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  1. “..haven’t got any worse...” Lols!!!! I’d suggest we’ve gotten better, players improvement plus additions like Dunstan, Tomo etc back from injury. Plenty of competition for spots and room for growth from within this already incredible group.
  2. Are they trying to do “A” for Antigen test?
  3. Man oh man the dreaded HS protocols have taken a toll. Swinburne Centre… sounds yuck. Good luck Dees, hope we can get two on the Trott!
  4. https://www.perthnow.com.au/sport/afl/premiership-eagle-nathan-vardy-tattoos-foot-with-qr-code-linked-to-youtube-clip-of-winning-play-ng-b882058544z
  5. Sorry bud, world wide chip shortage, no flux capacitors on hand.
  6. Hahaha the leg sweep as well. 🤘
  7. Same same, I’d gone to 148 with some hope (who knows why) and brought along some Kiwi mates hoping to get them on the Dees wagon… needless to say they were not interested in supporting the Dees. Funny thing though they did end up becoming Dees fans and loved the Premiership.
  8. We all know Tomahawk can self test…
  9. 102 games postponed and counting, around 30 of those in Canada as the Canadians have dropped attendance from full capacity (~15k) down to 1,000. The NHL/owners/players don’t want to lose the revenue from those games. 110 games is the magic number that they can make up in the 2 weeks they we’re supposed to go to the Olympics, otherwise it’s extend season/post season.
  10. Had a little break down Apollo Bay over xmas/New years, the old ducks in the front were giving it to me, I remembered they were Cats nuffies... Geeez I had a fun 20 mins before they "had to go.."
  11. NHL has/is going through these scenario's. Last season they had "tax squads" that were outside of the salary cap but allowed players to travel with the team and be called upon when needed. Outside the salary cap. This year they didn't bring it back until half way through the current season as Omicron tore through the entire league. They are also postponing games left right and centre. I think it is close to 100 games postpones at this point and almost at the point of no return re the number of games they can reschedule and still finish the season on time before having to potentially extend the post season which they are loath to do.
  12. Ouch https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2022/jan/10/alfw-loses-two-of-its-brightest-stars-for-rest-of-season-due-to-knee-injuries
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