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  1. Lyon has said it wasn't widely used. His father Peter won the Soccer pools and Garry's teammates asumed he was getting a cut which he says didn't come his way. I stood next to his dad at the 88 Gf. Lovely person and very proud of his then 21 yearold son. Wore a demons scarf depsite being an ex-hawk player. On an earleir comment on Danny Huges in the 88 GF - he actually took the opening centre bounce, and generally was ineffective. He sure was in thta opneing contest, trying to run through Dear. against Greg Dear. Jimmy was clear BOG for the Dees that day.
  2. Thanks for the pick up. My point still stands on a Cats fan view of the Dees v Cats success rates from 2012 onwards
  3. At the suggestion of a comment on here I read the cats Bigfooty GF feed. One common theme was that during the Dees display cats fans were saying just how far off the pace they now are. And how come the dees make 2 prelims and 1 GF for 1 flag , whilst the cats have made 7 prelims for zip since 2021. Envy abounded on the site with more than a few comments on recruiting and coaching.
  4. His good era finished in 91 and I reckon this result the following season contributed to both parties seeing the time was up and ready for change.
  5. Thanks for that insight I wasn't aware of. What a pick up Bowey is.
  6. Spot on Wells on this issue. My view of the Northey years was that the team played right up to the final bell and were never beaten until the end, such was the way Swooper had the team playing from 87 to 91. You always knew the contest was on till the end. (except the 88 GF of course) That's now obsolete and I believe the team, and the opposition, will think it's always winnable/or loseable (from the oppo's viewpoint) with any deficit up to 40 points. The Max gawn Line as you say. In fact Goodwin talked about how the team constantly talked about their Lions comeback game earlier in the year from which thay took self - belief to get them over the line in later games in 2021.
  7. Youv'e summaried well Taylor's stated reasons for selecting Bowey - cleanliness' kicking skills, and decision-making. Imagine him in a few years after working alongside the master - Salem.
  8. Watched the same bit ysterday also. I noticed that for Sparrow to be in the clear to kick his 3rd 1/4 goal his opponent left him to attack the ball carrier Oliver coming out of the center. Caleb Daniel.
  9. Well said. Tmac's career highlight - delivering the coup de Grace in a highly intelligent peice of shepherding.
  10. Hamish is a lightweight in this area, but I give him credit for this one. It was excellent for the event that had just unfolded
  11. I think it was pre-planned . JB knew he needed a key phrase for posterity. Note that after Trac kicked the first goal in the first 1/4 - JB yells"...Petracca goes BANG..." He was warming up and the phrase was already in the back of his mind. Still it was a top call by him after oliver's goal.
  12. Good point Durango. he also has soft hands - watch him Mark the ball on that lead to James Harmes. He caresses the ball into his palms. A beautiful thing to watch. If in doubt - watch a replay of any mark by Chris Dawes.
  13. Fritta has always impressed me the way he took being omitted for the 2018 Prelim. When I look at the Hawks final the previous week I can see why he was dropped , but still it must have been hard. He could have dropped his bundle as a 21 year old, etc..., but didn't and stuck with the club for whatever reason. He was the player I was most pleased for because of that hardship and his ultimate 6 goal GF performance. he's now one of 23 Dees Immortal from 2021.
  14. Dunstall was a champion footballer - That's all. Doesn't make him a rocket scientist of insight into the modern game. He may not be a fan of the Dees, but I detest his club for surviving on the backs of problem gamblers down waverely way.
  15. As a Geelong resident I am yet to meet a local cats supporter who welcomes Scott's re appointment. But I dont hear steven wells copping it for woeful recruiting and list management over the past 6 or so years. Resting on his laurels from the excellent list build of 16 years ago. I suspect the cats hierarchy see change is needed and moved him sideways and installed andrew mackie now in the key role.
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