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  1. Thanks for the report. So a song about a Los Angeles real estate saleswoman. Very inspriring for the boys I guess.
  2. Daniher - 4 games for 9.5 disposals a game and 3/4 of a goal per game. Robinson is a disgrace to journalism and football in general. I'm embarrassed just commenting on his work. And if there's 44 players better than Steven May , well.......... words fail me.
  3. I disagree. Now I found Kayo and the fox team, esp. Huddo, I didn't realise how verbose McAvaney was. He would just never shut up. Over on Fox they actually discuss the game mid play. You don't need someone telling us that so and so kicked the ball, and then XX XX handballed. We have eyes. 7 commentary style treats the audience like children. I might be on to something.
  4. 18 of the last 20 Brownlow medallists came from finals sides. Some have Petracca as the winner , yet Dees miss the 8. If he wins, we make finals.
  5. This well thought out post by Redleg summarises what happens when the club (and sadly Nathan) squib the professional decision in 2020 and say "..lets go around 1 more time..." What is so magical about 300 games? This is now an ongoing topic for debate, and will impact younger players who will doubt they are in first 22 because 1 spot is allocated to Jones. I don't trust Goody to be smart about this, and I am hoping like hell Yze further expands his influence in selection. Soemone has to take credit for Oliver' s changes in style shown against the Tiges and it may as well be Adem. I
  6. I assume by 'media' you mean the Herald Sun and Newscorp outlets flogging papers. MCC won't stand for it, and nor should they and/or the club.
  7. Great piece of history B McK. Norm Smith knew Barassi could play but just not where and tried a few spots as you say. Smith 'invented' the ruck rover role specifically for RDB. And later on this position suited him enabling him to expand his leadership across the field. Coaching greatness is about those that change the game intuitively - Norm Smith (and a nod to Len Smith at Richmond) , Clarkson (cluster), Kennedy (fitness and discipline, leaving Hudson alone in half a ground - resulting in the 50m square)), RDB (handball at all costs), Matthews (brutality), Hafey(long kickin
  8. Good call and last comment. With the coaching panel improvements (Yze), Burgess, Richardson we are(should be) streets ahead of the Kangas in player development and nuturing given their post season upheavals I have faith the Daw thing could work for the team as well as anywhere. Up to him also largely. But worth the shot.
  9. Fair comment 58. But gee if Nathan Jones, great warrior though he has been, in terms of 'Best' midfielder the the group of 2000'ish era has him well covered. If he gets the nod , what an indictment of the first 20 years. I often wonder whether its just an understandable sympathy vote. Maybe Iv'e just watched him try the long kick across ground and miss too many times.
  10. I didn't say that, even virtually. My comment re: todays team was that I would pick him 2nd down for midfield after Trac if he was on the list today (obviously hypothetical). No reference at all to century standing. That's another question. A mature age recruit that grabbed his opportunity with both hands, lost to injury. Certainly a more even and effective finals player head to head with Woey from 98 onwards until injury. But I'd have Woey any day as well in the current team playing with Trac ahead of others as I'm sure you would. At least we have an outright A grader from
  11. I think this post sums up well DrD. Looking at the stats for this group, and their big game performances players like Guy Rigoni should be in this discussion. Good user of the ball, tough and a goal kicker. he led from the front in all of the 2000 finals. I'd have him ahead of all our midfielders today (bar Trac that is)
  12. Thank you for the highly informative report Pickett. Can you expand on the narrowing of superstars and next tier? Do you see the up and comers getting better or fewer players of high talent? Its a negative so i am assuming the latter? Thanks again.
  13. Please structure your replies correctly. You note I'm one of them?. A First Lord of the Admiralty?. Don't be ridiculous. I've never been associated with the Royal Navy. Looks like you'd be good at instructing us on typo identification though. Better I guess than half arsed history rubbish.
  14. Correct terminology is First Sea Lord. Your correct . I don't have a point. Simply correcting a wannabe expert. They're everywhere and I'm over them.
  15. Classy. I am just correcting you "history buff". He was never a Rear Admiral, nor indeed a RN officer of any rank.' You still haven't addressed my point. Difficult to adjust is it? I have no comment on your other insights. Just don't set yourself up us some pseudo-historical fount of knowledge to other posters. I'm very healthy too and thanks for your concern.
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