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  1. In his highlights the two left-handed handballs in traffic are almost exactly the way Robbie handballed - we can dream
  2. Is it just me or is there a hint of the great man himself R Flower. Obviously, a big call but the way he handballs and moves reminds me of a young Robbie. We can only dream.
  3. So why did we go and get McAdam (186cms) and Billings (185cms) I could be wrong, but we seem to be loading up on similar types when we have needs elsewhere. Hope they are confident of keeping Petty beyond next season.
  4. I get the Windsor pick but this one has me scratching my head Not sure with the existing small forwards and the addition of those two above this was a pressing need Maybe they think he can evolve into a midfielder
  5. I’d prefer to keep 6&11 thx
  6. I agree, it feels like it's more likely that WC take what has been offered by MFC which IMO is quite generous or Reid is picked by WC, and they live with the threat of him wanting to go home which despite what anyone says would be real. Noth need to build their list and one player albeit considered to be very good doesn't really help them do that.
  7. Interesting he sees himself in a similar space to LJ - tall that is mobile and athletic both with basketball backgrounds. Hopefully he is a late developer, and we can get a good return for the modest investment.
  8. I'd be open to a move back to my birthplace for $1m a year. Right now, it's not an option and therefore I'm not considering a move back. I think the $$$$ may well play a part in this - only a few would know the real situation and I'm sure none of those are posting here.
  9. Based on the little bit I’ve seen I’d probably rate O'Sullivan ahead of Curtain but have to admit small sample
  10. So would I but I'm 100% sure I wouldn't get a kick and would be subbed off before quarter time due to lack of fitness
  11. Rivers and Howes are totally different players - if you think Howes is capable of what Rivers can deliver I simply don't see that at all. Rivers is a strong unit and has become a very good intercept mark. Howes is a wide receiver, good disposal and generally good decision maker but not much beyond that atm.
  12. Maybe when he retires 🤔
  13. Fullarton and Verrall are almost clones in terms of height and weight. Will has less time in the system and was interrupted by injury in 2023 - I still hold hopes for him developing into a good AFL footballer. Both have the best ruck in the business to learn from - hopefully one or both put in a very big summer and surprise us all. Neither are really big enough to ruck against the really big boys at AFL level IMO but at least they can jump off the ground and capable at marking the ball.
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