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  1. I had the voice of McGoo in my brain when posting this topic. Good Call. But I am dissappointed at some comments on Lever. The issue for me was that he DID make this kick in a calculated manner. It wasn't luck, he bee-lined the ball, he had already done the set up instructions to others. The analysis on Kayo was very, very similiar to that a year ago re: the kick to Max. No fluke, this bloke thinks about it. hence my memory was jogged. I also acknowledged , in my words, 'the heroics of Jayden Hunt and the others that turned what Jake initiated into a sublime football experience. Iv'e never seen the MCC area go nuts like they did in this moment. (and that includes Flower's first final triumph in 1987.
  2. Just trying to help out here W, but We've won our last 12 interstate games. The last being Freo in Perth a few weeks ago. They travel well for sure. That won't be an issue IMO
  3. Is jake Lever one of our most intelligent and calm-in-a-crisis footy players wev'e had for some time (I'm sure he's a smart boy but I'm talking footy I.Q.)? Casting my mind back to Round 23 2021, Jake was the player that provided the perfect pass to Max, admittedly he and Max were on the same page, so credit to Max also. Gets the Dees the minor premiership. Last Saturday, final 30 seconds Lever puts the last play inboard after setting up the directions. Dees win thanks to heroics of Hunt, Brwon, Melk and Pickett. But it starts with Jake. Again. What can he do for the team this week I wonder?
  4. Yes .Heard this at the ground. It was very half hearted and amusing compared to the loud booing to cripps right through the game. But now I'm glad he beat the wrap so he can deal with the pies on sunday
  5. David king says don't get beaten by what you know. Harmes must come in to tag neale.
  6. Podcast on AFL website this morning from Damien Barrett. "Ed was right", with Barrett noting Ed Langdon was right about the Pies being 'one trick" - which he was and many in the media agreed supporting him at the time. Hopefully it brings a smile to Ed's face this morning after a rock climbing effort probably.
  7. Excellent in- the - moment action by Melksham in restraining Pickett in his actions to Newnes (well-deserved btw) and others. Showed great maturity by Kozzies team mates to dampen his understandable reaction after he won us the match.
  8. In what universe is this going to happen? I rate Sydney as our biggest threat and most worried about at any ground.
  9. He contested THAT final ball into the forward line and forced it to ground to Melkshams feet. Kozzie did the rest. Must stay in but gee there were times last night we wished Weid was playing. That's how bad the situation is up there.
  10. Courageuos was my thought in Hunt. In that he took on the game with dare at absolutely critical stages.
  11. NOW we do. Cripps was unfairly booed last night. It's not his fault a QC got him off. The AFL is to blame here. So we got through last night and now Cripps is free to play against the Pies. What a great outcome for us. Go Dees
  12. The defence mentioned 'natural justice' Well now its up to the Dees, and also our enemies the Pies, to become partners in crime by beating the Blues tomorrow and next Sunday to eliminate Carlton and Cripps from finals this year. That will be justice for the rest of us AFL supporters and for the good of the game. We beat the Blues tomorrow and next week will be the first time I shall be willing on the Pies for a win. Gil's legacy just expanded last night, - Goodes, Umpiring, Betts, Cripps.......
  13. Do you seriously reckon Jason Taylor will be outplayed on this? I don't. The one thing I'm certain of the deal will suit us. I love the idea of the Pies paying us to have an AA standard player they no longer want. Due diligence needed of course to minimise our risk of further health issues.
  14. ACtually it shows how short -term thinkers the media are and they need fresh meat daily. LJ put on hold so that story now dead. Up pops now Grundy, Dunkley this morning, Buddy, any GWS player Clarko, Degoey (still has some legs on it this story), Oliver Henry, McStay,.......... Just needed to starve the LJ issue of oxygen and it dies.
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