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  1. 6. Angus Brayshaw 5. Jake Melksham 4. Clayton Oliver 3. Christian Petracca 2. Steven May 1. Max Gawn
  2. Maysie… all is now forgiven. Dinner at Entrecôte tomorrow night?
  3. The fact that he’s “barely walking” today doesn’t mean you can write him off for 2022 if the doctor believes he’s an 8 - 10 week proposition today. If that remains the case in 2 - 4 week’s time then perhaps the prognosis might change.
  4. Our list management and recruiters have done a solid job in recent years but it was obvious at draft time last year that there was potential for today’s scenario. Apart from Max and Dogga, all we had was 195cm Majak Daw in the twilight of his career and the likes of TMac, Weed, the Browns and maybe Tomlinson who are makeshift at best. They sidestepped the issue at the National Draft and didn’t address it at Midseason Draft time so let’s hope that it doesn’t blow up in our face today.
  5. Yep and when we finally did get the free, half the muppets in the mainly Eagles supporting crowd booed the umpire who paid the decision. And don’t expect much better from the umpires today before the parochial Crows fans today.
  6. If we beat the Saints tomorrow then so we still take things one week at a time against West Coast and North?
  7. I think we have set ourself up well for future trading, drafting and player retention. We’ve known well ahead who our targets are to keep and with our depth have players who will either retire or are very tradeable.
  8. Unless they have someone in mind who they think might be worth securing now. An extra ruckman in case Dogga decides to go back to WA.
  9. Salo’s progression - March 21 | 6 - 8 weeks March 30 | 5 -7 Weeks April 5 | 4 - 6 Weeks April 12 | 4 - 6 Weeks April 19 | 4 - 5 Weeks
  10. I wonder if they’re waiting for when the entire list is gathered together after the festive season?
  11. With a strong list it’s almost certain that there will be players of AFL standard who will be clamouring to get games and who can’t and this could lead to some trades of necessity for players and clubs. This would help us when the time comes to do some trading.
  12. Yesterday’s Herald Sun had an article on the young guns rated as ready to play. There’s no link available.but Andrew wasn’t mentioned in the Sun’s list. Their men were Charlie Constable (pick 63 in the national draft) and Academy player Bodhi Uwland. Contrast that with what they say about our men - “IT’S a hard side to break into but WA swingman Jacob van Rooyen, who the Demons will develop as a forward, will be ready and waiting. The 18- year-old, who played senior footy for Claremont, is one of the most physically developed draftees and is strong in the air. After starring in defence for WA, the 193cm van Rooyen booted 24 goals in his last six WAFL Colts games. If anything, Melbourne could use more run through the middle, and that’s where the athletic Blake Howes could come in to the equation.”
  13. And the Pod went on to play till he was in his mid 30s when he left Geelong to play for Adelaide.
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