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  1. Surely the AFL has something worthwhile to focus on and not this dribble
  2. Agree but I’d definitely add LJ - imo a huge loss in so many ways
  3. I would or call any of the following A graders based on 2024 form Fullarton McAdam Billings Hunter Our inability to attract players that can have an immediate impact to offset player departures has cost us imho Irrespective of where we finish this season I sincerely hope our list gets the shakeup it needs and we can attract some players that can contribute meaningfully in 2025 and beyond
  4. Hasn’t exactly delivered a huge return for AMW or the club at senior level has it ?
  5. Unlikely we are a bit too nice at the MFC to do that Haven’t seen a physically imposing MFC during a game for a couple of years tbh
  6. Shame nobody in the FD listened to you
  7. I struggle with the CFC comparison the reality is that with no Trac, Lever, Brayshaw, Smith , unfit or hopelessly out of form Petty, Oliver, Viney, BBB, etc our list is nowhere near theirs atm Our once celebrated midfield now looks one of the comps worst , our forwards are inconsistent or just not threatening and our backline is very suspect if/when the ball hits the ground Hard to see this team really threatening any time soon
  8. Anyone not buying a membership probably doesn’t truly belong on hear tbh
  9. I reckon we play better away from the mcg these days irrespective of the opposition
  10. Get well Trac your health and full recovery is all that concerns me and all demon supporters Our fingers are crossed you make a full and speedy recovery
  11. Langdon says more duck than dinner - next time he fronts up to the scum he is pulverised the first time he takes possession Jack Watts high profile debut - the scum rub his private school boy nose in the turf Seems like there is a clear difference in approach Not to sure ours is working for us atm
  12. I’ve heard the Daicos boys say they always had and have a footy in their hands and kicking constantly Pity some of our guys don’t have the same elite kicking skills would be very handy
  13. Pity the report didn’t include a description of plenty of players receiving a big 🚀 But thanks v much nonetheless
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