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  1. I looked up the Royal and laughed when the website came up .
  2. Sorry Doug . I am too stupid to understand your question .
  3. I would drop the Tigers ( said after 2nd round they would be lucky to make the 8 ) and put in Brisbane . Hoping Lions also tire at season .
  4. One Flag and I am cured of MFCSS . The MFC army IS mustering after a long furlough . The members was packed . As the season goes on more will join and other teams supporters will jump on for the finals . We are 4 games ahead of Richmond in 8th . Pinching myself so often to make sure I am not dreaming that I am red and blue on the outside .
  5. Also loved our chasing and yelled ball a lot and will check the stats .
  6. Was at the game and my BOG went to May . Have not looked at the stats or read any of the above yet . A good team effort and we could have won by 10 goals . Out numbered them all over the ground all day and we looked strong and much harder at the ball . Kosi signalling touched BEFORE the umpires was so classy ( can the umpires go on his call ( like Gilly walking ) ) and his goal so much fun to watch . The Bell did not toll before the game ! I missed my AC/DC !
  7. A wonderful act of sportsmanship !!!!!!!!! He signalled touched BEFORE the goal umpire and third umpire made their call . Can they go on his call ? Not like Gilly were he can walk before an umpiring decision . I also saw him TRY and help the two players up but believe one was a Dee . The two players were much bigger than him and I don't think he helped much . I had a good laugh and loved it . He has Eddie Betts personality , Davey's tackling ,the Wiz's marking and the magic of Rioli . Was right behind the goal Gonzo and it was a Bloody ripper . Love yelling Weeeeds ( was in the outer ) but no Ringing of the Bell before the game . Missed my AC/DC !
  8. How insightful Colin . I did ask the question and received no answer . Nearly 800 views of the question and no answer?. But the Bell has sadly ENDED ! I REALLY missed my AC/DC ! Very disappointed . Please call Senor Ding Dong ! Took some of the gloss of the win imo .
  9. Thank you Trelos for the clip . The song would be sung after AGOF . Good luck to ANYONE who tries " getting agreement on our OWN tune " !
  10. Another game we could have won by 10 goals . Have not looked at the stats but watching the game BOG to May and very even from there , a good team performance . Lever , Christian's , Kosi and 10 others impressive . The whole team looks strong and we out numbered them at most contests . Will check how many holding the ball decisions as felt I yelled ball a lot . No DAM BELL RINGING before the game . Missed my AC/DC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Whilst i dont normally get involved in spats on the website i take exception to this. In your brief foray with Demonland, although i think your a troll thats been here before, you have managed to get 1 longtime and greatly valued poster permanently banned. This particular poster is severely disabled and lives alone in an apartment. He does not have full use of his legs and consequently, spends a lot of his days at home. One of his passionate pursuits was posting on Demonland which he can now no longer do thanks to you baiting him. He is anything but "little" in spirit and a is an incredibly brave individual. When he said "tear you apart" he was speaking metaphorically referring to both the Port Adelaide song you were referring to and tearing you apart in words on the website. He was not physically threatening you, nor could he. Perhaps not the greatest choice of words i agree but said so in the heat of the moment. Hope you are proud of yourself.

    Feel free to post this.


  12. I could have said Big Smart Ares ( now I know where to hide the bugle ) .
  13. Signing off and very sorry ! Received a second warning . I accepted the decision and replied how I respect and am grateful for the work the moderators do . I also respect Demonland and all the contributors like Sir Why You Little . 6 Dots , 41000 posts and 24000 + . As this is my first foray with social media I can only assume that shows Extreme passion for the MFC ( and wisdom ) . I will learn from this experiment and apologise for being a smart [censored] . There WILL be no more topics from me . When you are part of the MFC you will never walk alone !
  14. I said in the introduction that I liked the AC/DC clip ! Which tread did not interest you ?
  15. My euphoria probably won't last that long . Winning a GF might give me a heart attack ( worth it ) . If it doesn't the euphoria will last a lifetime !
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