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  1. To be fair to the club, in recent years (I'm talking 2000+) there haven't been too many delistings/trading out that have hurt the club. And while they haven't all worked out, a number of players that we have brought in to the club have played some very capable roles for us. Just need to look at our current "best 22" that would see May, Lever and Langdon up there with the first picked.
  2. Ernie, would the Brent Grgic to Geelong situation run a close 2nd?
  3. It's an interesting point - I went for a period probably in the early 2000s where I lost some touch with the NBA, after being obsessed with it through the 80s and 90s. Over the past 5-10 years, I have found that it's a horrific version of what the game used to be like (it's not the only code I'd say that about). The junior teams that I have coached have frustrated the hell out of me. The obsession with becoming the next Curry means they want to spend time at training shooting 3s, yet in game time, their lay-up % on a fast break would barely be 50%, and free throws even worse (I still ha
  4. Ah, the old Steph Curry comeback in a 3-pointer argument. Generally, the league average for 3-points made is around 1 in 3. And further to that, of the total rebounds, only 1 in 4 are offensive rebounds. An interesting side note - the league averages for free throws is around 75%. Curry is well above league average (no surprise there), consistently hitting 40+% of his 3s, and regularly over 90% of his free throws. Moral of the story? Do the basics right. Players in the NBA, the most elite level of their sport, have a 66% chance of missing a 3-pointer, and when they do, it is 75% lik
  5. I heard they bought an old desk off Cameron Schwab. Presuming it will be placed in one of the drawers...
  6. I wouldn't be punting on 2021 being significantly better. Be a good idea to take your own advice about keeping expectations low at this stage.
  7. So, a community series where clubs play their home game away from the mainstream ovals, yet Geelong plays theirs at GMHBA Stadium? (*only other team that are playing their home.game at home is the Gold Coast).
  8. Petty training with the backs is a no-brainer for mine. We have 3 quality tall forwards, which I strongly believe, all things equal, that we go in to Round 1 with next year. We can always play with 2 if one gets injured, and if 2 of them are out, it'll depend on which two they are as to how we line up (ie if Brown and Weid are out, we will need another tall, which could easily be McDonald/Petty to fill the gap, or if it's Jackson and Weid out, I'd imagine they'll play Brown and possibly Mitch Brown or Fritsch as the 2nd target). Down the other end, however, our key posts aren't batting
  9. Three questions for mine; 1. Has any club ever been unhappy with their draft results on the night of the draft? 2. What is the logic behind our first two selections in particular? Both sub-180cm, aimed at playing the small forward role where we used a first round pick last year to fill that need (Kosi) while also having Spargo on the list. Yes, they have claimed that both of these new players can push up on to the wing, but given what the modern wingman look like (see Langdon, as well as the drafting of Rosman, a 194cm wing), I just see these two selections as head-scratching at th
  10. Not rocket science, just target companies/industries that have thrived during this time. The wine consumption in my house has certainly increased, so we've ticked that box. In the coming days I expect Sorbent to be announced as our next Back of Jumper sponsor...
  11. They had a good year where the opposition most weeks would've put minimal time in to. These 3 have shown that with the right development from here on, they should be extremely good players for the MFC. Reality is, we have no idea if Egan's departure will be a good/bad thing, because we don't know how much of an impact he has in the development of certain players. Given he is reasonably well respected in the AFL circles, I'm going with the "he will be a loss" story, but I'd be confident to think that he is replaceable and his departure won't set us back.
  12. Can you guys just beat it with these egg jokes already.
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