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  1. I hope that isn't serious - he has had such a terrible run and deserves to have some luck
  2. Jake Bowey can play footy - has very good balance, good side step and dare I say it you could argue is already the best kick on the list Bailey Laurie seems a natural footballer - he has very good hands and awareness in traffic - I still have a slight question mark on speed but overall quite promising Fraser Rosman I think has potential but may take a bit more time than others hoped
  3. You could argue we have tried to do that too - but alas they just get injured
  4. Cupping is supposed to promote better blood flow and relief of muscle pain - no idea if it works Probably to ease pain from a corky or similar
  5. One day we will finally run out of pathetic excuses and win a flag
  6. I'm not suggesting they have zero interest - obviously they do What I am suggesting is that the gap that exists between best and worst for some players on our list is too big and not acceptable if they ever want to seriously challenge. The better teams don't tend to have such a wide gap in performance levels. They don't have huge lapses in concentration or application. They don't have teams scoring multiple unanswered goals repeatedly week after week. They don't have what seems to be significant drop offs in intensity from week to week or from quarter to quarter. Occasionally - maybe, but
  7. Last time I checked our list isn't performing that well - if the newbies are good enough, fit enough and hungrier for success then I'm all for replacing some of those who seem comfortable with going through the motions
  8. This rule seems very unnecessary to me - I can see games won and lost simply by someone standing the mark moving laterally by one step - maybe even just getting balanced 50m penalty for what has no real bearing on the ability of the player to effectively dispose of the ball just seems crazy
  9. Ok here we go champ Marks per game Daw 3.6 vs 3.5 Goals per game Daw 0.8 vs 1.0 One percenters per game Daw 3.2 vs 1.3 I wasn't necessarily saying he was an ideal replacement for Weid but he could fill a need now that Weid has found another way of going MIA. I know there is a lot of love for the Weid but if you look at facts he has yet to prove he is anything like a consistent or significant contributor to team success I am not being critical of Sam and hope like everyone he reaches his full "potential" which he hasn't gone close to - yet !
  10. According to Footywire they were both drafted in 2015 - Weid in National draft, Daw in Rookie draft
  11. If he is fit and ready to play to his best then low risk option IMO and good insurance given our current injuries We do have a history of recruiting players from other teams who are unable to get themselves on the park - is he good to go ? Surprised when I compared his career stats to the Weid Drafted in same year Played more games Averaged more kicks More tackles More hitouts More contested possessions Same disposal efficiency
  12. Agree with BBB and Weid both missing its going to be critical that LJ takes a big step up
  13. I really do feel sorry for Sam and hope he recovers quickly Having said that he is certainly extremely gifted at finding ways of not managing to fulfill his much talked about potential Time is running out imo
  14. Wow that was quick ! Better get him onto the LT injury list and promote somebody next to useless so we all feel better
  15. I genuinely hope none of the players or coaches read that Please stay focused and understand there is much to do to even get into the finals - whilst having lots of potential this group has achieved very little to date
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