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  1. This one really gets me in the feels, reminds me of walking to the footy with the old man, he resplendent in Dees merch from head to toe. Love ya dad, miss you and heading along to the G, Waverley, Kardinia park and the grounds in between.
  2. I signed up in ‘08 to keep a link to footy and the Dees while living in London. Man what a ride it’s been. I hope a heap who had jumped off the Dees over the years have been lurking on here again and do come back to post in the excitement of today (not Rangey…).
  3. When did you start working with the Kardashian/West’s?
  4. Right so Gawn is now the longest serving member the current MFC list and Tmac has played the most games (for MFC @192)…. We could really snag a few flags here.
  5. Mayse always looks to me like he’s just come off a 3 day bender.
  6. Good stuff! I said earlier in the thread our incredible run of injuries has allowed the team to barely change for some time. Sammy will get another shot, hope he takes it with two hands, at the highest point…
  7. Pert is ticking a lot of boxes! His comments on the Deeland pod were incredible, expecting a $4m profit this year prior to Queens Birthday and NT games, we then expected to break even but with this finals run could be up to $1.5m profit. His comments re he would have expected us to get close to 70k members based on this finals run pre the covid lock downs I’m not sure of but I love the thought we could be hitting those great heights. Great idea to go early on next years memberships and keep pricing as is.
  8. I think the local council would have something to say about that?!
  9. https://carltondrafttshirts.com/products/back-pocket-royalty-black?variant=14047514329151
  10. I wasn't going to do anything and then I thought I really wanted my kids to get into the spirit of it..... Have a couple of things to add with the kids tomorrow and then should be ready to go! ps The banner was paid for on Sunday, address given to them on Mon and delivered today, outstanding service! Red Exhibitions well done!
  11. What a great listen, the club has come so far and its the credit of PJ, Roos and all of the other unsung administrators who have lead this club out of that darkness. Jesus it was shocking to think about.
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