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  1. Waterman was taking May upto the wing and without Lever we needed May to stay back as the anchor more then normal. They made the change at 1/4 both as Waterman was all over May and to allow May to stay deep. If Waterman wanted to play high Tmac was the better match up.
  2. Did you watch the first Q. May started on Waterman and gave May a bath. Took him up the ground and away from his defensive spot whilst also hitting the score board. They made the change at 1/4 time and swapped Tmac and May over.
  3. Our mid field coach would help with any info
  4. does Bris or GC have Cairns within there academy???
  5. can we get a list of all players residence. a few assumptions being made
  6. Highest home crowd V lions since 97 was last years late season comeback at 38030K. Will be doing well to get 35k tonight
  7. Hardwick worth a conversation as a Gus replacement. Made his name as a small back which is a need. Can push upto wing/mid and was even drafted as a small forward from the U18. 27yo -150 games
  8. Gee a lot of amateur doctors in here. Didnt know the scans or reports where available on the internet. Lets all wait until the clubs talks before we all give out diagnosis and weeks outs.
  9. Was the forward line of BB, Tmac, Dogga Fritch too tall??
  10. Its so F&%ken lazy to go down this path form anyone in the media. 44K is the 4th biggest crowd outside finals from a Dees v Dogs game in the AFL era. Sure next to Carl V Rich game its a poor crowd but you have got to compare apples with apples. 58K R1 2022 48 R1 2023 45K R7 2010 44 yesterday
  11. Just came in here to say the same thing and can add Tom Boyd and the Bulldogs to the list.
  12. The AFL did nothing of the sort. The AFL sent it to the tribunal when the MRO didnt want to. The AFL wasn't happy with the Turbinal result and have since changed the rules. Apart from appealing the decision the AFL did everything they could to get Maynard suspended. And when I say AFL I assume it was Laura Kane behind it all.
  13. Some of the best gynecologists are males?????
  14. Also know as clubs put 100 names on a whiteboard to discuss/monitor and Oliver is one of the 100. I noticed the Jay Z had a new show start last night and broke the "story" on the show. I suppose they needed something to talk about and get people to tune in next week.
  15. I feel its also a by product of how well we set up defensively behind the ball. If we dont score in the first I50 we can at times have multiply I50 one after another as we are set up so well the opp cant clear the ball. All these repeat I50 are going back into a crowded 50 with no where to lead and hence the only option is to kick long to a pack. Almost be better for us if we let the opp take the ball back past the centre so we can turn it over and attack with a bit more room??? Laurie to me hasn't picked up the pace of the game yet. He needs time to do this and then we can see if he's upto it or not. However he may just never pick it up or run out of time.
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