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  1. Our MCG sized ground is Casey, that was from Bartlett from the podcast he went on.
  2. The hardest part seems to be the stakeholder engagement and putting pen to paper phases DrD, but yes I agree it is getting very very very frustrating. I mentioned it awhile ago but the fact it will be a Docklands oval size LD ground is not ideal either, even if they can get the approval.
  3. "business case doesn't stand up"... lol!! As if something as silly as a business case has stopped Governments from doing what they want to garner as many votes for the next election. Unfortunately for us we're in between a rock and a hard place. the Cats, Doggies etc all have home bases and probably "shovel ready" projects ready to go. Plus areas hotly contested at State and Fed elections. We have neither a home base or a big enough supporter base for anyone to give a f about.
  4. Well there is the problem, stick with Sky News and you’re all sweet big D.
  5. Trump fans are too busy working on their super dooopppeerrr “trucks”, adding more flags to them so they can get on “trains” to be worried about spending hours on Internet forums commenting on non-Trump voters surely?
  6. If only we had picked up Cameron, you know he’d have a beacon attached to his tinny.
  7. I think we all heard it and it’s Incredibly disappointing to see it’s taking so long for the coaches and players to be able to work together for the one goal of a flag.
  8. No I haven't Lampers, I might do so on the weekend. 👍
  9. I don’t think we can judge his motivations like trying to screw Collingwood, and I think that is a pretty tough stance to take. Anyway all I hope is Collingwood are rubbish for years to come! 😉
  10. The pettiness is getting a little boring. Maybe it’s time to put the white gloves away that you’re slapping each other with and retire to your corners for a breather lads.
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