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  1. Outgoing GC GM just stated on SEN that he believes they need a ready made key forward to assist King. What would people's opinion be to see Weiderman traded for their current pick 19?
  2. As the MFC is allowing us to pass on our membership barcodes for WA Supporters to attend this Friday. Up to 8 tkts hit me up in inbox for my details. Only condition is I want a pic of you guys at the ground in the red and blue. I implore other members to offer the same.
  3. I hate that there's a bye after prelim. That could mean three games in 5 weeks. I rather have momentum going into gf if that's where we end up. On tonight's game. Bris play a lot like dogs with a bit better backline. Must win clearances and keep them away from the corridor
  4. Forget about looking at big trades this season. Last week we were the second youngest team selected. Focus on locking in our young guns in 4 year contracts. Also look to improve our draft position with trade of a couple of fringe players eg Baker etc for draft order swaps and maybe find a top up player or two eg Gunston.
  5. I would have thought Weid would have been an in when Goody said yesterday he would've played in Perth if weather was dry. I thought his vfl form playing a high forward role had been good. Much better suited in that role than close to goal. My only thought could be Jackson's form last two weeks has kept him out as it would've been good to give him a game this week in case needed to cover injuries in the finals and also with two games back to back six days break leading up to the Geelong game could've rested someone.
  6. Out Stafford In. Any coach who can organise our fwd line
  7. Pretty sure I just saw an ad on channel 7 saying our game tomorrow night
  8. In the first half we continually had one less player at stoppages. We fixed this in the second half. Coaches need to be quicker on theses sorts of things
  9. I'm not sure what the answer is but one problem we do have atm is too many bull's in the paddock. Oliver. Petracca. Viney. Jordon. Harmes. Sparrow. We need some outside winners.
  10. Third hand word. but is the same person who told me about Brown's six week mini preseason. BB is to play seniors this week. The club really happy with his GPS numbers last week. If you watched the game on turnover BB would sprint up the centre of ground defensively and that plus he was able to get into game on scoreboard has scored him a game apparently.
  11. Info I have and don't ask for sorce as its third hand. is BBB has been having a six week preseason as the club wasn't totally happy with core strength and repeat running efforts when he came into team. He will be ready to have another crack after the bye
  12. Sydney is live streaming on utube.
  13. Getting beat on the outside back line seems to be not gelling tonight. Bombing ball into fwd 50. Just need to reset
  14. In a video just released with Tom McDonald he slipped at one stage that Brown possibly out for a month
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