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  1. In the eyes of the bookies too! I don't bet of football matches but the odds are ridiculously skewed Brisbane's way. The results of both Melbourne and Brisbane against the other finalists over the year are eerily similar. Even in our only loss for the year (against Brisbane) we were in front at 3/4 time. This is going to be a cracking GF and make no mistake, we are a HUGE chance. Can't wait!
  2. Jason Taylor is going to be interviewed by Cal Twomey on AFL Live App today at 12.30. I'm sure we'll find out then exactly who we're interested in
  3. Don't forget George did his ACL in August and won't play in '23. It would be a big ask of him to be firing in '24 off that injury. Maybe they both will be truly AFL ready around the same time eg '25?
  4. Like Tayla Harris, I'm sure you'll get up for the Grannie WCW. Also, seeing it's the last AFLW game next week I'd like to thank you for the great insight you have provided to Demonland on the AFLW and all things MFC. You always have a positive slant on things and I love reading your posts. We are lucky to have you. ❤
  5. A bloke who kicks 6 goals in a GF, including a quick 2 that started the revival that won the flag, then followed up by being the only AFL player to kick a goal in every round the next season is abused in a restaurant? I cannot think of comment that won't get me suspended from Demonland. Whatever you think I'm thinking - triple it!
  6. I'm not necessarily advocating Petty as a permanent forward, I just want to know if he is a viable plan B if needed. Currently we don't have enough evidence. I like the look of JVR at Casey and by all means, play him so we know, but I rather he not think we are totally reliant upon him. Let him develop naturally. It then allows Turner to be given his opportunity also. Without injury, it would be hard for him to get picked before May/Lever/Petty but he deserves his chance. There is such a thing as being too safe. We need the flexibility when required, as it will be.
  7. Either way, during the season we need to find out over several games if Petty can play forward and Turner can hold down a key back position. The beauty being this can happen in the same games. Let's not wait until the last 5 minutes of the season again.
  8. Bummer! Parcel from MFC was for my granddaughter who lives in Canberra. Why it was sent to me I don't know as she gets special deal offers from the club when we play at Manuka, being a Canberra member, so they know! Confusing. Don't worry 58er, I'll call the club tomorrow, I just didn't want to leave Demonlanders hanging
  9. You may be the club house leader 58er, 58 years - nice one. As I said, I wasn't concerned or complaining nor expected anyone here to assist, merely like several others mentioning it hadn't yet arrived. All that said, I checked the Aus Post tracking number and apparantley it's been sitting at the local PO since Friday
  10. Cheers DeeZone. I'm not concerned or complaining really. Packs came much later last season. We are rural so expect to be a little behind anyway.
  11. 44 year full member, renewed in August with my MCC. Still waiting.
  12. Absolutely Brownie. My wife had no interest in AFL at all until we met 12 years ago. She is definitely a MFC men's fan (she will nervously watch them even when I'm not home) and happily talk footy with anyone. She still struggles with the technical aspects and tactics of the game but importantly can instantly tell you if a free was there or not. Simply, if Melbourne YES, Opponent (loudly) NO. Also, very early on she developed a hatred of one club and one club only. Geelong. Mention Joel Selwood and you will see a sneer to match Billy Idol and hear language to that rivals Sid Vicious. What a woman!
  13. Thanks Brownie and you'd think so, wouldn't you. I watched last week's match standing (I couldn't sit) in front of the TV whilst she did domestic duties around me. I constantly beckoned her to see the many special plays during the match (which she did) and I did hear several 'yes dear' comments, which I took as enthusiasm. Bannon's run even got a 'that WAS good'. She reiterated today that she wouldn't have a problem with me going and she is sincere. It remains a temptation, so maybe the door isn't shut. Needless to say, if it was the GF the SNAG in me would be
  14. Will be having a rare Melbourne CBD (10th wedding anniversary) stay with my beautiful - MFC converted - wife on Saturday. She only follows the men however, but graciously said I can go. It's so tempting, but as always, I put her before all other women - even those wearing red and blue. I look forward to Demonland reports and the replay Sunday night. *I'm sure I'll have several toilet stops between 3.10 and 5.30pm Saturday
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