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  1. There is a rumour that the b and f was last night and that this has been recorded. Id hope not. Has anyone else heard this
  2. Ive got utube on tv waiting to go. I ussually go every year so this is different. My top 5 in order are. Petracca. May. Oliver. Gawn. Langdon
  3. Does anyone know when Goodwims press conference is today? He issually is pretty open with possible changes
  4. There forward line will smash us in the air. And when it hits the ground Green will beat us. Not confident. Im sure Goodwin is throwing darts at selection. He has no idea who our best 22 are
  5. Have been told Wagner been playing a forward roll in scratch matches recently and will be playing that roll this week. Omac a good in to cover extra talls and lever can play intercepter and he hasnt been confident to do so when had opponent to look after last two weeks. Rivers straight swap for Lockart. Brown more mobile than McDonald. Jones to apply pressure and Gawn a gun. Theres a positive spin on the changes
  6. Rivers stiff but Lockart is the new Jetta and has done it well so far. Rivers will be our Hibbard replacement so will have to take opportunities when they come until Hibbard is finished. Hannon nil pressure acts or tackles last week therefore dropped. Pruess is a worry as doesnt offer much around the ground. Hppefully isnt a liability and can crash packs when the high ball comes into fwd 50.
  7. Although exciting ins. We are going to go in with two with 0 games one with one game and guy who hasnt played for a very long time i hopewe arent taking Carlton too lightly. A win is still a must.
  8. This will be our line up IMO Jetta, May, Hibbard Salem, Omac, Lever Langdon, Viney, Tomlinson Melksham, Tmac, Jones Pickett, Weid, Fritch Gawn, Oliver, Petracca Int Brayshaw, Harmes, Lockart, Bennell Emg Anb, Brown, Smith, Sparrow
  9. 7/10 missed Capt question. Geelong quest and Dawse question.
  10. I've just spent the last hour looking at highlights, reading articles and listening to a radio interview of this young man. I think this fella could be the next C Rioli. And that is worth a first round pick to me. Very exciting and has a natural ability to create pressure and panic in opposition.
  11. Mahoney has entered the room. Wouldn't be there for no reason
  12. Pick 8 for Papley and Sydney's 3rd round pick I'd take. Then look at the next few weeks splitting pick 3.
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