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  1. Not the worst idea DeeZee. Moore needs to be accountable. Smith, if given this sole task, can match him athletically. Other teasm have put work inot May and Lever. let's hope we do the same and Goody and MC don't go down the arrogant path thy di against Power and th battle of the midfields.
  2. I said to my Blues Tragic friend at the game that you'll see Kozzie unsuccessfully attempt mark of the year, and successfully attempt goal of the year. Delivered again.
  3. We saw a better defence last night and Salem was sublime in stages - near his GF performance. We now tinker with our defence at our peril. May Lever, Hibberd Salem Bowey McVee Rivers (when needed). need to consolidate - then Petty back shortly with Tomlinson till then.. McVee is a fascinating find for us.
  4. Well said. I'm hoping the Mtch Cttee can read. I really hope we see this week they are on to it. Otherwise I fear for a Curnow breakout.
  5. Spot on. We need the extra tall and Tomlinson, while not ideal understands the role and the surrounding team members. Not perfect but no option now IMO to shore up defence. I'm expecting another good decision-making performance by Salem this week which should help.
  6. Fair point and we'll know in a few weeks. My Saints friends are now off their high and see it your way.
  7. You judge the issue noting the first line without any inside information I assume. Your statement can't hold either. None of us know if it isn't "..essentially there..." do we. A court can choose to believe one side over another in a ' he said, she said'. The Inquiry heard the complainants, but not the Hawks heirachy at the time, and Gil has decided to close it down using common weezel words. Of course there's now nothing to see. Cyril voted with his feet and walked away. Why on earth would he trust the court system or the social commentary he and his partner would endure. Clarko and Fagan have the benefit of being on the 'inside' and will move on. Robbo interestingly last night did not accept the issue is dealt with. He gets it I suspect. Gil's never recovered from thr Adam Goodes episode IMO in this space.
  8. Not with Ross Lyon at the helm they aren't, and with Max King a true forward in form.
  9. Maybe, but only if Petty is back to defence and another solution for forwards found. That's Goody's job, not emasculating a premiership defence because Harry showed a bit forward for 5 minutes in the Lions final last year. The seasons second half is a big test for coaching staff. If Petty comes back and lines up at CHF I'm booking my September hols.
  10. Really. A game is 120 Minutes and Butters damage in the first 3 quarters meant he could put the cue away a bit. He prevented us prospering further as did his mate Rozee. Who drove the Power to grab a sizeable lead in the second 1/4. ? It IS a simple game as Alan Jeans remarked. I guess he knew what he was talking about? King's quote, and not original, emanated from NBA coach Brett Brown's theory. Probably where Kingy pinched it from.
  11. Yes they do bear some, but strategic issues not so much
  12. Just a kid. Needs a break. His Manager seems to have the foot of the peddle life-lessons wise I suspect
  13. He's a premiership Demon for life. What he ends up being at Freo is of no interest. Maybe a cashed up Perth property owner who played a bit for Freo. Who knows? Will never be booed by me.
  14. Not a huge David King fan but I do like his saying "... don't get beaten by what you know..." as we did to the shame of Yze and coaches by Powres Butters and Rozee last week. Touch of arrogance - our mids up against your mids. very unsophisticated IMO. Hoping for better this week from Goody and crew.
  15. Goodwin said he'd back our midfield against butters and rozee. He should know better and next hopefully he has a fix. Poor coaching effort all round last week
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