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  1. Uhm why are you being so aggressive? I made a statement based on the concept of a Dees game would be attended by Dees fans who hhhgmmmm are from Melb thus accom would be booked out due to interstate tourism, you’ve yet to make a single point that dissuades me from this point. Happy to hear otherwise. Outside of that you’re coming across as way over the top for zero reason, a you know it all just because kind a guy. Zero apologise from this side needed muscles.
  2. Sorry do I assume wrong, we’re are the guests coming from for the NT gov to pay $800k for the game? I was the first in the thread to say that one of the key issues I see is the club not being able to interact with the NT community during the week even if we do get to play in NT but sure..
  3. I would assume half to 2/3s of the guest would have been from Vic who now can’t attend. A lot less guests and a lot less $$ sadly. I mentioned before but one of the key benefits we’re all missing is the AFL clubs being in the communities for a week (well it used to be).
  4. Im sorry for swearing everyone but that is [censored] [censored] brutal!!!
  5. I would and I wouldn’t. Yes because we make the $700k and get to see a game played in an amazing place, no because NT and our club misses out on the community development aspect of the NT gov paying for teams to come to the NT.
  6. Maybe they can use it to trade for a 30+ yr old ruckman on his last legs.
  7. What has happened to Hoskin-Elliot, only 6 touches well into the last term.
  8. On the AFL app, marking contest against Stanley who was behind him trying to spoil Grundy. Stanley arm/elbow came down on Grundy shoulder near his neck and Grundy went straight to the turf in pain.
  9. They were soooo good to watch! How they do it year in year out with the salary cap is unbelievable.
  10. Isn’t it funny that every top team plays there worst game against us… hhhmmm I wonder why?
  11. Almost as big a downer and Petty’s game. 🤨
  12. George McFly had his moments tonight didn’t he?! Consistency is his key.
  13. Yeap Goody confirmed in his presser.
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