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  1. You are right re thoughts on the bump. Unfortunately, we know what would happen. "No, no, no....it wasn't a bump, it was a meeting of bodies, it was unavoidable contact, it was a shepherd, a smother, a Freemason greeting....." Lawyer gobbledygook and the AFL buckle, depending on the club. ⚫️⚪️ Importantly, Gus is no longer at risk. Thanks for everything #10 ❤️💙
  2. Me and the missus have now joined. ❤️💙
  3. Thanks for these reports Andy. Much appreciated. Just for clarity though, given we have 2 Browns, can you use their initials - BB or KB to distinguish.
  4. The bloke on the southern wing wasn't bad either. 🌷
  5. The simple reason being is usually the top talent is taken by the bottom teams. All of our premierships in the last 60 years have included a first year draftee. You can twist these sorts of stats to suit any argument. David King taught me that. 😉
  6. I love the bloke. I hope he finishes top 10 in their B & F. But I do also hope he hits Fritsch on the chest again when we play them. 😁
  7. Very generous to say Pruess has done well. 10 games in 3 years - all in 2022. When he's not injured, he's suspended.
  8. The lack of responses here would indicate a 'who cares' factor. In the big picture, I get that. But for what it's worth, I would think a no sub, 5 person interchange is both simpler and inevitable, so why delay it? The fact that Corn disagrees suggests that I am right. 😏
  9. I'm not sure what that means. We did the Nullarbor crossing (which I loved) in '22 and the accommodation was varied to say the least. The Farm View was easily the best value for money on the trip. I don't know the proprietors from a bar of soap. I deliberately chose Wudinna knowing Harrison is from there and was curious. I was initially going to say I couldn't understand the pull back home, but ours was a one night stopover with no time for exploring, so that would have been unfair. Especially with family, friends and memories there. All that said, it's a long way from Adelaide and like many, I suspect $$$ is the main attraction. And tbh, if the figures quoted are correct, I won't begrudge him.
  10. If ever you visit Harrison's home town of Wudinna, I can highly recommend Wudinna Farm View as a place to stay. Beautifully presented and great value. The town has terrible inflation, if the pub is any indicator, however. I had 3 glasses of wine one night, the cost of which rose by $1 each visit to the Bar. A fellow patron brought a 40 pack of smokes - $100. This was over 2years ago.
  11. Indeed, we have won 6 GF's in the year the summer Olympics were held. That's 2 more than any other team. We also won in 1940, a scheduled Olympic year, but something else was going on at the time, apparently.
  12. Coincidentally, I googled Demon Podcasts and listened to this yesterday before seeing this post. Never knew it existed. Nathan was excellent and the hosts were fine. Even gave Demonland a plug. I'll tune in again.
  13. A hard watch for those that remember. Except that I never have felt prouder of my football club that day. My God, didn't we all want to give Trisha a hug.
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