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  1. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Norm for lifting his curse.
  2. 96 votes for the team. Not a bad tally.
  3. Good win to Wines. I'm a bit bothered by Adelaide getting the 2 and 3 in a 40 point loss to us, but Oliver wouldn't have caught Wines even with those votes.
  4. I'm not liking the look of this so far. The big three are taking votes off each other. I suspect that we'll have the three of them placing well, but none in the top few.
  5. My favorite was a Dunstall goal. I can't remember when, where or who against, but he went charging out at a ground ball near the HFF with the FB right on his tail and another opponent coming in from the opposite direction. In an act that would be entirely illegal now, he dived into the legs of the oncoming player, catapulting him into the FB coming the other way and dropping them both, came up with the ball and calmly slotted it. From there we have: Watts beating the Pies, Jackovich kissing his brother after kicking another goal on him, Neitz's disallowed goal where he slapped the ball out of an opponent's hands and slotted it from 50 on the boundary only to have it called back as high contact because the ump was an [censored]. Tony Lockett, not for anything he did but the footage of the umpire seeing the ball flying at him, realising what was coming and dropping flat right before Lockett flew through the space to mark on the lead. 🤣
  6. Eight goals to zip that quarter? That was brutal.
  7. Well, did not see this quarter coming. Amazing effort from the team.
  8. Loved that hard groundball clash he had with McCarthy. They both went in hard and neither one went head-first looking for the cheap free. Perfect technique from both players, great contested clash and Sparrow damn near killed the guy when they hit. 🤣
  9. I want to see the footage on that little camera.
  10. I love how we just lock down on games. It starts out tight and we just grind them down and take the game away.
  11. That was awesome. We just need two more wins and we're laughing.
  12. Dude led with his elbow right at Gawn there. Still trying to injure people. Not amused by Brisbane's terrible sportsmanship here.
  13. So now every team knows. The way to beat the Dees is to beat the hell out of the Dees. The umpires will look the other way.
  14. Jackson's front teeth knocked out... No call from an umpire of course. Nothing to see here.
  15. Because we do it so often and it gets boring?
  16. So the tactical change for Brisbane at half time is try to injure key players.
  17. Does Spargo have a bit of an invisible mustache going on there?
  18. According to the commentators Salem had Cameron for those goals and Smith has been shifted on to him after the third.
  19. How is Charlie Cameron on his own AGAIN?
  20. Geelong playing an interstate away game and they still get those ridiculous free kicks going their way. What does it take to make the umpires call a fair game?
  21. Possibly just means that they are limiting travel and he'll be doing the WA combine instead. Not a big deal, although if it means he drops down the order I'm all for it.
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