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  1. Hilarious - after watching some of the Olympics soccer I'd guess this fragile petal has fallen on a nasty Bindi in the grass Biggest bunch of fakers and whimps ever - the slightest glance they all fall down like they are decapitated - then 5 seconds later they are up and about sprinting down the ground Completely unwatchable
  2. Have we ? last time I checked we were 3rd, 2 points clear of 4th and 6 pts clear of 5th Our destiny is still very much in our own hands - if that want it bad enough top 4 is still very achievable I'm not convinced we are the real deal - YET - hopefully our coaches and players can prove me wrong
  3. Fritta is about the least likely on our list to cause physical pain to an opposition player - other than by accident Dermie is a fool of the highest order the sooner he is sent to pasture the better
  4. Not sure Melksham is that great on the set shot I’ve seen him stink it up big time On the run or snapping he seems to be pretty good but not the set shot
  5. Jake Bowey is very very good by foot and arguably our most precise field kick from the little I’ve seen I’m not saying he should be playing seniors yet but him delivering into forward 50 would help a great deal - of course someone still needs to kick straight - that seems a giant problem still I’m still staggered how professional footballers are capable of missing goals by big margins from as little as 35 metres - if asked to kick to someone that distance away at training under no pressure there is no way they would miss by 5 + metres - it is all in the head
  6. Really good teams win games irrespective of umpiring
  7. Oliver gets the ball a lot but OMG can he please think about what he does when he kicks it - blind bombing into the F 50 is just really dumb football
  8. I’m disappointed but pleased Sportsbet paid out my line bet on Hawthorn +42.5 points The MFC are the best bet going when they go into a game as hot favourites I still struggle to see how we are top of ladder - this team just takes a holiday when they really should bury teams Hard to feel confident they can perform when it really matters - finals
  9. BT is an absolute peanut 🥜
  10. Tom Lynch bloody hopeless
  11. So these flogs have apparently requested a change of venue for their next round clash against Richmond moving it from MCG as scheduled to Geelong what a complete joke I really hope the AFL put them back in their tiny filthy box
  12. I wouldn’t call either slow - maybe not express but hardly slow
  13. Final of the world championship for end of beard to tip of nose competition
  14. If ever there was a reason to want to finish top of the table it is to deny this bunch of flogs
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