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  1. This. Anyone think that Clarkson would have done better over last three years with our list?
  2. "I'm not worried one bit. Our belief is still really strong in the way we play. They kicked six goals from their forward-50 stoppages, and normally in a game it's one-to-two, so that's a big differential and it's an anomaly. This has echoes of that Prelim against the Eagles. I hope they watch the tape.... MFCSS has me predicting a slide to 5-8 and out in straight sets. That's just how this club affects me. Been there since '64. I feel like sending out a call for John Northey. I know that cool heads are needed, but that was a clear belting (umpires not withstanding). I can't stand Goodwin's press conferences. When he does say something, it's "we won't review the tape, that was unlike us" or "I'm not worried one bit"
  3. When ladder positions are reversed, the hawks kill us. I don’t trust this team.
  4. I'll be interested in the analysis of the game by those who know - how will Clarkson approach this. Of course, he's not got the cattle he used to, and therefore his approach will be different. How will a team down the bottom of the ladder (but brilliantly coached) approach the task?
  5. The son-and-heir just moved into his new home in the 'burbs with his Crows-supporting wife (lovely in all other ways). First object installed - jen-uuuu-wine bought after the game at the 'G Great book - thanks @Supermercado
  6. Just what we don't need... Hope he stays with us next year. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2021/07/05/collingwood-expected-to-approach-premiership-coach/
  7. Completely agree. Hunt was trying to get things going. Having (BBB | Weid | someone) lead towards him and he kicks earlier and we score
  8. Well, who knew? You need an effective forward line to win against good teams like GWS. Dumb bombs into the forward line (Oliver) won't do it. Fritter got the most out of his game today (regularly outnumbered) and TMac is the answer at CHF. But the ball bounced out of our forward line, leaving the backline horrible exposed. Lever and May were there usual outstanding selves, and I thought Petty did OK - I'm warming to him. Salem - fantastic. Hibberd - not helped by a lack of pressure on the ball-carrier. I can't make up my mind about our mid-field. We got pounded there today, and I don't think they worked hard enough without the ball. Jackson was good - especially for a kid who's played a handful of games. Just imagine what would have happened at the end when Hunt got run down. If there's a BBB or Weid presenting, then Hunt kicks the ball sooner. Fix the forward line and we win.
  9. Compare this to Roos last game, or when we need to beat the pies to make finals on 2017. I’m not sure what we stand for. Compare us to the Essendon 2000 team, or the Lions or Geelong or Hawthorn in their pomp. We just don’t have “it”. Don’t know if we ever will
  10. Compare this to Roos last game or Danihers last game
  11. If we make it to the big dance in September, who will sort out the opposition when they get stuck into Max or Fritter or Oliver? I know toughness is not the same as brutality, but to win the whole thing I reckon you need to be brutal. Think 2000.
  12. Does anyone think that, on exposed form, Petty is up to it?
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