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  1. Sorry Tim I just can't stop muddying the water . The internet and google are what I am riding to spread the message . I went to high school in the country .
  2. Great that we have a hard run home as it will be great preparation for the real season in September .
  3. Max at the end is Agent 86 . I loved the new movie ( also recommend Bill ( as good as Life of Brian imo ) ) . Rocinante is Don Quixote's horse . My horse in the Internet and google .
  4. While we have a healthy list and competition for spots in the team we will NOT falter . The passion is there and confidence is building . So proud of the MFC and what they stand for . Go Dees ! Can not remember what happened to NM in 2016 and don't care . Maybe like our year in 1965 ?
  5. Looks like I blew it again Tim . An esoteric thread was not my goal . With 7 comment's ( 3 mine ) it looks like I will be on my pat Malone on Sunday . I will tone down the use of proverbs as they contribute to my esotericness ( new word ) . Said to my daughter yesterday " Once bitten , twice shy babe " . She had no idea what I was talking about . The Ian Hunter song was a favourite in the mid 70's . When you are part of the MFC you will never walk alone .
  6. Norm Smith was awarded Coach of the Century in 1996 . Some good competition in my order - John Kennedy , Barassi and Hafey . McHale before my time and Sheedy and Mathews were too dirty for my liking . The Apollo Mission has been a Don Quixote ( a favourite book ) type quest . A quote from Kathryn Heman’s recent book Fury . “ the hero – a skinny man with a drooping moustache dragging an unwilling horse out from the stable . The horse’s spine droops in the middle like a badly tied hammock . On the ground , a pile of battered , rusty armour rests at the horse’s feet . “ . Sh
  7. Will there be the hint of smoke or some short of Blast off on Sunday at the G before the game ? As some of you would know I joined this site to gain support for an idea . My first go at social media . I am a father of two teenage girls and have been negative on the medium . I was wrong .It is a wonderful source of information . I bought the Red Fox for my father and it was the last book he read . I read it and realised why the Norm Smith medal was awarded to the best player in a GF . The video posted today with Norm Smith's interview , Barassi's and Skilton's insight's of the Man and
  8. Of the current MFC players the one I would choose to kick a goal to win a GF it would be Brown by a mile . T mac from a tight angle would give me nightmares as would P , O , G . Plugger is the best I have seen .
  9. Tmac can play both ends but can Weids/Brown play CHF ( the hardest and most important position on the ground ) as well as Tmac did on the w/e ? If I was Weids I would tell the coach I also love playing in the back pocket .
  10. Thanks for all the suggestions , good and band . Have had lots of character building circumstances in 61 years and playing hundreds of games of footy so am enjoying some of the negative comments . Have never used social media and this experience has confirmed my thoughts . It can be really good and bad . I am sure if you became obsessed it could kill you . I will be at the Richmond station before the game asking for support for the Apollo Mission which now seems more like Mission Impossible but will still go ahead . When you are part of the MFC you will never walk alone . MMGA .
  11. The Foundation Heroes have an annual dinner attended by all players and coaches and requires a $5000 entry fee . Anyone can join .
  12. Some of the feeble minds who believed in curses . Caesar , Genghis Khan , Shakespeare .
  13. Drysdale you are worse that a wet blanket . Not very smart as like most other kids I did not pick my name . I made a huge mistake not reading the application page and was shocked to see my name come up on my first post . Will probably stop posting after Sundays game and I have sung You will Never Walk Alone . Worse is that you are nasty . Who would say that their idea of fun is pulling out fingernails . You may be a Master Demon but what I have seen so far shows me you are a Master D... H...
  14. A MFC player winning the NS will go a long way to winning a GF drysdale . Don't be a Wet blanket , just some fun .
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