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  1. Indeed. Precision in projection down to the umpteenth decimal point, and missed it by miles in the actual execution. Talk about smoke and mirrors! That day in 1964 was not only our last premiership, it was also the last day that the ‘G was solely our fortress - the very next game there was Rd1 in 1965, Richmond’s home game against us. There’s a sort of eerie symmetry in seeing the program for that day trumpeting the League’s stalking horse for moving the emphasis away from the Home of Footy, while we were about to start a journey of finals wilderness.
  2. Was thinking the exact same thing as I wandered along those paths taking those photos. Robbie epitomised the very best qualities of our great game, and it would be fitting to celebrate his memory in that way in the vicinity of the place where his brilliance was so often on show.
  3. Indeed, ‘Bug - congrats to that person!
  4. Yep, remember that. Final round 1992, in the first minute Richmond end, northern wing. We kicked 20.10.130. And lost!
  5. Nice choice, ‘Stone. Some Demon-infused offerings would be David Bridie’s bands, My Friend the Chocolate Cake, and Not Drowning Waving; and Mackenzie Theory fronted by Rob Mackenzie. TISM with Ron Hitler-Barassi out front would also provide “suggestion of Demon”.
  6. Our team - anytime, anywhere, anyway!
  7. Was it the luminous #17 on his back, BBP?🤔 Agree about the HTB - it was as though he was momentarily back in the VFL, and he’ll go past that. As the cliche goes: looks really comfortable and composed at the level.
  8. Has a fair bit of ambition about his approach on the field, and the tools to be able to execute it; opportunity has knocked, and Jake’s ripped the door off the hinge. A little ripper!
  9. The ancestors of some current Demonlanders were probably even then clogging up Jim Cardwell’s in-tray with letters asking “Is Norm Smith the right guy?”
  10. The Last Hurrah is an excellent read, Supermerc. Reliving the Crompton goal reminded me that some years ago I had some dealings over a period with Denis Dalton, who was a lawyer acting for a client that my employer was in dispute with. At the end of it all I had an opportunity to ask him whether he was the same Denis Dalton that was running around in the 64 Grand Final with #27 on his back. He said indeed it was, and he assumed I was a Collingwood supporter and went on a short reminisce of the day - I thought it polite to acquiesce in the disclosure of my allegiance. He brought up the Crompton goal; said that he and Mick Bone, the other rover, had worked out a plan to “strand” Crompton up the field, with one of them going down the outer wing while the other went to the play up the ground by running up the northern wing (back in the day, players stood positions, and a resting rover would take over from the “working” rover by going through an imaginary interchange gate half way up the field, so this would be different to the usual way of “changing” rovers); probably a smart move in theory, but oh dear, terrible consequence in theory! They did at least have the effect of stranding Froggy - right in the spot to kick the winning goal. Denis went on to mention that “we should have received a free in front of goal moments before the siren sounded”. Understandably the events of the day would be vivid to him for the rest of his life. Nice man, later was a top level bowls player who represented Australia in Commonwealth Games, as I understand.
  11. Glad to hear the therapy’s working for you! Last time at the G was 7 and a half years ago and we went down by a lazy 93 points in Roosy’s 2nd game as coach for us; it at least was an improvement on our “effort” from the previous year against them at the G - a 94 point loss.
  12. This. And this. Hopefully the coaching group can rectify this - the old “you learn more from not winning than winning” approach. I guess it’s at least a better problem to have than the one that, say, Ken Hinkley has - he can beat the cellar dwellers but can’t get over the teams he’ll be meeting in the finals.
  13. Cheers, @La Dee-vina Comedia. I’m pretty confident that he is KE’s roving partner-in-crime John Townsend, who kicked 3 of our 8 GF winning goals in 1964.
  14. LDC, can you spot him in that photo of the 1964 reunion in the Last Hurrah thread, perhaps in the front row?
  15. A good one was our very own Clyde Laidlaw, 4 time premiership player (unlucky to not be a 5-timer). And as chance would have it, I briefly found myself talking to him at a Demons game a few years ago. Very nice chap. Back in the day he was a strongly built dark-haired player whose rugged good looks translated into a no-nonsense rugged style of play. In the brief time I spoke to him he seemed quite different from his on field persona - in a good way!
  16. Nice interview on SEN this morning, Supermerc. Will rush out and buy a copy! In the photo above I’ve got most of them, but who is the Whately lookalike next to Hassa in the front row, and the bearded one 2nd from left at back? Is it Ken Emselle in the front?
  17. This is something that astounds me every game I watch. It is just common decency to say “thanks” when the trainer gives you a drink or whatever. We see the great “standards” on display with players sweeping the room, as per the All Blacks. Might be sincere, but is caught on camera and looks a little bit staged - Humility Signalling, if you like. A quick acknowledgment of the water bottle carrier is actually a human interaction that they could engage in, as distinct from being on the sweeping end of a broom for the change room camera.
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