is an important player current/future Bottom line is that a bit of patience is required all round - he will get his chance no doubt Will he take it and lock himself into best 22 - that is the big unknown
  4. Great news and IMHO the correct outcome - very fair player - no intent - purely accidental Fritta has become a very important player and critical that he keeps playing and remains in good form if we are to kick winning scores
  5. Great to have Trac on board for the ride Says to me there is some real belief amongst this group of young guns Hope they can achieve great things together - will be special for everyone
  6. Its April - yes things are going well Have we actually achieved anything like what we should be aspiring to - NO Keep the lid on until we have the job done - a premiership cup is what this group should want - anything less is a disappointment There is a long long long way to go in this season - much can change and change quickly Hope not but we need to remain fully focused on every training session, every contest, every quarter, every match till Max holds the Cup in the air
  7. Good luck BBB - you will need to perform as others are waiting for your spot !
  8. Charlie is a smart footballer - not a big possession player but his influence is significant - when he does get a possession it is usually constructive or leads to a scoring opportunity - rarely if ever wastes it Nice to see him finally getting some recognition
  9. Paid up member - no email Need to upgrade my membership ?
  10. Sorry to burst the happy / blue sky bubble But how are we spoilt with choice exactly ? Our forward line is getting the job done largely because our midfield and back six are performing well by getting repeat inside 50s and stopping the opposition from scoring Fritta - rate him highly but not a KPF TMac - looks like he has returned to some good form but even now not kicking bags of goals BBB - past performance is no guarantee of future performance - lets hope he can deliver when he finally gets his chance but totally untested in a MFC jumper at senior level yet Weid - so many d
  11. I thought I'd read that Goodwin has already stated that both wont play this week and that Weid was the one most likely - He said he was not wanting to make too many changes to a team that so far at least has got the job done
  12. Blow it up - hand it to every MFC player now and let them think about how they are going to shove it down their throats this weekend They didn't look much chop round 1 against Carlton They beat Hawthorn by 29 points in round 2 - whoopee They lost to the swans round 3 - whoops They lost to PA by 2 points round 4 - decent effort that one Smashed the saints who I regard as being massively over rated They are no better than WC, WB , PA in my opinion any of those three can beat Richmond on their day If MFC are serious we need to be added to that list
  13. Not a fan of Tex he’s the biggest peacock going around but I have to agree his kicking action is v v good
  14. I would imagine it is reflective of clearances from centre bounces - ruck dominance if effective in getting your midfielders possession should in theory play a big part in this
  15. Love your enthusiasm but you may need to change your name to “red and blue optimist” These guys need a good solid block of training and match sim before they even get considered
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