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  1. As predicted. This obvious multi week offence results in just a fine. Impossible for the MRO to defend this decision. A forearm straight to the face FFS. MATCH REVIEW: Warner learns fate for Pittonet elbow - https://www.afl.com.au/news/1131785
  2. Agree. I think K. Brown deserves a senior promotion before Laurie when the time comes.
  3. Nice assist by Jefferson. Devveloping nicely
  4. You just answered your own question. Absolutely should go, but won't. Sydney Swan in Brownlow contention.
  5. My bad. Just the Freo one then. I'll have to find something else to whinge about then. 😬
  6. Both of our WA games in July are followed by a 6 day break against a top 5 side 😖
  7. Beautifully put LitD. Max is unique in every positive way possible. I feel blessed he is captain of the 'team I love'. Upon retirement, the club should instigate a perpetual trophy to be awarded to a player that excels in a certain area. There are so many areas that he has done with us, so it's hard to single one out. Any ideas, Demonlanders?
  8. Hoping Taj continues his form from last night. I thought he was fantastic when he came on. Easily the best cameo I have seen from him.
  9. Agree with all 3 points. The slow starts can be extended to first halves. In the past 4 matches we have kicked a total of 11 goals in the first halves and 29 in the second. One or 2 matches can be considered an anomaly, but 4 is a pattern. Can this be; (a) explained (b) rectified
  10. Of course. But we are talking about the last spot on our list that was not foreseen. It would only be as a rookie and certainly not long term, at this stage. The mid season draft and talent pool is a very different scenario to the pre season draft. Think of the circumstances under which we recruited Ollie Sestan. He was picked in a team to play draft hopefuls, he wasn't considered one himself, but showed something that caught the eye of Jason Taylor. Like anyone that saw Roy in the Casey game, I had moments when my eyes widened, and mouth opened. It is obvious he has special skills that will always be in demand, and you simply find a spot for those potential match winners. Now, he may have deficiencies in other areas and we would need to do our due diligence, as they say, but as a project rookie he simply has to be considered. Just found this:
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if we see Roy George a LOT more after the mid season draft, presuming he's eligible.
  12. Doesn't his footwork remind you of someone already at the club.
  13. Always admired Rory as a footballer and human being. Would be very pleased if became part of the MFC coaching fraternity at some time in the future. Great career Rory. Good luck.
  14. Luke Darcy commentary. Boundary dangerous tackle decision. Darcy "he deliberately smacked the ground with his free hand to exaggerate contact". 3 mins later with Alir. "Higgins is in trouble for that tackle as he pinned both arms" Do they realise how f#%*& stupid they sound?
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