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  1. Not quite. Mitchell handed over the keys to Kenny. Thanks very much.
  2. Absolutely. Worried but can dream till tomorrow night .
  3. You describe the solution well. Giants are not grabbing market in Western Sydney and never will. Gc folding likewise for the same reasons. But requires afl to admit mistakes. They are incapable of that. And a 20th team in Darwin with a population a bit over 100k is fanciful.
  4. A wonderful Saturday morning. Blues flogged Cats flogged. Now for Dee's to win by .......
  5. Just going by history but will be fascinating to see who might slip. I reckon cats are in trouble
  6. 10.am. then club members after that at 12 or 2 I think
  7. I reckon final 8 is now set. With pies finally making it. Probably best 8 teams. No going to brissie for finals this year.
  8. This week and next can see us consolidate Top 4 for now. The results so far show GWS has beaten no-one of significance- yes the Pies but they were rubbish in Round1, and same for Cats. Now both their slides commence having been over rated by the media. Our 6-3 so far would have been grabbed by many on here if offered befroe start of season. Blues game had positives in many regards but showed problems that the MC have time to seek solutions. Some players due back also wil improve. 3rd or 4th is ours if we want it badly enough, and under Max and Viney et al that will be the case.
  9. I suspect we're witnessing in slow motion the demise of the cats vaunted midfield. Selwood gone danger at 34 and soft tissues cam Guthrie etc. Hawkins finishing up. Scott will struggle with this I suspect
  10. Reserved seating is the issue price wise.
  11. Plenty in Geelong have no hope of affording a seat at the new stadium. Elites only unfortunately
  12. It's simply to avoid losing viewers who switch off. Like me. Always do this talking up the alleged drama. Keep the interest. Sheeesh
  13. Me too wa. I think last night could be the fire the team needs to get the job done for rest of year. I'm not pollyanna but have us 3rd after round 15 on my ladder predictor and our run home could be worse. As Goody said at the presser the boys were hurting after the loss. Others watching the final 1/4 will take notice of the resilience as did vossy in his presser
  14. I was expecting to win one of cats or blues. 6 -3 so move on as you say. Proud of this team and we had a psychological win over blues tonight that will stand us well in September. Still have forward woes though. But my effort on ladder predictor has us 3rd after round 15 and carlscum 9th
  15. On the Couch last noted I think by Buckley and brown noted last weeks Cats game was Goodwin's finest coaching effort strategically. Lyon also noted there's no discussion now on Demons culture (thanks Doggies, MRO and other newsmakers) but was bemused that "...some..." media scribes still have an issue for "...unknown reasons..." Fantastic exposure opportuniy this week for the team. And those 5 players with less than 10 games. Great grounding for finals-like atmosphere.
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