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  1. Stefan Martin's 2021 record: 8 Games, aerages are 3 kicks, 7 handballs and 16 hitouts a game. 71 % game time. And he's the answer to Max Gawn?
  2. I think you're right BM but its sad also. Kane cornes is highly opinionated for the same reason but he always argues his case. The best ross can do is say ."... so and so will get the job done...". Is that it?
  3. Lyon tips the Dogs and Max for BOG. Fair dinkum? If Max is BOG we win by 6 goals. Is Ross for real these days????
  4. I'd be shocked if the rule ISN't exploited. It would be dead easy.
  5. With Yze in the Box upstairs, and a direct headset connection to Goody? Lyon just shows he's now a dinosaur. This is a coaching Team approach and has been all year, adding Chaplin, Choco etc. Bevo's probbaly a control freak like Lyon would have been.
  6. A fascinating interview - when Ed was actually allowed to say something. Max did a reasonable job of trying to keep Gus on topic, but gee Gus was annoying. The most interesting and thoughtful player we have, and the session wasn't about him - it was Gus and his white noise. And I agree with Chocco - Ed plays well and that contribution essential, with others, and we win.
  7. Sure is. Sparrow is a juniour Jack Viney but a bit more polish. Already 84 kg at only 183. He jumps in the air with excitment when Max takes a mark in the prelim. Cultutre builder/maintainer. Only unless for dire family circumstances. Otherwise he becomes part of a dynasty with the Dees.
  8. One of a number on whose shoulders the club's culture and reputation has been built. A lifetime legacy. Champion
  9. Great sentiments. But also let's celebrate Troy Chaplin coming 2nd in the Assistants category. There's heaps more of these group and Chaplin can claim responsibility in part for developing the best team defence in the AFL and the best I have seen in 57 years.
  10. Note to Demonland : Please forward the below excerpt from AFL official 'Rules of the Game' to the GF Umpires, from Section D, Game Rules and specifically when free kicks are awarded, just to refresh their memories, in case they think the Doggies have afree pass on ball transfer by hand. Its against the rule guys to throw the ball. The last part in brackets and itallics is my suggested addendum to Gil for consideration by the AFL Rules Committee. Please pass this on also. "...18.12 OTHER A field Umpire shall award a Free Kick against a Player who: (a) Throws the football; (b) hands the football to another Player;..." (Umpires must take note of this rule whilst officiating at any and all Western Bulldogs Football Club matches against any other duly incorporated AFL member club.)
  11. Healy tips the Dees by 14 points and jack Viney as the Norm Smith winner
  12. Kayo Fox are live broadcasting if thats any help. Advertised last night
  13. Got mine 2 days ago, but used the express delivery option for 17.50
  14. Great summary Loges. This is the big red herring. Dogs by the same logic have played 1 game in 21 days. Again, this isn't true. The agreed best conditioner in the AFL, Darren Burgess, will have addressed this, and in the first few minutes on Saturday night , at least one commentator will say"..Gee the Dees are really on tonight..", or "... this break seems to have had no effect on the Dees...", or "...Gee I think the longer break has actually helped the Dees..." and finally "....gee don't the Dogs look tired, and keath has just re-done his hamstring...", and "...Stefan Martin could sure have used a few more runs before the GF the way Max and Luke are running him around the park..." or some other similiar bleedingly obvious cliches.
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