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  1. AbsolutelyJaded . The above. We HAVE a Premiership defence and defensive strategy (such as langdon running back to help out) now. Alter at our peril.
  2. And excellent quick decision-making by Isac Smith to avoid bombing it and picking out Rohan wh was always going to outmark any doggie in a 1 on 1. Stupid last minute play by Dogs. Bevo would be furious . But the game emphasisesd the importance of making Stewart accountable. Do that and their defence is vulnerable
  3. yes, Lyon rested quite a few in the last game when finals sown up, to avoid them flying to tasmania. Good idea by Lyon that caught the AFL napping. Who knows may have helped them make the GF that year
  4. Its now called 'Managed" , and I'm all for it. Not sure who would miss esp now the end of season bye is in place. If the AFL do the sensibel thing, which is usually long odds, then the bye wil be after prelim weekend. Thus I would look at Max and Trac having a rest. Being managed that is.
  5. Well said. A huge week coming up in the finals context. Sadly last night cost us a chance to get 2 games separation from 3rd spot. Still, the ball's in our court and I reckon the lions and eagles will get the job done next week.
  6. I Know its counterintuitive but huge Demonland support needed tonight for the Dogs. If they beat the cats then our earlier win against Dogs becomes a sort or 8 point game for the cats loss in chasing us, and sets up the end of year clash also as a true 8 point game for us. I know it helps the dogs get closer to the Dees , but gives good separation for both of us from 3rd spot, then keeping at least second is in our own hands if we can beat the Power in a few weeks.
  7. Top post. Is the Match Cttee looking for a solution to a problem that doesn't exist? i.e We have 3 tall forwards , but one is the combination of 2 players resting in the forward half of Gawn and the now excellent Jackson. The solution to getting BBB and having weid is just that they are backup. Nothing more , esp in Weid's case.
  8. That's unfair this season. The coaching team (presumably led by Goodwin) brilliantly unpicked the Bulldogs and was the most emphatic win of the year. Brisbane to a lessser extent, and the Richmond win was a triumph of overall strategy. The Pies plan wasn't dreamt up by Buckley, teams have been trying that approach for several years against the eagles, esp. McGovern, and some succeed or not. I have faith the coaches are well aware of the weaknesses. And defence is an holistic isse. All players have a role and apart from 2 games, have executed well by incredible pressure on t
  9. I think this is worst case and has plenty of upside Superunkown. It would give us 15 wins which I would have grabbed with both hands in March. The issue now is that we have a right to be dissappointed if we drop games like the Bombers and Port who we are clearly better than. I think only the cats game is unwinnable. But if you'e right I'll take it. At least 15 wins would mean maybe 5th spot and a home Final 1. Beat Port or Bombers and wer'e 16 wins and 4th spot, probaly 2 home finals at least
  10. As somone else here said yesterday - Wer'e currently playing with 17 men and a forward line reliant on too few to regularly impact scoreboard - Thanks TMac BTW for the year so far. Its amazing we lost by less than 3 goals yesterdy after the defence was unpikced on the smaller ground. Brown will force the lowering of eyes, has great hands and kicks straight. Mitch Brown will do also just for his great endeavour.
  11. Plus the Pies unpicked our greatest strength - May/Lever duo. Hard low kicks into the forward line nullified their strengths. This isn't an original idea, esp against McGovern at the Eagles and could be our achilles heel if executed by oppo teams. To date most have been unable to do it.
  12. Why upset the league's best defence (until yesterday). Its looking for a solution to a problem. The solution is Sam doesn't make the cut.
  13. Love the language and love the idea and argument RPFC.
  14. I absolutely trust jackson now both in the ruck and around the ground he's coming along nicely.. This isn't the worst idea, even if its implemented in larger increments of time for the role swaps.
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