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  1. Did anyone watch The Front Bar last night? Special guest was Carl Ditterich who was a player and coach at Melbourne in the 70's but played mostly at St Kilda. He was brutal as the clips showed. The funny thing was, he went through several glasses of beer during the show. Most people on the show who have a glass in front of them, just play with it, maybe having a sip at most, but not Carl. He was guzzling. He was interesting on Phil Carmen (not a team player) and couldn't understand how Robbie Flower never won a Brownlow. Not surprising when he never won a Dees B &
  2. Happy 85th birthday Ron Barassi! I haven't seen him or heard of him for quite a while. Does anyone know how he's travelling?
  3. What happened to all of last year's scarves? I couldn't get to my local collection point and they quickly ran out anyway apparently. Does the club have them stored? I'd like to get one, as do some Demon mates.
  4. Blair only played a dozen games for Melbourne in 1969 after crossing from Richmond. I think his career was curtailed by bad knees. He was a short, chunky rover and sticks in my memory for a couple of reasons. He kicked goals from difficult angles using the banana kick. If he didn't invent the banana kick, he was certainly the first to use it consistently in the 60's. Blair was also a useful cricketer, bowling left arm wrist spin for Victoria. I remember him in a last wicket stand with Alan "Froggy" Thomson. Both of them couldn't bat but they put together a good and entertainin
  5. A fellow long time Demon supporter told me Hassa turned 80 on Wednesday. What a great player he was! Premiership player, club captain, state representative, member of The Galahs and MFC team of the century. Then, later in his career, after success as a playing coach in the West he returned to the club in administration. As an aside, why did our players go to WA? Big Bob Johnson and dashing half back also left us with plenty of games left in them, as did Hassa. Were we so arrogant in those days we'd say "we don't need you, we'll win without you?" Does anyone remember Hassa'
  6. Max may well get the lion's share of the hit outs like last week. But the opposition soon starts roving to him and get the clearances. Our mid fielders and Max need to adjust to this to take advantage of his hit out domination.
  7. May has only played about 8 for us. This was his first poor one. He's good. Forgive him one bad one. Nibbler played his best ever quarter for us. Disappeared after that though.
  8. I seem to remember he donated $5,000 in the drive to help get the club out of financial trouble. Then he went to Carlton. Erratic behaviour.
  9. What is it with the WCE? Ex players in trouble so frequently. Cuzz Kerr Mainwaring Gardiner Chick ... and now Laidley
  10. how many ads? Wilson, always held the ball too long Alan Johnson, terrific player Duursma pretty good Jimmy shows his talent Strawbs no good even before injured why did we clear Spalding to Carlton?
  11. Chris Aitken High Flying full forward late 60's plagued by ankle problems. Older brother of Wilbur Wilde
  12. Back to The Ox and Marko, I see The Rothfield family end up with an 11% ownership of the company controlling SEN. Now who is replacing the Run Home Team?
  13. Talking through your pocket dee-eee?
  14. Viney can not be considered a Grade A player as he has no right side and the opposition now exploits this, leaving him with nowhere to go except straight into a tackle. I can't remember a left footer with no right side ever developing one. He seems to be doomed to be a limitted player. Use him as a tagger.
  15. If we thought he was so good, why were we happy to unload him to Richmond?
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