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  1. Max post game “Some intersting free kicks”….
  2. burn the place down. sitting through that AGAIN 9.17
  3. I reckon the crowd is 70/30 Carlton’s way. It’s so noticeable. What do other D landers here think?
  4. What’s up with May? Looks very disgruntled on the Teev… Injured?
  5. We just don’t have the players in the forward line. Put Petty and Melksham into the team, and it all looks very different. Laurie is not in the same ballpark as Brayshaw. And bring back Burgess - we’re being outrun on transition. Rivers having not such a good game…
  6. RGRS, your namesake would be very handy now… perhaps he could go to Maynard.
  7. Backline in disarray midfield being crushed forwards getting in each others way TMac leading into the same space as Fritter (as usual)
  8. he won’t even be reported or reviewed that’s the narrative being run already. just a smother
  9. My recollection is that when we don't have a third tall, Lever is not as free to play off his man. The oppo play through Lever's man - and this severely affects our intercept game. There were cries for Tomlinson/Disco to come in to fix this problem. I love Hibbo - tough as nails. We now have 3 excellent ball users off half back (Bowey, Salem, McVey), but one less tall compared to 2021. Makes me nervous.
  10. Great interview... the importance of Max, eh. I wonder if they will get stuck into him, as teams have done for a couple of years now. He gets little protection from the umpires - gets niggles and blocks off the ball all time, slightly late hits etc etc. I hope we have a plan to make it clear that we won't stand for that short of [censored].
  11. Make lever accountable play fast I wonder why no one’s done that against us before … Oh. Wait.
  12. He's got a bit of mongrel - giving the crowd and the Richmond players a bit of lip. Hates to lose. Love it.
  13. free kicks so far this quarter 8 to 2 their way
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