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  1. With the NAB League cancelled and little prospect of the national competition games taking place, our Victorian prospects are going to be at a distinct disadvantage. They can’t even train together and might not even have the combine to show what they’ve got. I think this means that there are going to be some very good players attainable outside the top 20. Victorian draft hopefuls miss on-field chance to impress AFL recruiters
  2. If you follow the current generation of Sudanese footballers, especially those who spent their early years in Africa, one of the things that’s clear, apart from their athleticism, is that our game isn’t first nature for them. Therefore, they are often at a huge disadvantage in their development years as they adapt to our sport. This might change in future years with the next generation but I believe that most Sudanese youngsters coming through the system need extra time to be able to reach their peak. Majak Daw has been in the AFL for 11 years. This is Aliir Aliir’s 8th year in the system and Mabior Chol just finished 6 with the Tigers. Daw never really made it. Aliir is now an All Australian but spent his first two seasons in the NEAFL and only started getting a regular game at the Swans late in his third and even after that he had a patchy career till he was traded. Chol is still not a regular at Richmond. None of the above were top 20 picks but history shows that the development curve for these players is long and slow.
  3. Toby: "I wasn’t swearing at him. I used a swear word. It’s part of my speak I guess, especially in a game. I use a lot of swear words when talking." Another wonderful example for the junior sporting fraternity. Perhaps, I’m out of date but surely this is not indicative of a player coming from a good culture or wanting to set an example to others in the community!
  4. Nobody in Melbourne had a tv in 1955. It came to Melbourne in 1956 for the Olympics.
  5. Of course, the Cats will simply call Gil and demand an upgrade of pick 27 to 8 in order for them to land a 200cm 70kg young ruckman from another club’s NGA region. Sounds fair to me.
  6. They're delaying the decision out of an abundance of caution,
  7. The club is in a great spot with the Casey team undefeated and so many players on the cusp of selection in the senior team. We have a number of players developing well with good prospects for the future which partially cancels out the fact that we won't be well placed for the draft. We just need to get our kicking boots on.
  8. 6. Bayley Fritsch 5. Luke Jackson 4. Christian Salem 3. Steven May 2. Kysaiah Pickett 1. Christian Petracca
  9. Which month will May miss? The month of May of course?
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