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  1. I rarely watch the "footy shows" any longer but I just happened to go for a wander with the dog and plonk myself at a pub to have a meal on this lovely balmy evening. It so happened they had 360 on, minus the sound thank [censored]. Between mouthfuls of duck and an ave red wine I saw this headline of "Robbos" tweet "Mark Robinson: Essendon need a review into its coach, players and officials after poor start to 2022 AFL season". So after wandering home I thought I'd check the kayo showing of his [censored]... So after seeing the above Gerard then goes into a little spiel about it before throwing to Robbo "I think something will happen in the next 4 weeks anyway Gerrard, Hawthorn this week, I think they have Port Adelaide way, they got Rich dream time and their 150th celebration is the Carlton round 10 or 11.... I don't like looking to far ahead but Ess could be 1 and 10 or 1 and 11 and that state of the season I think it is imperative the EFC sits down and looks at the football program... list management, executive... whole club situation... (get you facts right you massive dribbler!!) Then he goes into Rutten.... and plenty of images of him looking under the pump. Crickey then they go slamming Stringer with "Why does Jake Stringer get injuries get injuries and take weeks to get himself right".... Gerrard then goes into Stringer doing another hammy... but they then show images of Stringer bringing his kids over the fence onto the ground after the loss. Robbo is borderline incoherent and footy clubs need to protect these guys better especially from rubbish like the above on TV tonight. Where are other people besides coaches and players fronting the media to allow the players and coaches have a breather from the intense scrutiny?
  2. It's pretty bloody annoying to say the least. I know the club is doing everything it can but man the lack of announcements with all the money being thrown around by the fl o g pollies at the moment is disheartening.
  3. Sadly for all of our lols they'll improve in this area with Mahoney running the show.
  4. Great point but I think it’s a group of people that haven’t been embraced in the past, not just Dees fans. *Hocking did it for personal gain Ie $$$.
  5. Ooohhh ssshhhhiittt yeas! Great news Daisy.
  6. I thought Clarko and Wright had both left Hawthorn.
  7. Brilliant!!! I’m sure we have cheer squad members on here (even if they’re “noms” only @WalkingCivilWar ) I think it’s a great initiative to get behind in the banner and in the crowd. Narrm Army or Narrmy Army. We are Narrm.
  8. If this is Kate Roffey’s doing to get us a home base close to the G, well she is a genius!!
  9. Sam Mitchell really does have some Brad/Chris Scott vibes in the box... While he is in his early years it will be smiles and a couple of puffed out cheeks but once they should be contending he'll really turn into an arm flapper and chair roller backer. 😆
  10. Man I do love the stories behind these amazing jumpers. Well done Ky-ya.
  11. Fascinated to see how we can stem the flow and try and wrestle it back… who will stand up.
  12. I just hope the Lions can soften the Eagles up for us..
  13. Where is the whinging CEO complaining about terrible Sunday game times…. Deal with it for the rest of the season floggsy.
  14. Jiath is massive for them, I was really interested to see how he would go against us, shame. I’ve not watch much of the Hawks this season, Grainger-Barras was dropped which i found surprising as he has played some good footy and I thought was one they’d ride out a few ups and downs with.
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