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  1. Output vs outcomes are two vastly different things. Our outcomes need to improve.
  2. It’s not just for the year, it’s “forever” from my take from Pert/Bartlett interviews over the last year. Casey is the MCG sized training ground and any city ground is Docklands sized ground. Some players will be fine with it and others not, just like players who don’t want to travel to Dingley or Tullamarine or far western Sydney. Also the club has been pretty clear they’ve looked at all options within the inner Melb precinct via working groups, it’s not like they’ve missed an oval or 6 to explore...
  3. This is where we all just need to be more cautious with our approach to comments about everyone, we just don’t know what’s happening behind the facade.
  4. He was what selection in his draft year and he ave 10 touches a game in his first year? Dc come on buddy, a choice between Daw and an 18yr old with an unfortunate injury history to combat a short term (fingers crossed) depth problem seems pretty straight fwd to me.
  5. But he’s not “ready right now”, at least Daw has the chance to potentially be ready for the early rounds. I don’t know if any 18yr old rucks who have been able to make an impression at AFL level.
  6. we think was a chance to play for us early..... we think, was a chance, early..
  7. I assume getting his technical stuff going like tap work and system on where to tap followed by trying to get some fitness into him without blowing him up in the main group. He is the longest of long shots for mine, but good luck to him.
  8. Thanks for making the trek again Pickett it’s appreciated but no offence you’ve been too WAY OVER THE TOP BEFORE for me to take you on your merit. BBB is doing rehab... yay Majak moves well for his size, he’s not proven he can play the game at a consistent average level let alone high standard. Vanders ain’t a modern day footy player.
  9. Best of luck Brooccceeyyy, you were a part of my life based on watching sports, especially with my old man. You were dedicated to your craft and helped get people to feel the moment.
  10. ahhhh bugger, he and Sloane can't take a trick.
  11. puff, puff pass.... puff puff pass Deemania?! You should know by now not to puff puff puff puff pass...
  12. Best of ground today for posting WD, kudos 3 votes and it's only preseason.
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