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  1. Might yell loudly off my back deck and annoy the neighbours.
  2. For me it's not so much about me seeing it (if we win. IF IF IF) but not seeing other people enjoying it. Will be an all time great moment in my life when we win a flag no matter where it happens but there will be some regret that I watched it in the same way I would a pre-season practice match.
  3. Injury scare a great set-up to sub Spargo off for a fresh player in the last quarter if required.
  4. There's a lot of media space to fill between now and the 25th...
  5. Look for a story about the book in The Age over the next few days, including a picture of me with sick lockdown hair.
  6. I can't have any talk of Petty forward. He's done it alright in an emergency, but the way he's playing now he could be May 2.0 by the time the original retires. Weid certainly won't be, and as much as I like him and would be happy to keep him, he should 100% go somewhere where he can play regularly.
  7. I need to rewatch the '94 Semi, not only for the Bulldogs angle, but also to see if the 10 goal burst in the third quarter was anywhere near as good as the third quarter last week.
  8. It could be the funniest haul of five goals of all time. By the end of this video when I'd seen Garry Lyon's reaction four times I was pissing myself laughing too.
  9. Have always preferred that to Farmer's goal of the year winner.
  10. Might have been having one of its periodic nervous breakdowns. It's working for me now, but the load time was slow so anything could happen next....
  11. First game - 1989 Elimination Final Worst game - As tempting as it is to say 186, the game that has given me the most trauma since was Round 6, 1992 vs Essendon when we blew the 46 point lead in the last quarter. Never trusted a lead since. Best game - 2000 Qualifying Final vs Carlton or either of the winning 2018 finals.
  12. 87 is equal third for most goals in a season. Goals Player Year 1 97 Fred Fanning 1947 2 89 Norm Smith 1941 3 87 Fred Fanning 1944 3 87 Darren Bennett 1990 5 86 Norm Smith 1940 6 80 Norm Smith 1938 7 79 Garry Lyon 1994 8 77 Gerard Healy 1982 8 77 Garry Lyon 1995 10 76 Mark Jackson 1982 10 76 Mark Jackson 1981 10 76 Jeff Farmer 2000
  13. B: Whelan, May, Lever HB: S. Febey, Ingerson, Salem C: Tingay, Oliver, Woewodin HF: Petracca, Schwarz, Bruce F: Davey, Neitz, Lyon Foll: Gawn, Jones, Yze Int: Stynes, Jakovich, Green, Wight Emg: Robertson, Johnstone , White, J. McDonald Almost tempted to slaughter the sacred cow and go for Jeff White over Stynes but I don't think the resting ruckman will need to kick too many goals with that forward line. Hayden Lamaro and Isaac Weetra stiff to miss.
  14. Nightmare flashbacks to Round 1, 2018. And not the usual ones.
  15. Thank you for your vital work Tom Browne.
  16. Whatever the TV version of clickbait is, this will be it.
  17. In the future I will be. For the rest of the 2021 calendar year I'll have to be heavily sedated.
  18. Was shot when he left us, so glad he got a couple more seasons before wrapping up.
  19. Not as many middle fingers when things are going well for them.
  20. Considering they're playing to the home audience, the K-Rock one is surprisingly even handed. Don't expect them to get excited but at least they admit the 50 was there, unlike 5AA who would have argued for a free the other way.
  21. It's amusing how the AFL has spent years (unsuccessfully) trying to force teams to attack more, then this bloke is given the boot specifically for not defending enough. They might hire him to replace Hocking.
  22. Cripes, I don't know what to think anymore.
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